Reasons Why White Women “Prefer” Black Men… Obsession with Sex or Love?

Top 9 reasons  why white women “love”/ are obsess with black men: quoting them :

1. “Rhythm in Bed”
( They said black men give them good sex…one person pointed out that, her white ex-partner was a 5 minutes man.)

2. “The skin”
( apparently black  skin on white is “lovely” it feels great on white skin…)

3. “Treat them right”
( That black men treat them right and give them respect )

4. “Confidence”
(  That black men carry themselves with grace , they have grand presence)

5. “They are healthy “
(  That black men take  good care of their skin, they shower  etc)

6. ” [European men] are very feminine”

7. “Never a dull moment”

8. “Good looking”

9. “Bed treat”

The audience in the attached youtube I think is one of the most  honest and respectful  I have listened to in a while. Many times, this topic becomes so heated to the extent that you don’t get the opportunity to hear what folks are talking about.

And latest interview from Al Jazeera on Africans in Europe, immigrants share their experiences and relationships with Europeans. Watch the interviews here 2011968517523542.html

Heidi Klum says, Seal has a big cock ( penis) something that attracted her the most about him.

Questions that this topic raises:

1. As it relates to reason # 3  white women claim that black men treat them right and give them respect. Are black women missing something because most of the cries I hear from  them is about how, black men are disrespectful and treat them like shit. So if white women generally are claiming that black men treat them with respect, is it safe to  say that black men consider white women more valuable than black women? Or we could say,  some black men internalized self-hate, that they don’t see their black counterpart as equals to whites.

2. Are black men only good for sex? Because 99% of the white women in the clip agreed that black men scored high in sex.

3. Are these claims  by white women relevant today?

4.  Are white women and black men in interracial relationship promoting racist- white supremacists stereotype about black men? Limiting them to  sex objects with no intellect to create and lead ….

For further reflections…

Quoting Dr. John Henrik Clarke, “You can’t fight the slave master and sleep with him at the same time. If you love the slave master’s daughter, you have less love for your own” ~

see the links below on white women’s involvement in sex tourism.  They highlight how white women, would travel overseas to predominately black/ African countries in search of black/ African men for sex. One could say, perpetuating the belief that black men are hipersexual compare to their white counterparts. Limiting black men to sex.

“Rent A Rasta/Dread”  a documentary on how white women go to the Caribbean especially Jamaican looking and getting sex for cheap.

 “Broken Souls, empty Wallets,” this takes place in Kenya


  Drama:” Paradise love” 



also  see Seal’s response to his German wife’s ( Heide Klum ) comment about his big cock.

and lastly but not limited to…see an article by Susan Crain Bakos, \” A White Woman Explains Why she Prefers Black Men……\”

Quoting Bakos,

“Black men have more energy, style and edge than white men. They know how to flirt, a nearly lost art among the rest of us. A black man is so damned sexy because he knows how to make a woman feel sexy….

Black men have something white guys don’t have anymore: confidence in their masculinity, their sexuality. They clearly know they’re men. White men appear to be waiting for the latest sociological research study to let them know if they are men or not. Yet black men are gentlemen, something else white men no longer are. They make me feel like a woman, both respected and desired. I can let go of my inhibitions, my need to control, when I am with them. How many white men can treat a woman like a lady and ravish her too?”

Strong black man or strong sex toy?

Are black men white women’s sissies? Picture of kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

“Are black men feeding into their objectification by white women?

Are black men feeding into their objectification by white women?

Ice loves Coco or he loves being a servant?

African/black men lack dignity?
28 year old Nigerian boy marries 71 year old white woman!

26 year old boy marries 63 year old white American woman.
26 years Old Nigerian Man Marries 63 Years Old American Woman 1 Nigerian Man, 26, Marries 63 Years Old American Grandmother

Black/African men have short memory?


or could it be that…

Malcolm X explains why some African/ black men go for white women…

A black man shares his disgust on the overly sexualization of black men -dehumanizing them and complete disregard of black women in American society.
see the attached piece Over-Sexualized AND Desexualized: The Plight of Black America

note: Pictures and videos are not my personal property!

647 thoughts on “Reasons Why White Women “Prefer” Black Men… Obsession with Sex or Love?

      • Not a issue – there are so many white men asking me out now days I have my pick of whte guys – the brothers are losing us quickly – the black men who have money and status want a white women – no issues – but that is the 1% – the other black men who want a white women who do not have money or can not dribble or catch a ball are being left behind. We used to share brothers now my girlfriends and I have ot issue with sharing a white man who has $ and treats us good – just make sure he wears protection!

      • Gwenny, It sounds like the have the mind of a prostitute because you voice an obsession with finding a man who can spend money on you.

      • Poor monkeys are born with a genetic defect. The stench is horrendous. The white bitches who sleep with monkeys are called trash bags.

  1. Just have to get past the smell of the chemicals black men use in their hair and the odor from not washing their hair on a daily basis. If they shave their head though don’t have to worry about the odor. Not any different or worse from sleeping with your favorite pet.

    • lool pro comment from a white man, go put some cream on your skin g might find your girl has some thoughts on taking ya back 😀

      • At least we can be in the sunlight with out getting skin cancer, you folks have to be under a rock or something

      • rather be ashy than to have that ole wrinkly pale see thru skin that ages rapidly and has all those red bumpy splotches on them.. pink pig skin is not the thing.. so give me ashy anyday i can always put lotion on it idiot!

      • What dipshit told you that black people dont get skin cancer? Black people dont get a red sunburn, obviously, but they do get darker and they do get skin cancer. They may not get skin cancer quite as easily but that is because of your ancestors’ environment. This shit about blacks being some genetically superior race is completely ridiculous. Pale people evolved because the sun was not on them alot. Pale people come from Scandinavia and its not too sunny up there. No group is better than another. Each group has there strengths and weaknesses. And within that, mutations occur to give individuals within a race unique characteristics. Such a wonderful world it can be without all of the name-calling and bitching about your race being superior, Eh? Dumbfuck shitbag

    • In the end it doesn’t matter..we’re all human , we all bleed the same color, and we all drink the same dirty ass water.

      • Idealistically speaking, yes you are right, but sadly we live in a “race/ racist ” conscious world. If you are not part of the hegemony you must fight for your dignity……Power to the People, wise up black folks.

        p.s if possible read the piece, you will get what the author is trying to convey.

      • Caucasian man is Hu-man, meaning Spirit man, the thinking man who creates. Black man has no creative tendencies and is known as the Biblical Beast of the Field. Where in History has the black race created anything but destruction and chaos. They need the thinking minds of the Caucasian to provide them with the basics of life. Don’t believe it? Look at Africa today. Look at the American cities like Detroit, Atlanta, etc. The proof is in the pudding. Welfare and other gifts that blacks live off of their entire life.

      • Seriously gentlemen, After 13 years of serving my country & 8 deployments, I come home to this! My fellow countrymen feuding over skin color. There are better things to argue about i.e. we have young adolescents going around with their pants hanging down we have young adolescents having kids and they’re just mere babies them selves. Yes,we do need to tighten up the images that we have in our home! We do need to work on knowledge of self building exercises. The last thing we need right nowis to degrade each other. Amazing, while going to medical treatment in Germany I wasn’t reminded that I was Black ( note to self there’s no such thing as an African-American, because there are Chinese African, there are white Africans their Latino Africans there’s all kinds of Africans at the end of the day I’m black) It shouldn’t matter about the color of one’s skin. This is irrelevant to what the capacity of of the brain that particular person processes. Instead focusing on uplifting and building. We as a nation is to busy destroying and belittling. How long must this madness continue before we realize that we’re going to lose our country and we’re not careful!

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      • Brother, you are wasting your time and honestly you’re no different from him. If you’re going to stoop to that level, then why not call yourself just as ignorant as he is. Let ignorant people be ignorant people

      • I’m 100% White and I shower twice a day.

        White women only choose black men because most white men are fucking Asian girls..

        they only choose you blacks because they are out of options. Don’t go thinking that you’re superior.

        I’m also out in the sun quite a lot. I take plenty of Zinc, Vitamin E, A, C, and D. Those vitamins and minerals help protect the skin from the inside.

        I’m sure you didn’t know that because.. well.. you’re Black..

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      • This is in response to eric carroll if theres no difference why prefer white women over your own race a black woman gave birth to you stop hating on your own and making excuses try looking in the mirror…..stop self hating its a difference between meeting a white woman and falling in love but you prefer to seek them out because the truth is you hate being black

    • It sounds like you have had some unusual experiences sleeping with smelly Black men dude, or else where would you get your information ? I suppose you know that the reason white women, who you guys worship, are attracted to Black men ? First of all white men have a history of mistreating their women. So much so that white women created feminism in response to their lives with white men. They have fought back hard against white men. White men have inbred, especially at the elite levels of society.Because of that white guys are often balding before they are twenty five – just look at Price Charles son Bill ( who just got married last year) he is already mostly bald. White guys are physically weaker- consider the situation by asking why companies, and sports teams are willing to pay so much money for Black athletes. during the Olympics Black men and women destroyed whites, especially WASPS in high intensity races. Just think what that Black man does to your cute little blondie in the sack. Your racism , white guy is actually fear, and a recognition of you inferiority

      • Hmmm…how can you use organized american leagues, associations, and the american olympic competitors all at once as a reference to your belief that black people are overall more athletic and more desirable paid professionals? First of all, check yourself on the olympics! the olympics consist of hundreds of countries and/or single representatives from hundreds of countries, coming together and competing against each other in a VARIETY of sporting/athletic events. If you want to say black people (simply because of their genetic makeup) are better athletes in general, and have more stamina and strength, i would suggest looking at the 2012 list of what countries ranked highest by gold medal count. The top 10 doesn’t have one country that is predominantly black (top 10 gold medal winners in 2012 Olympics in order are: USA, china, Great Britain, Russia, Korea, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Australia)…..lets talk worldly and also note that black (african descent) people exist all over! Not just in the USA! They are prevalent in Jamaica, Egypt, Cuba, Haiti, Guyana, Belize, pretty much every Caribbean hot spot, and of course Africa..a huge continent! Not a single country of black peeve lance was in the top 10…and just a handful in the top 80! Also keep in mind, not all sports are valued the same around the world. And the country youre born in and your culture influences ones extra curriculars. As the world evolves, we may even see a 7 foot Chinese basketball star….wait….

      • It may have missed your notice but many of the countries that you mention have been able to get Black athletes to immigrate to their countries to represent them….Also, Black athletes, generally speaking cannot afford sports that involve expensive facilities, gear,or training, so for that reason they excel when they are able to get opportunities. The Olympics are designed for western business, so they do not provide the definitive determination for physical superiority. One example is that a woman from Canada won that country’s only gold medal last time for trampoline.

      • c’mom bro…no different than that freaky sista who loves vanilla pole….truth of da matter is a socio-personan that has left GOD….Dueteronomy 28: 15-58

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      • Physical inferiority? Too much NBA and NFL for you dude. I hold my superiority in my Masters Degree that I paid for myself. That “superiority” extends to all. White, black, “wateva.” It all started in 8th-grade when I got my first job workin the fields…No, really it did. Boxed in the Army, which I served in for 26-years. Won some–lost some. Never backed down because of a man’s skin color. Beat some black guys, and some black guys kicked my ass. Been married to a black woman, and want to know why the standard is different. Nobody pays any attention to a black male with a white female, but put a white guy with a black woman, and the stares abound. There are a lot of wonderful black women lookin for a guy. If one can get those women past the racial thing, they are very accepting. I am a “blue-eyed” devil.

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      • Edi,

        I understand this is a sensitive topic, but please maintain and not use so much profanity. I try my best to monitor and delete disrespectful remarks on this page.


      • You racist white male homosexuals make me laugh. How could you possibly know such details about how Black men smell, and their personal grooming habits.

    • A question for you….who is being racist? The white women who shared their taste or the author that attempts to analyze their reflections? Please read the blog post and listen to the video before making comments.

      • What is the purpose of this site? Seems like this site is to collect more good views about the blacks and their sex so more whites can see how great blacks are…I disagree, I think everyone should end up with what they know, their own kind.

      • Jake Rose is right in everything he is saying except staying with your own kind. People should be with whatever person makes them happy no matter the race. But this site is definitely what he said; all about trying to make black men out to be great and white men out to be pathetic. Whatever the hell your name is you are the racists. And for the record most of the white and black women I know prefer white men. And my girlfriend has a half black child

      • Your belief that most women prefer white men can be proven false. Women from Europe, and North America travel to countries with Black men and pay them for their company. There is no such situation with any women and white men. In fact white women developed feminism as a response against white men. Finally, your confession to dating a child is revolting. All pedophiles should be imprisoned.

    • when will you jealous racist people realize.. even if a blk man has a smaller D than the big 9 to 10 inch ones.. its how they move in the bed and we all know blk men have the rhyhmn..look how they move on the dance floor and look how w people move .. ha ha its laughable..and trust me blk men KNOW how to soul screw!

      • Please shut the fuck up! your retarded post implies that black men are expected to have a 9-10 inch dick. Hate to break it to you honey, but no group of people on earth have an average penis size of even 6.5! The myth of black men having big penises is most likely from the rituals of african tribes. males would literally stretch their dicks to be like 15 inches long. pretty cool until you realize your penis has been destroyed.
        Last point. How many black men have you slept with. Are you sure they all no how to “soul screw?” it makes no sense saying that an entire group of people are some mystical wonder lovers. Being a good lover is not a genetic trait and any men you sleep with that are really good are good because they have been around the block. Have fun with whatever you caught.

      • this is ridiculous argument “white man spoiled” its our intellectual property. so women and blacks you really don’t have a dog in the fight. neither of you have done anything. white men be strong again i mean they don’t have an alphabet of wheel.

  2. I think we should talk about the rarer phenomenon, why some White men like Black women? And it would be similar to the reasons some white women prefer black men, all comes down to animalistic sex, for some reason white people won’t be put into that category but black people can be stereotyped as that… I think it goes back to backwards times, when white people thought black people were less evolved and compared their faces to primates.

    Time to move on. Anyone of any race can be a beast in bed, man or woman.

    • Actually Ive had better sex with white women and animalistic sex with only white women. And I have had sex with black women. Im no racist but Im not gona just sit by and have black people make white people out to be pathetic. And its not beibg racist to think of people as having animalistic sex. Its a compliment because thats how most people want it. I take it as a huge compliment.

  3. It’s funny to me because I hear white women say how this guy asked her if she ever had 9 inches up in her. I have been in class heard a guy tell I white girl he would *#$% her better than a white guy. I have a friend does nothing but have sex with white girls, lives off of them because he refuses to work and takes money from them and their children and yet their are white men who act ver similar. From what I have seen is that many women like to be treated badly. I met 1 girl who is 19 with two mixed children from different dads’ hit on me, which was okay but then a month later she was pregnant for another guy. IDK WTF if going on anymore. I think losers in general, white or black (doesn’t really matter) make women feel better about themselves because they know they are better than the person they are with but whatever.


      • You comment was incredibly badly composed and filled with spelling errors. It was also very, very stupid conceptually.

      • This comment you made annonymous223, Is unfortunately very true. For once you make sense and we agree on something. This is because most white women living here in the US are from German, British, or other Northern European descent and in these cultures having casual sex and being liberal is a very common practice.

        Best Regards,
        John Perez

      • She talked that way because she is Greek and Greeks are delusional, autistic and stupid. I have seen a lot of YouTube videos and Greeks type all that to get attention for their narcissism, they all talk the same way. She was consumed by hatred and jealously because black men do better sex and they are hottest studs and get the most white girls.
        Greeks confuse having sex many times a week with being successful at getting girl and doing better sex. Yeah, they are so pathetic and egomanic that believe Ancient Egyptians were Greek and Phoenicians and they are the centre of the world and the most beautiful country of the world and the most smartest race in the world and other nonsensical schizophrenic lies they believe in. They are schizophrenic and autistic in the brain and that’s the reason why when someone states the facts about them like me they all get butthurt and start stating I am Skopje, German, Bulgarian, Turkish and other ethnicities without having any real evidence to show.

  4. i think its wrong n nasty i think white women should have more respect for them selves and be with a white man insted of a nasty greasy black man cause all blacks are doin now is ruining this country amen

    • @ “black hater” as you called yourself….please note, this blog does not promote unthoughtful remarks. I raise questions, analyze events to help folks engage in critical thinking about the world we live in. If you think, you need a place to vent, let out hate towards black people this page is not the place and I would suggest that you perhaps find a friend to sort things out in a healthy manner. I left your comment to serve as an example to others.

      Feel free to come back but only if you are ready to think before writing.


      • Oh course you must be black. You sure don’t mind all the good talk about your kind do you. Be ready to take in all the bad with the good when it comes to a touchy subject like this.

      • Personally, I would hate to be pink, like you are. Especially when it would mean the loss of several inches.

      • You ask questions from a black female perspective. Not ounce did you ask that maybe black men are choosing white woman cause maybe black women are treating them poorly and not the other way around. There are 2 sides to every story.

      • Every time a white person has a valid point that is unfavorable to a black person black people always call them racist. Nobody can dispute anything Ive said in here because its all clearly evident and happens in front of our faces all the time. And Ive been fair and admitted that there are white racists and said I condone interracial relationships. But I dont condone it when it is trashing my race’s men.

      • Your race’s men have been the source of the vast majority of the world’s troubles and misery.

    • Since I have recently started a relationship with a wonderful black man I have insight that the narrow minded responder apparently does not have. It is more than his strikingly good looks that attracted me to him; his selflessness, intelligence, and unexperienced respect for me make him the most wonderful man I have ever met. An added bonus is the remarkable intimacy we have. Black men wrote the book on how to treat a woman. He makes me feel sexy and confident with his gentleness. An added bonus is his stamina!

      • Thats one black man that treats you great not all of them do. So you are saying all white men dont know how to treat a woman? The black women I surround myself with are more attracted to white men and have grown tired of the way black men have treated them. So please dontgeneralize. I know how to treat a woman and Im white.

      • You will be singing a different tune when he pumps you full of semen and leaves you with the pregnancy bill. Enjoy!

      • Congratulations love is rare and precious. The ignorant white racists who insult you must satisfy themselves with their sisters, or plastic dolls.

      • Im latino my babymama black..i fukd all races asian,hispanic,arab,indian and white..white and black people crack me up always hating eachother..makes me proud to b brown and desired by everyrace…i like every race lol ..we r all humans not ice cream flavors

    • Black men ruining the country? We built this damn country. Sadly the perpetuated self hatred is causing them to ruin themselves. oddly,all of our “learned behavior” came from our white counterparts. E”ven the most ignorant”Gangstas and thugs” were birthed from an caucasion influence! Life was hard for b.p and there was a need for coping vices. So. While we lacked in psych therapy and meds crack and alcohol found its way

      • Unfortunately a very typical copout. I can’t say I am surpised though, I’m sure you were never taught resposibility while you mother was injecting herself with heroine needles. That can be a tough childhood.

      • you didnt build the god damned country. blacks were almost used on plantations in the south during the period of slavery in the United States. Most of the money gained from cotton production was used up in war efforts. That means that the illusion that black people get themselves into about building the country is completely false! Slaves did not build the country by any means, because the south was almost completely destroyed after the civil war and had to go through a period of reconstruction. The thing about blacks having learned behavior from whites… were you held down by the white man and brainwashed into being violent and rude? Hate to tell you, but a majority of black people are violent, and i know because i live in the south. There are a lot of black people here.

      • Yes David, an excellent analysis. The white man only succeeds by lying, killing, exploiting and stealing. They are hated by white women, this is why white women invented feminism.
        The Black man is the only man in the world who is the man of legend. No other man has as many myths, tales or fears about him. The Black man is known worldwide fir his sexual prowess and superior physicality. Pro sports proves the Black man is superior. Who invented rock n roll, jazz, hard rock, even the Fox trot? It was the Black man. The Black man is descended from the Moors who brought knowledge from the first universities in the world, which were located in Africa, to dark ages Europe and fueled the Renaissance.
        Now the white woman and the Black man are coming together to finally decimate the 13% global population of whites. The world is returning to everyone being some shade of brown. The Era of the cruel, violent, evil white man will be ended at least partially by cute little bi-racial children.

    • Bardon, in your view what does your comment have to do with this particular topic?? Please if you don’t have anything relevant to say simply avoid making remarks.


      • Sorry for answering with such a delay- I simply haven’t noticed the answer. First- I’m a European man from an ex-Communist country who had had a limited exposure to North American culture & society, so my observations are actually from an outsider- which may be good or bad or insignificant. Whatever ….

        From what I’ve seen & experienced:

        1. WW (I mean white US women) are not THAT attracted to BM (black US men). It’s an exaggeration fed by excessive media exploitation of the theme. I don’t know- I doubt anyone does- the percentages & numbers of WW who had been intimate or are truly attracted to BM, but I suspect them not to be that significant. When this topic popped up during conversation, WW would, as a rule, dismiss the whole issue as irrelevant, i.e. they said they were neither attracted nor repulsed by BM, but mostly indifferent.

        2. what struck me as strange: the attitudes of American society (or segments of the society) toward sex are, in comparison with central & southern European standards, both extremely “liberal” & puritanical. The second stance is prevalent among religious people, and the “liberal”- I think better description is very promiscuous- can be found in big cities. The concept of dating is also something strange- you don’t find your sex or love partner in France, Germany or Russia through some agencies (at least in normal circumstances).

        3. BM whom I met & socialized with were mostly intellectuals, i.e. not working class, nor ghetto thugs, nor politicians or businessmen. So- here my experience is limited.

        4. however, I do have an opinion re the question. I’ve formed it gradually, since it wasn’t an issue I’d been much focused on. IMO, WW who are or were physically intimate with BM fall into a few categories, and most of them are not very flattering: college girls who would like to “experiment”; lonely middle age females; WW with black fetish (some have other fetishes- S&M, exhibitionism, addiction to power symbols like military uniforms,..); low esteem females who would hang around with anyone…
        AND, there are a small percentage of WW who actually ARE attracted to BM as such, without psycho-sexual “issues”. As I’ve seen, it’s not about concepts like sex, virility, “package”,.. but- they simply are, without any need to explain- something like homosexuals who know whom they want & simply don’t care to find the causes (which are probably genetic in nature-brain structure etc.). So, these WW are naturally attracted to BM- but, as I said, I think it’s actually a small percentage, maybe similar to the homosex percentage, 2-4%.

        As for white men & the world- it would take too much time to elaborate …

    • that why the world id messed and karma is on all you white folks.. it starts with you losing your white women to tje big blk dick,, 83% of mixed kids have a white mom and blk dad and 17% have a blk mom and white dad.. now who tell me doesnt stay in their race.. white women!

  5. it seems to me that people are so busy observing stereotype and wondering about being right that it takes away from being a person. I’m white, do I like a woman saying a black man is better in general? the answer is no, bnut its the same when A black woman says a black man is no good. I really would like to see a pair that meshes not because of confused social identity, but because they fit and move on.

  6. I would also throw “daddy issues” on the list. White women who have poor relationships with their father will often date men who they think their father will disapprove of as some sort of subconscious revenge. In my experience, this tends to be the number one reason why white women serially date black men. However, many black men will deny this and would mention the things on this list as the actual reasons. But of the reasons listed above, I would say that rhythm in bed and confidence are huge but I don’t think “treating them right” and health should even be on the list. White men don’t shower and have bad hygiene? They’re probably at about the same level, if not more hygienic than black men. Just my opinion.

  7. Having been married to a white woman for 23 years, and having lived with two oothers prior to getting married, I can offer an informed opinion. White women are intoxicated by the good sex that only Black men can give them. As I have been told, often white women have never had a great orgasm with a white man. They also like the feeling of our skin, which is more velvety, and supple than white skin. They also like our attentive, and generally good treatment, and companionship that we can give them, because we are not concerned with trying to maintain the myth of white supremacy like white men

    • Lexe,

      thanks much for sharing your personal experience, it sounds as if you are in agreement with the white women on the video. But how does that makes you feel, given your sexuality is ranked higher than your intelligence?

      And what makes you think that white supremacy is a “myth”??

      • No one has ever questioned my intelligence, so I am not worried about that…. I first began to realize, back when I was in high school, that an upper middle class Black man who could discuss Proust, and Bernard Maybeck, knew his way around fine restaurants, and could recognize good caviar, was like catnip to upper class, and upper middle class white girls. I grew up in the best neighbourhood in my home town, and used to ride bikes, and climb trees with the children of the most prominent families. Later when we grew up, we drank beer, smoked pot and chased girls together. By the time I was eighteen, it was easier for me to date my Grandmother’s doctor’s daughter, smoke pot with my dentist’s sons, or have an affair with the mayor’s cute (jail bait) daughter, than it was to meet and socialize with those from outside the neighbourhood. Many girls with whom I had casual relationships at that age, just wanted to have fun, and good sex. A few, especially the sorority mice, were dating Mr white jock, and were expected to marry him after university, so they had to keep it under cover. …….White supremacy is a myth because most of what the whites have they obtained from theft, exploiting the slave labour of others, or claiming credit for inventions, and innovations that some one else created. They have falsely said they their accomplishments are due to hard work, and intelligence. The truth is that gunpowder, and a devious , predatory,modus operendi is the source of their accomplishments. Those that are wealthy today are enjoying the benefits, directly, or indirectly from the crimes of their ancestors. As someone has noted 85% of what a white needs in order to be successful he already had available to him. That is why people like Trump can go bankrupt again and again, and still come back to make millions, while a Black man that goes bankrupt once is likely finished for life.


      • @matthew if I were you I would’nt concern myself with who’s dating who’s or your extremely hilarious HOMOSEXUAL comments on black men’s penises. Because @matthew no woman of any race would seriously want a major league idiot like you that can’t spell for shit ? LMAO. @matthew I’m assuming you’re a southern white male with very little education! Instead of getting on the internet and exposing yourself as a illiterate moron I suggest you enroll yourself in somebodies! anybodies! night school and get that GED because you’re embarrassing your race big time!!! Dude your grammar is unbelievably funny! And you’re talking about someone going to hell?? LMAO at least you spelled ”hell’ right! @matthew ”hell’ is reading your dillbilly post! do everybody a favor ok? when you learn how to spell and stop acting overtly gay then come back and voice your opinions!

    • Most black men that I have seen date white women are just trying to figure out who is goin to pay for their next pair of Jordans.

      • If that is your experience then you must live in the slums. Your experience is far from typical in the upper middle calsses

    • I fill the same why i like white women skin on top of my brown skin and it makes me fill good when we have sex !

  8. All interesting and individually valid points..Lets take a look at the media and exposure. I am a black male and i have always desired a white/lighter complexioned woman sexually. “white man is to busy ruling the world”@Bardon this has some validity and justifies the sexual preferences atleast of black men desiring white women.Follow my rationale..Mass media is controlled by predominantly whites in America..(didnt check the stats but I am sure this is a safe assumption). So our view of society via the media is based upon those who control it. Which explains why black television shows and music that promote black success never get aired. Only shows that stereotype,promote and further perpetuate the ignorance associated with the black community gets the ratings(white views). all day long we are bombarded with Images and messaging suggesting white supremacy and black inferiority as if blacks sole purpose was for manual labor (which has all but diminished) and Entertainment(athletes).

    If white women are only seeing blacks in this role, its no wonder they desire a Strong robust,rythmic,hung like a horse,attitude having “percieved inferior” Sex Conquerer! Thats the image the media promotes while promoting white males as selfish,white collar financially successful softies!! in the game of survival they will choose their white partners all day long but as long as there is black d?@k around she (that has experienced it) is going after it! I know of very financially successful couples (millionaires) while the husband is at the office the wife is banging the car detailer lol Smh.. But its the images of the white women that is promoted via media that makes us want her subliminally!

    Beach is full of white bikini women,Tv is white sexy women, sex sells!! as long as whites are doing 90% advertising and using white women there are gonna be people of all cultures influenced by it and want what you are selling (the image and definition of sexy).Like wise as long as the image of blacks are degraded blacks are viewed as inferior by all even themselves. Thats the power of media/communication.

    • White women date black men for 3 reasons:

      1) They’re fat, and white guys won’t touch them
      2) They have daddy issues, and date black guys for attention.
      3) They want to sexually experiment with members of another race (White guys date black women for this reason too).

      • White men stop with this Black guys only get fat ugly White women. You all know Black men get the best of them. Most of your moms are fat, and may have slept with a Black man. In Austin, Texas I’ve seen Black men get some beautiful and intelligent White women. Most of the women at The University of Texas chase Black men. White women love Black men because their chocolate skin is sexy, it compliments their white skin. What would a White woman do for a built Black man? The Black male has rhythm and when you combine that with sex you get a very happy woman. The swagger, the style. White women feel safer and love their full lips and if she just happens to gain weight, a Black man wouldn’t bash her. Black men are natural born survivors and White women know that so if tough times come she knows her man is going to pull them through. White women don’t have to worry about a Black man complaining and bashing white men because no matter if you know this or not, Black men do not think about White men until they are brought up in a conversation. I leave you with a great speech from Cedric Kyle – How is it that you can disrespect a man’s ethnicity when you know we’ve influenced every facet of white America. From our music, to our style of dress, not to mention your basic imitation of our sense of cool. Walk, talk, dress, mannerisms, we enrich your very existence. All the while contributing to the gross national product through our achievements in corporate america. It’s these coneits that comfort me when I’m faced with the ignorant, cowardly, bitter and bigoted who have no talent, no guts. People like you who desecrate things they don’t understand, when the truth is you should say thank you man, and go on about your way. But apparently you’re incapable of doing that.

      • I completely disagree! I am small, FYI size 2/4, educated white woman in a relationship with a black man. I have a solid relationship with my father and am dating a black man for attention…his attention as well as the positive, respectful, selfless way he treats me. His endurance is an added bonus! 🙂

      • Gosh you must be a sad, unhappy “little” man. Personally, I was married to a white man for several years. He treated me like crap behind closed doors and like a queen in front of everyone else! I am a white woman, a mother of a teenage son, I have a normal body…not a supermodel but then most of us are not! I happen to have always found men attractive…white men, black men, indian, mexican, and asian! Newsflash…we are all just people! I am in the beginning stages of a relationship with a black man. So far, it is wonderful. And since you took the time to look up this blog that tells me that you may have had 3 reasons:

        1) You are a sad little man that no one will touch…no matter what nationality.
        2) You are jealous…and you need to blame someone for the fact you can’t get laid…hey…blame black men!
        3) Well…this is just a suggestion…Try 4 legged women…I hear they don’t care how much of an ass you are!

    • Very well spoken I couldn’t agree with you more to bad your words went right over most of the people here.

    • I know for a fact that these are not white men. They are Jewish men and women (By the way they are not white they are Semitic from the Middle East). Also white women in general who are mostly feminist. They all perpetuate this exaggerated ideology and enjoy doing so. Because it sells for them.

      Best Regards,
      John Perez

    • me and my (black) man have been together for four years now. when i first met him, he told me his favorite color is white. Just recently i looked in his phone (first time ever) ?..and to my surprise…i saw nothing but pictures of black women….black girls in lingerie…black girls blowing kisses… This isnt the first time ive succumb to this. I also was dating a black guy in college…and I did some Internet searching on his name one day…and saw he had a profile on black and all of his “friends” were black women. oh but it gets worse. my first experience dating a black guy ended with me leaving him after finding out …6 months later…that he was married the whole time. oh and who was he married to? YEAH U GUESSED IT….to a black Woman. Most black men would never prefer a white woman to settle down with and marry. They would almost all like to conquer and get one sexually…but that would be just for their own ego. They may even date them respectively in high school/college days…more so if they in a predominantly white neighborhood. its my opinion that when the black man ultimately puts his big boy pants on, and gets successful, and more mature, he will always choose a black woman. The only way a black man would truly prefer a white woman to their own is if he was pimping her! Having experienced a few black men (after being just naturally more attracted to them even as a young girl) …I’ve decided to give…just wish it wouldn’t have taken me so long to figure it out. ATTN white women…stick to cheating on your white husbands with the “BBC’s”.unless you enjoy getting trampled over,lied to, incessantly cheated on, and ultimately have your race inevitably be disrespected in the end. Someone….anyone…..correct me if I’m wrong!

  9. Its the Mass media/communications subliminal messaging and influence of advertisement! Sex sells and if white women are the Preferred image of sex appeal by the advertiser sooner or later the masses are gonna be convinced of such an desire what is being promoted! Same applies with black men. if the advertiser is promoting an ignorant,inferior,brutal,criminal image then the the masses are gonna be persuaded to believe this is true,even blacks themselves which further perpetuated and escalated a minor problem that existed in every community. The blacks from the civil rights movement were strong because the public images were that of strength!! People sticking together and fighting for a cause was contagious for it was being broadcast consistently! The media fuled and made the civil rights movement strong!! Like wise with hip hop and “gangsta rap” but when media potrays a negative black image we buy into it and develop self hatred!

    Blacks are not inferior just programmed to believe this, thus acting the part! As heralded athletes and entertainers..the media tells the women “this guy is strong,fast,brute with a big THANG” add a hint of “Bad Boy” and thats all she wrote..Once white ladies experience “black sexual supremacy” they are sold! while they will prefer a white man for a life survival partner as long as black Thang is around..they will find it and cheat!

    • The saying says “Once you go black, you never go back”. More accurately, it should say “Once she goes black, few people will want her back”.

      • What you are expressing is a fantasy that white boys have. They have difficulty accepting the fact that a huge percentage of the women they lust after have had sex with Black men. Many of these women return to Black men later in life after they have gone through an unsuccessful marriage with the white boy that they felt they were supposed to marry. If you take a look at the following site you will see photos that will confirm the widespread incidence of Black guys dating, and marrying beautiful white girls. I also want to add that Black women are just as desirable and sought after as white women

      • When a white woman “goes Black” she will not want to come back to white men. It is like once you get accustomed to driving a new Mercedes S series, you will not want to return to driving that twenty year old Chevy

      • Obviously you are afraid to let anyone know who you are since it says anonymous. For your information my white gf has a child with a black man and Im a white MAN. If she wanted a black man she be with one now. She was also with a white man after him and before me. So obviously that bullshit your talking dont apply to everyone and Ive been with your black sistas who dont want your funky asses. So day what you

      • Aren’t you at the write site Pee Wee? the kkk website is stromfront theres plenty of trailer trash hillbillies like you there have fun idiot

      • Your comment is one of the typical talking points that insecure white racist guys return to regularly. Of course it is completely false, I personally know white guys who married girls that I had spent time in bed with, even though they hated the fact that she had been with me. I am sure that I am not the only one. Most white girls that you lust after have spent, or will spend time having sex with Black men, you just cannot accept how frequently it happens.

      • All of the cheerleaders with whom I had sex in high school and college have married white guys who were thrilled to have them. Your comment is a lie.

  10. Um no. clearly black men want white women FAR more than they want their own women…and it’s not hard to see why….sure you may get black girls with nice big bums..but that’s about all they have got going for them….besides you get nice bums in all races of women. It doesn’t help that jew-run usa pretty much owns hollywood/music industry etc (the media world has a HUGE impact) and deliberately promotes the interracial thing….as well as that hip hop garbage that they spread out globally… Where I live, if a white girls fucks a black guy (which is rare) noone really wants to touch them again…it’s a general “ew” *shiver* kind of feeling.

    You may say this is racist, and I say you are 100% correct, and it’s with a giant smile and a middle finger to whatever [negro] or [negro]-love created this bullshit.

    • I love black women! Strong mentally (a lil attitude) but i prefer one who can hold her own. Where Im from Wealthy White women love Big Black Dick! I DONT ADVOCATE INFIDELITY BUT THEY LOVE GETTING THE DICK DOWN. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN! AFTER HAVING EIGHT TO TEN INCHES 4 JUST WONT DO I GUESS BEST ADVICF IS NOT TO START BECAUSE YOU WONT STOP

      • @loveorleaveme

        you partly get what this piece is about….I am actually criticizing the lack of consciousness amongst some black men that allowed themselves to be sex objects…..

      • I would like to point out that any man will allow himself to be a sex object for an attractive woman. It is one of the goals of tens of millions of men who spend time and money seeking just such a situation every Friday and Saturday night

      • I think any man that lacks self respect ” will allow himself to be a sex object to “attractive woman”. Healthy relationships go beyond the physical/ sexual, it is mystical and political. All three need to be in concert for a healthy relationship.

      • Being a sex object, and a meaningful healthy relationship are two different things, and both exist in this world. Men, at a young age especially, are often just looking for the sex object experience. To explore your ideas further you would need to create a separate subsection for B/W legal marriages only.

    • You are clearly in denial about how things really are. What happens in North America, and Europe is that younger women who desire first class sex will seek out experiences with Black men. while I was at university for example, I had a regular late night secret date with one of the cheerleaders, that I had known in high school. She wanted the good sex that she was getting from me, but for social reasons wanted to keep it secret. Years later I ran into her on the street, she was married, and with a little white baby (which looked like a little piglet)…..There were actually a couple of other cherleaders that I had secret dates with, one of whom invited me out of the blue to meet her so she could give me head . She was still a virgin,and had to sneak out of the sorority….The older women are well known to take trips to Jamaica, and Africa just to meet Black men who will have sex with them. It is a huge phenominon, and well documented in the media. Your delusional white supremacy notions are pure garbage .

      • From what I’ve seen, the only white women that black dudes can get are 95% Obese / nasty chicks; the same women that white guys wouldn’t touch with a black guys dick. The other 5% date black guys for attention (due to the social stigma) / experimenting. Conversely, most black women love white guys.

    • Hey Flames from the Abyss, Just some real words for you and your Recessive kind. Here is Truth for Yo Ass Mr. Flames.
      You really are naturally inferior to the Black Man not just physically but in every way and the interesting thing about that is that you instinctually know this and so does the White Woman.
      Yes Mr. Flames from the Abyss, It’s no wonder why many of you White guys are the way you are because you naturally have an affinity with your Father who is Satan, Which is why much of the world perceive white males as “Devils”
      The behavior of The American White male is identical to how most Bibles describe Satan he comes to Kill, Steal and Destroy.
      Your soul is open to Satanic whispers which is why most White males reject God but accept wickedness and a perverse sense of living
      America is on it’s way down as a fallen empire just like Rome thanks to the greed and corruption of the White male in America. Now I told you I was just going to leave you with some real words. Here’s more… Most of your life lived in America is having White privilege or as we say in the “Hood” The Complexion for the Connection.
      Which is why if we’re going to be intellectually honest In American society truth has been distorted with the propaganda of White Supremacy designed to make the insecure White male feel better. White Males lead the pack in Homosexuality, Suicide, Homicide, Warmongers, Naturally uncoordinated, Natural Enemies of Peace, All around Weak, Smelly (Especially in the rain) Opposed to Godliness, athletically inferior to blacks and most other races which is why YOU have The Caveman sport…Hockey. You can have that.
      Your hair falls out at 25 your ears get big and pointed by 50 and you’re the better Race of people? Once again Propaganda!! and Bullshit.
      You recognize and envy the strength of the Black man in every way possible from his swagger to his confidence. You know I’m only speaking solid Truth said with LOVE!!

      • Thanks for speaking the truth. You touched on all bases with your comment about the whiteman. I will just add one thing; The white man worships white women, and can’t bear it when she is attracted to a Black man. However for the reasons you mentioned, as well as a desire to have mixed babies, it is inevitable that white women are moving towards the Black man.

      • So true. I am sick of insecure White male losers being jealous of a Black man! I am a Black woman and I prefer Black men!

      • black people started slavery though. why dont black people ever even think of whether or not blacks had slaves before opening their mouths? you’ll say well white people did it more. so what? you think their evil for being more successful at what your ancestors would have done? black people tried to expand but didn’t. i believe if blacks had invented guns first then histroy would be the other way around. if asians ditto, arabs the same, native americans too (they were a very violent bunch like all humans were). you’re just another racist.

      • incorrect, societies across the world practiced slavery and in fact white people enslaved each other the very term slave derives from the slavic language of the people of what is today Eastern Europe.

        What made the European slavery much more catastrophic is that once you are enslaved and you are black/ of African descent the goal was to make you a slave for life. That is why to date there are many racist whites that can not accept the fact that black folks fought back. “African slavery” was temporary in fact a slave could become a family member, king etc.

        folks need to stop spreading this rubbish purposed in your comment!

      • White supremacists, like the poster “B Honest” tend to have limited accurate information, and stunted intelligence, that is why they cling to such obviously false notions as the one presented here. As noted elsewhere, the term slave comes from Slavic, those are the people who were enslaved by other whites. Black people did not “invent” slavery or create the Trans Atlantic slave trade.


    • Typical jealous nascar car watching mouth breather hillbilly lol truth be known Billybob how do you know your mother didn’t get her some REAL loving from a black man before you’re retarded ass was unfortunately not aborted?? backwords ass hee haw watching idiot

    • and a middle finger to you ifiot..blk women have more going for then their big bootys and at least they are real.. and dont believe the media hype.. more blk men adore their blk queens then you will ever know.. hey dont hate blk women dumb idiot ,,their mom is black stupid.

  11. You are clearly in denial about what happens iin the real world. North American, and European younger women are extremely interested in having sex with Black men. A personal example is one cheerleader that I knew from high schooll had a regular,secret, late night date with me during our time at university. She wanted the first class sex that she was getting from me, but wanted to keep it secret for social reasons. There actually were a couple of cheerleaders , one of who asked to meet met, out of the Blue, because she wanted to give me head. It turned out to be an extraordinary, extended session. She was a virgin, who had to sneak out of the sorority for our secret meeting. This sort of thing is extremely widespread….among older womern, it is well documented in the media that thousands of them go to Africa, and Jamaica just to have sex with Black men. They will even pay for it

    • Oh please get over yourself black man. Sex is all white women want from you then your old news. Usually they find out all the black sex hype is not as they thought. If it was up to white men white women would have to walk around with a mark on her forehead after sex with a black man. They usually don’t want to share a life with a black man and usually the sex is just a tryout. If they are good looking to white men, chances are they end up right back with a white man to spend the rest of their life with and you black men remain a horrible secret that they keep a secret for ever.

  12. You have expressed the delusion that many white guys have. Personally I have never dated anyone fat or ugly. As far as white girls are concerned, the first girl that I fell in love with was a Swedish ballet dancer, who was traffic stopping beautiful. We would be married today but something bad happend to her back when we were 22. Later I dated the daughter of my grandmother’s doctor ( one of the most respected, and prominent in our town), and came very close to marrying her, but decided to go to university far away.. later I lved with the daughter of the top nuclear physicist at my university. She was a gorgeous third generation bikini beach blonde hair blue eyes, 5′-3″ California gir with D cups, and a slender banging body. In the following years I dated a couple of cute socialites, one was a Crocker (one of the big four families in San Francisco), and the other was a Zellerbach ( CrownZellerbach), I also dated the usual batch of well bred beauties from Brown, Harvard, etc….Finally after ten years of shoppng I married my Scottish/Austrian/East Eurpoean wife, who modeled wedding dresses in her late teens, went to finishing school, and is the daughter of a multi-millioniare

    • No bro. The only white girls who date black guys are fat ugly and rejected by white men.
      Quot your fucking delusion black boi. Not even indian girls pay any attention to you. Wake the fuck up lmfao.



  13. I am Jamaican and I can attest that here in Jamaica the sex trade is rampant, a lot of white women especially from the USA come here just for sex. They may pay anything from 50 to 100 dollars, the 100 being the equivalent of a weeks pay here(that’s enough for rent).
    I personally prefer white women over my black counterparts, here in jamaica atleast I have had my fare run in with black women, they either want to date you to scrape away your little cash or try and pin you down with a baby. Ontop of all this they are aggressive, don’t have any far thinking ambition except to live life easy, and the constantly have this demand for you to worship them like a queen when they don’t even have the appropriate attitude.

    I am against racism, I don’t even regard race in anything really because I see it as a silly clasification. For example what race does a kid who have Chinese, African, white and Arab in his gene pool? No race or u just choose one? See where the problem arise. As a matter of fact many of todays race came about after years of inter breeding between different ethnicities.

    And in response to all this chatter about intelligence, black people aren’t all dumb in the same fashion white people aren’t all dumb, I am 20 for example and I speak 4 different languages and is learning a 5th(Persian), I study aeronautics and military strategy, ontop of all this I have been designing electronic circuits from primary school, made my first explosives then and have been fermenting wine from 12. Simply put: black people aint dumb, don’t let the idiots with their pants around their ankles on the streets fool you.

    • Ydorap,

      thank you for sharing, so what you are telling us is that :

      1. You have dated all the black women in your community to draw that conclusion about them?

      2. You prefer white women over black women because they pay for sex and that they take charge because they have money?

      I would suggest that you read comment that smoothbaritone made on April 16, he outlines a great map of the situation on grounds.

    • All racism from white men stem from them feeling inadequate and inferior, but most black men are too dump to realize this. The ideology of white male supremacy stems from an inferiority complex. People who feel superior don’t go about proclaiming it to the world.

  14. Read what I wrote again, I made separate points about my preference of white women and them paying money for sex. All I did was confirm that yes white women, mostly older ones do come here and buy sex, I did not say I like them for that and that I like them because they have money… How did you get that analogy from what I wrote? I am confused so tell me how when the points I made was separate.
    I have dated over 20 girls in my lifetime already, all of them proved the same in their behaviour thus based on statistics I have the right to say that the majority do have this sort of ingrain behavioural problem. And these are women from all walks of life and all over the island, they just seem to all act the same and have the same problems. Imagine dating a girl here only to find out that she has someone overseas sending her money? That’s what a lot of men face here and when we date women for other race they claim we are turning our backs on the Jamaican black women when it is their fault. Its a cultural problem, just like how the hip hop attitude being adopted by African American men is a cultural issue… And cultural issues are notoriously difficult to fix.

    All I am saying is that I prefer white women simply because a lot of them do have a sense of stability, aren’t overly aggressive like black women and do in a lot of cases exhibit independent qualities. I don’t have a problem taking care of my partner, however I want her to have her own independent qualities, ask me to set up a business for her and I gladly will simply because I see where she is trying to go. Sadly most women I know aren’t like this, even if they do set up a business it goes down in several months because they overspend and don’t want to get out of bed in the mornings. Its the 21st century and they need to act like it, get a career. I have also spoken to women who I have gone out to try and get them a job or get them what they need to go back to school but lo and behold they never made any further step and expect you to just give them money.

  15. I drew that conclusion because you noted how white women pay for sex and in thesame breathe you expressed your dislike for black women, hence my question. You said you have dated over 20 black women and you came to that conclusion don’t you think you should perhaps consider saying some black women since you are talking about a specific place, your context?

    Regarding white women having stability, I think that is the major reason why a lot of black men run for them because they have white privilege hence more resources, wealth which means they can’t depend on a man particularly black men, so they can even “buy” them off and black men are happy about that ( see link with images: This is true on the continent of Africa where white women would travel in search of husbands/ boy toys because they have the resources, they often marry and take them back to the West. This types of arrangements are much more easier and comfortable for black men who are not able and would like to increase their incomes without much struggling.

    You speak of laziness amongst women in your region, my sense of things is that black people on a larger scale both on the continent and in the diaspora particularly those in the so called “developing” countries have been conditioned through slavery- racist instituions to see themselves as beggars, helpless and everything that they do are not worthwhile until it looks, taste, feel like whites’. Over years many blacks have internalized hence they often look up to the white man/woman as the source of salvation such as white Christian missionaries, United Nations, Bill Gates, etc etc So for you to make it read as if it is black woman thing to be lazy and not stable I find that unthoughtful, when you neglect historical elements and the legacy in our world today.

    When you get a chance check this link,an example of black women working hard to make this world a better place.

  16. Its atleast a region wide issue(Caribbean-wide), atleast. And no, as I said this has absolutely nothing to do with wealth or anything of the sort, its about personality and as I said; culture.

    I partially agree with your point about the buying off of men, it happens here mainly with women from Switzerland and other rich European countries. These women are particularly attracted to dreadlocked men and buy cars and stuff for them. I said particularly though because this is mostly with poorer less educated men, they seek out white women for that reason the same way black girls seek out white men. In my case and with many other educated men(I see myself as educated) who seek to lead an upper class life in the future with as minimal of issues as possible; our local black women are just not up for it. We would be hard pressed to find a suitable one.

    To stave off any disrespect a black woman may feel from what I wrote, this is what I see as the likely cause of meeting up with so much ‘undesirables’ in the black dating arena; the amount of black women that we would see as wife material is substantially lower than the amount that we would only date for fun, in the case of white women there is a higher percentage of white women that would be desirable to us men for marriage.

    I myself is more attracted to black women physically, however the associated problems that seem to follow most is just too much for I to take the risk again even at this young age.

    Back to the point of money, here in Jamaica most women only date you for money, most have children for their man to get money(that’s why there are so much single parents here and women don’t have a problem because they can pressure the different fathers for money), even in the papers there are seeking sections where the only thing women put is that they are seeking a rich man or they want a man who is a soldier or police officer(because those professions pay quite well here). Now imagine the feeling to men when you know that these women only love you for cash and nothing else?

    I am kinda agreeing now that I may be overgeneralising, however I am cautious in my approach especially with a set of countries(the Caribbean) that is so heavily influenced by American black culture, and vis versa.

  17. Also note that any replies here will be based on what each people see in their close vicinity or country so everything will be subjective and differ from one point to another.

    Yes there are a lot of black women who did good things there are a lot who still are doing good things. There is also a lot of Arabs who do good things, Persians who do good things, people who identify themselves as communists who do good things, even Nazi who did good things, it is just that within those groups there are those who do things that aren’t good in the eyes of others. Each group has its merits and disadvantages, Rabe, a Nazi protected Chinese from the marauding Japanese rapist soldiers, Iran has one of the largest Jewish populations in the world and have a seat in the parliament always dedicated to the Jewish sect and so always held by a Jewish representative… I could go on and on.

    The point of all that is to simply show that there are always two sides, so black women have done a lot, back in the 18th century nanny of the maroons kicked the british ass here in Jamaica, but here we are talking about preference and I am stating that yes I prefer white women because of the less complicated life they bring .

  18. P.s. I am NOT, I repeat: I AM NOT comparing anyone to Nazis lol I just like to broaden arguments to show what I mean, most were bad people and if they won the war I would be in a bad situation now because I have relatively dark skin.

  19. White women are becoming more masculine in developed “white” societies as they have found the same economic opportunities as their white male counterparts. In the modern service based economy, women no longer need their male’s physical and mental characteristics to attain wealth. So many white women adopt masculine frames of mind in pursuit of improving their own status and in doing so begin to develop typical male characteristics such as dwelling on sex, paying for their partner, thrill-seeking etc. that incline them to black men who are more than willing to be taken care of and used as a “walking dildo” in addition to their own inferiority complex that causes them to desire white women. Conversely, white men usually seek those women with the most feminine characteristics and will often ignore the rising tide of masculine white women in favor of the more feminized asian and black women. It is ultimately the white male’s fault for his own masculine women as he pioneered the modern economic system that rewards those masculine traits in women. The white’s constant race mixing will lead to the destruction of their own race unless they begin to heal their community.

    • Interesting take..must say I never considered that ideology.. I crave white women never had relations,I was very selective as to who benefited from the “Boss Man” lol I certainly wasn’t going to throw it at some woman because of her complexion and stringy hair.. Principle means alot to me. To many years the black man has been limited to the role our counterparts entertainment and pleasure! In my uneducated opinion..blacks and whites are gonna become extinct lol. I will sex a white woman with BRAINS..If I go that route it certainly won’t be a Ghetto,trailer woman. If its purely for the purpose of the “experience”… I want blue eyes Barbie doll lol Not Rosie o’donnell lol. No matter how you find each other..if you fall in Love and treat each other as equally significant and worthwhile partners..I ain’t mad at ya!! Love is where you find it bebe!

    • Your observation is close to what I think.I think white women have become more hedonistic during the last thirty years or so,and want to experience the most and the best as much as possible. African American men are thought by many to be the best sex partners in the world, so these pleasure seeking women are eager to have that experience themselves.

  20. when i look back on my child hood all types of girls liked me Spanish,Latina,Asian, and white, everything other than black.
    and things have not changed as I’ve gotten older now 29, i started to think it was because i didn’t act ghetto black enough or, maybe because i was well spoken being that my family is from they islands and my home life was very different from black Americans or because i didn’t grow up in a predominantly anything area of New York but now i find my self questioning my own reasons for being with my white girl friend i wonder if I’m living right by being with her? Some of my friends ask me why i date only white girls or non black girls even my no black friends ask why? i reply i don’t. i date who looks good to me and that I’m attracted to and who’s attracted to me. it just so happens to be other races even tho as of late 1 black girl has let i be known that she is interested in me and it makes me imagine a sort of alternate future by have having a strong smart black woman that looks at me as someone that would compliment her very well and i think the same of her. that being said, deep inside i feel that people of color/melanated people are more superior with regards to the fact that we are closer to being part of nature and the universe than people with out color and that bye being with me i make her better and i make her feel Superior because a black man chose her.

    • most white women that date black men are fat or just bimbos who can be influenced by the media or a smooth acting black man way too easy. Bimbos usually find out the hard way after they get impregnated and then left and then no white men want them anymore. Unless the white women has $$ then the black man try to stick around and live for free. black men are known for F**king anything white, fat or not, its like an upgrade to them.

  21. Honestly, ive dated ww my entire life… The number 1 reason they want a black man is the sex….number 2, they just dnt get a “Happy” life wth a wm…. Hence: the traveling 2 other countries 2 lock up a black pipe…. This phenom will only get bigger and bigger.. Ww being the offspring of the “Shot caller” wm, will continue 2 want black pipe as long as the wm continuies 2 forbid it from his high up position! I totally agree that this ww/bm phenom will continue 2 grow,bkuz of 1 reason…..ww make up 40% of the North American pop and they “Allways”Get wat they want, kuz “High up” daddy has given it 2 thm…. Except wat he cant…. Black pipe… 1 mr thing…. Who “isnt” looking 4 that “Mind blowing” sexual experience??….. Bn married 2 my wwife 13 years!

  22. f***k that f**kin pubicity of a black man , and a white woman dating a black man is the most disgrace thing in this world, and if i knew that a white woman dated a black man i wud not even touch her, i recommend every white man to do so ,thnx to almighty god this never happened in my country and thanks to go will never happen ,only f**kin ugly ww dates black man, this website made this article ,how racists they are,,….and in maintained stream we whites are RACIST ,,f***k that bullshit,F***k all that proaganda

    • I agree f**k the Jewish media and F**k black men/white women dating. This will also really help the spread of HIV to the white communities, thanks a lot Jews.

    • Well you know what than means Bubba! you’ve gotta stop touching you mother! yep chances are she’s got down with the mandingo express her damn self!!

      • Bubba has delivered some good news. There will be, evidently, plenty of fine white women he will not be touching

  23. I’ll post two comments I found on the Web, one from a white woman & another from a discerning black man. Since I’m not a woman, nor black- these may be more relevant than my intimations on the topic.

    Post 1. (answering a question “did you sleep with a black guy”)

    I voted yes. But it was only one time. I was 19, I’m 31 now and happily married (and I sort of forgot to mention the black guy when we exchanged histories, my hubby wouldn’t be happy about the black guy thing). To be fully honest, it was one of those things that I just wanted to try to see what it was like, more than having a thing for black guys. It was just one of those late teenage curiosities and/or quest for doing something naughty that most girls have (meaning most girls have some sort of sexual curiosity during their late teens early 20’s that goes beyond the standard “making out with your boyfriend thing,” though obviously not every white girl’s curiosity/quest involves doing it with a black guy).

    I must say that the black guy wasn’t really all that great of an experience. Sure, sex is good regardless, but I had no trouble whatsoever “going back” to white guys. I always was more attracted to white guys (both before and after). I think easily half of the white girls that do it with a black guy are like me — a one-time thing just to try it.(Sort of like my friend that turned a trick for $200 with a 42-year old guy that she first met because she had babysat for his kids, but that was her only adventure into prostitution, and she too is now happily married.) When you are 19 and living in the dorm, you hear so many girls talking about black guys — most just a one-time fling — and it almost becomes a peer pressure sort of thing.

    Post 2.
    Q: Question for black men – do you see having sex with white women as revenge for slavery?

    A: My answer is going to incense just about everyone, but, you asked the question. Black men don’t prefer sex with white women just as a revenge for slavery, although it is probably a minor sexual component for them. To be more raw and specific, black men prefer sex with white women as they perceive it as more sexually degrading for the white woman and that is a sexual turnon for black men. Actually, that is a turnon for most men if they would admit it. We are talking about sex here, not “making love”. It is also a turn on for white women for the same reason. Even though the white woman may be the most politically correct female on the planet, she can still “feel” sexually degraded by having sex with a black male. It doesn’t have to be rational to be a sexual turnon. What you believe in mentally and what you get off on sexually can be worlds apart. Why do you think so many male and female CEO’s of major companies are seriously sexually submissive while the lowly government clerk may be the Alpha man in some kinky B&D / S&M group? Seeker of Unpleasant Truths hit on it when he pointed out that a lot of white women wouldn’t consider marrying or maybe even dating a black male but enjoy sex with the almost exclusively. Black men can get off on the feeling of sexually degrading white women without actually having to admit that is what turns them on. Even more importantly, white women having sex with black men, can get off on the feeling of being sexually used and degraded without having to admit that being sexually used and degraded turns them on. Hard to believe in this day and age that the overwhelming majority of people (women especially) steadfastly refuse to admit the truth about what turns them on sexually.

    • No offense but your post was unbelievably boring! So you hooked up with one black man when you were a teenager BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! so by your wisdom and unlimited intelligence because he wasn’t any good therefore all black men are like him? WOW you’re ignorant! using your logic if you dated a sorry white guy that means all white guys must be like him! trying to read your BULLSHIT post was painful! nobody gives a fuck about your girlfriend turning trick!! you got be from the south or fucked up sorry ass Texas

    • People if you can stomach this crazy BULLSHIT! this mental patient threw up here good luck! this freaky hillbilly is babbling about S&M her slutty ass prostitute girlfriends her fucked up teen years her experimentation! who gives a fuck?? Life is All about experimenting Becky sue! just become a few of your experiments went wrong maybe YOU should examine YOURSELF! maybe you picked the wrong kind of guy!! WOW you’ve dumb as shit! And judging by your freaky fucked up unwanted post I’m sure you and your current white guy are happier than two pigs in a pen! because white guys love getting extra freaky and sick! do you make him wear your panties and spank the living fuck out of him??? white guys I’ve been told love that kinda stuff LOL

      • I’m a 29 year old white guy. But not the goofy whiteboy from the movies either.. I’ve been with women of all different races and have heard not all black guys are good.. I’m a g in the bedroom and make girls squirt that didn’t even know they could [they had been with black guys]… This topic is so stupid because sure alot of white people do make asses out them self and white people you are no better than the black man.. But at the same time black man is no better than white men either. We are equal. I’m not speaking for the stupid white hillbillies on here but for mankind.. I am a alpha male and promise not one of you could fuck my girl even if you were put in room together because unlike stereotypes I’m a very gifted make with big white dick I’m sure you guys don’t hear that much lmao.. Coming from me Every other white person on here has a small dick and no sack cause all they try to do its bring down the other race instead of taking care of their woman… I was raised to stay with my own race but was attracted to mixed and black girls and have kids with both. I’m with a white girl now and know for fact i don’t have too worry about her ever being with anyone but me. You couldnt convince her at all cause she knows what some white man have and i got rhythm even more than probably some of you.. Let’s just stop with the racial shit saying this race is better than this race because that isn’t it at all. We all have faults of our own.

  24. Nice try at trying to interject the white male supremacist notions into this site. Your comment is false, except for specific relationships, possibly. It is by no means true for most. What is truly degrading is women who have sex , or marry white men for money, or security. That horrible dynamic was the basis upon which the horrible scourge of feminism was built.

  25. I simply want to say I’m very new to blogging and truly enjoyed your blog site. Likely I’m likely to bookmark your site . You really come with perfect articles and reviews. Many thanks for sharing your web site.

  26. Wait…wait…wait. So, the majority of us black men don’t really hark on the years of abuse that the white man has inflicted on us. Maybe not the majority of you. But the fall is that there are so many white men with astronomical power and money. This grants them the ability to focus racially harmful intent across a broader scale. Look…it’s how things work out. We black men are reaping the rewards of generational mistreatment. Confidence because you couldn’t be a black man in the 50’s and walk the streets like you didn’t know if you should be there. It was necessary to be bold in our social approaches.

  27. But what about why Hispanic women love Japanese men? ??? That’s what we really wanna know….lol. this whole thing stupid! I’m a white woman with a black man n love him because he’s my bff, we always have a good time, he treat me good and I him, we have the perfect vibe. Who cares what color any1 is if u r happy? Oh yea n the sex is great lol. Had2 say it! Doesn’t every 1 typically enjoy the sex.they have with their partner whether they r green or fuchsia? All just good chemistry. N who care we all from Adam n Eve!

  28. What happens when there are no more white women for you black guys to date and all the black men have become white… I have noticed in the last few years that more white women are picking black men (this isn’t just Afro-Caribian but Muslim and Indian men) for relationships. I have Indian, African and Arab friends, but I can also see clearly what is happening… ‘white’ society and morals are changing. Advertising and the media (here in the UK especially) is increasingly broadcasting BM and WW as the latest fashion, and its now becoming a norm in society… I hate to say this, but if you look at the WW with BM it out numbers the WM with other races tenfold so where is the racism here… when Indian and Afro-caribean fathers start to feel that it isn’t racist to let their daughters date a white man I will have less problem the other way around. Oh and by the way the Caribbean girl I went out with said that it is a fallacy that black men are all better in bed and bigger than white men… both have big/small, fit/unfit members in their social groups. She doesn’t date black men, never told me why… I can’t understand it, if what i am reading here is correct you are all so perfect… BTW if you have an opposite viewpoint to others it doesn’t make you a racist… leave the chip at the door if you want an open debate… if you don’t want an open debate don’t indoctrinate…

      • Interesting stats, but how accurate are they ? Myself, and none of the Black men I have known throughout my life have ever been included in any of these alleged surveys

      • that’s only statistics of test of people who are middle aged and already married who shouldn’t even participate in this test. White women prefer black men because they know nothing of our culture and are curious. The others will never know because of their racist mothers and fathers who teach them that black people are only coons, niggers, apes. beast, devils. cursed, etc. black people are just like any other race on this earth. the only boundaries are the ones made by civilizations to separate people. Some white women want to know what its like to be with a black man simply because he is black and nothing else. some have heard of our large genitals but not all of us have this trait, just as some other races. i am a young black male, 24 years of age and i live in ann arbor by the university of michigan (predominately young, white rich kids and old white rich people) and the number of white women that approach me and engage conversation to get to know me and get drunk and maybe eventually have sex. i have dealt with women for a long time and i have learned to channel in on their feelings and their perceptions of black men. some you can look in their eyes and tell they are not interested and never will be, but to the keen eye and the role of playing as if you are not paying them attention, some white women fall into a daze looking at black men, i work in a drive thru at mcdonalds and the number of middle aged, young aged and some older aged white women that give me attention is very flattering and shows to me that american has come a long way from the grandfathers of the KKK that embraced racism to their grandchildren. forgive me for any typos.

      • Well, statistics are from published material from US census bureau, no big deal. Second- personal observations and experiences are good, but not very significant in assessing these matters. For instance, when I was in the US (near 2000) , large majority of WW, when topic has arisen, frankly conceded to me they don’t find BM attractive at all- from facial features, bodily odor to “otherness” in behavior or mental-emotional reactions. As for physical attraction, one must analyze female sexuality.
        First rule – much of it, although not all, is in the mind (btw, it explains while Whites are most sexually “creative”- Blacks are, contrary to stereotypes, sexually rather conservative & unimaginative). Many WW (and WM, or other races) do not think much of sex- they channel their energies into other directions. Blacks are, as a rule, more sexual beings than other races. It means that they spend much more time on this issue than other races. This does not mean they are adept either in techniques or mental/emotional aspect of it. Just, they are determined by their physiology. Other “sexual” races are also to be found in the tropics-Polynesians etc. That said:
        * Blacks do not have higher testosterone level
        * they are not more “equipped”- measurements have shown
        * women do not care about male insecurities re this matter:

        So- is there anything in this myth about Blacks’ sexual attraction to WW (and vice versa) ?

        Because many WW want to be- sexual “researchers” have concluded- “ravished” in the bedroom. Conquered, treated like slaves etc. And the same women who have had sex with both Whites & Blacks, under controlled conditions, have reported they had been “ravished” by blacks & not by Whites. Sex researches have been confused, since “objective” parameters have frequently shown that White partners had been more “enduring”, skillful etc. But, those females- who voluntarily participated in these “researches”- said they felt better with Blacks.  Then, experiments went the following way: White men were instructed to treat White females with disrespect, roughly & domineering. After that change- WF reported more sexual satisfaction with White men than with Blacks.
        As I said- it’s in the mind.

      • Your false comment is typical of white men. They simply cannot accept the truth about white women and Black men. You might ask yourself why this topic is being widely discussed throughout the world, while at the same time white women developed feminism as a response to their lives with white men. Feminism is a very strongly anti-white man philosophy that has spread around the world like wildfire since it was first created in the seventies

      • @BARDON or EEGOR take your narrow minded czceh republic, hungarian or WASP ass out of here! you have zero fucking clue to what your babbling about! once again you come off sounding like the spoiled white guy that got his toy taken from him! bye EEGOR

    • you make no sense, some people dont date black men simply because what they have heard and not experienced. im pretty sure if you had an american black woman from detroit that was educated, sophisticated, morally straight and good looking you would never leave her. and what are we going to do when the white women go away? we are going to embrace the other colors of the world. duh.

  29. Why can’t we just get along? As a white guy, I’ve dated black, white, Asian as well as Latinas. So what? Who gives a flying fuck really.

    Black men are more natural, more organic and fore carefree. This is what so many women find attractive. White men are too serious, stiff and organized… Too proper. There’s nothing wrong with being badass.

    White guys HAVE to stop being so insecure and should instead learn a thing or two from popular black men. Learn how to move, to dance as well as to fuck properly. White men should get more in touch with their true natural selves instead of bitching. And white women, should stop raising their men as good little boys. White women could also learn from black women. At the end of the day, we’re just men and women, not black or white.

    • This may be true, in a stereotypical way, in the US- although I doubt, I’ve been there for 4 years around 2000. Here in Europe- central and east-, all Blacks are considered annoying & childish simultaneously (in Kipling’s words- half-devil, half-child). Also, here is no concept of “dating”- social intercourse is not conducted that way. But perhaps the biggest difference is national loyalties- in the US, I’ve seen a fragmented society with parts interacting; while in -mostly ex-Communist like Russia, Croatia or Poland- when you countries if you start meddling with someone radically different from the nation-tribe, you’re kicked out as a foreigner.

      • Yes, you have accurately observed that sick, white racism is in the genes of white people. What kind of sociopaths can imagine another human to be a “foreigner” on the planet earth ?

      • Anonymous is right. Nobody is a foreigner on Earth. If you want to keep thinking that races should be segregated, it’s up to you.

        But the world is mixing, and the rate at which it’s happening is actually accelerating. I see more interracial couples all the time. When I go to the city, black women are not shy to smile at me anymore… and I smile back, as they’re so beautiful.

      • These “answers” are pathetic dogmas. Human beings fundamentally differ, whether you want to acknowledge or not. As for cr*p about feminism & white man- you don’t know a bit of history of Caucasian race.

        Human civilization exists for ca. 10.000 yrs, in proper sense ca.5500 yrs.
        A few great civilizations have risen & fell during those times, at least two (Chinese and Indian), transformed, still exist- but it was the European West that created global civilization & global values & fully unified the world. Your “white man” has created global
        This European civilization is a blend of at least three ingredients: Graeco-Roman heritage, Christianity & Enlightenment with rational & scientific discourse coming to the fore front.
        It was “white man” (actually, European peoples) who gave the world the way it defines itself:

        * phonetic alphabet (borrowed from Phoenicians, but adapted to Roman script)

        * mathematics & other sciences (Indians gave us zero and Chinese
        invented matrix calculus and a few other things, but as a unified human
        venture, science is completely Western)

        * democracy & idea of a free individual

        * the global high culture, form epic to the novel (non-European epics of
        worth are Mahabharata, Ramayana and Shahnameh, no actual novel outside
        European culture except Lady Murasaki strange and unique achievement)

        * polyphonic music no other culture can compete with

        * visual arts no other culture can compete with

        * all ideologies, from feminism, communism, fascism, eugenics, universal human rights,..

        * all inventions that changed the face of earth (cannons, steam machine & Industrial revolution, the locomotive, vaccination, strict hygiene, universities (in the Middle Ages), hospitals, antibiotics,
        electric power,computer, mechanical clock, planes, cars, TV, laser, A-bomb, wash machine, satellites,..)

        All other cultures & races contributed immensely less than the “white” European & American civilization. I think any rational person cannot dispute this.

        White man has conquered the world, went to outer space, created global civilization, killed more people than any other group, created all sciences & arts & technology, f+cked uncounted millions of women of all races around the globe, and is the most developed human form- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. In short- a god in microcosm.

        All the rest are just a rough approximation, a weak imitation of Caucasians.

      • Bardon,

        I think it is unfortunate that you are still holding unto 18 century views.Well known scholars have proven that Black Africans gave the world civilization. Part of the problem we have is that lazy and racists scholars have internalized bias views of blacks globally so it makes it hard for them to accept historical facts talkless of teaching them in their classrooms. Check the works of these scholars:

        1. Ivan Van Sertima

        2. Cheikh Anta Diop

        3. John Henrik Clarke

      • They have been proven in both Euro-centric and Afro-centric fields. Well educated scholars know this information. I think you have a hard time accepting the facts, so you hold closely to heart racists views because they make you feel superior. I would encourage you to extend yourself to well documented scholarship. And stop depending on racists white wash!

        In addition here is a recent discovery from ancient human civilization – black Africa. I first read it on BBC months back, get educated and free yourself….

        “100,000-Year-Old Ochre Toolkit and Workshop Discovered in South Africa”

      • It is a pity that you haven’t learned correct English at your age, you write with the precision, and clarity of a third grader… Your understanding of history is limited to what you learned in the lie-filled, white supremacist revisionist, and heavily edited high school history class.. Did they, for example, point out to you that Canada, New Zealand, Australia, along with most of Europe has essentially the same group of white people, but only the US rose to dominate the world, since 1776. What makes the US different is its population. After reconstruction around 1/3 of the population was Black. All of the tradesmen, carpenters, builders, mechanics, etc were black.These people built American and hold thousands of patents. many thousands more innovation were stolen from them and falsely claimed by whites. There were even laws that formalised, and encouraged this sort of behaviour The reason America is great is largely because of the presence of Blacks.
        Next your understanding of the progression of the world powers must have been acquired from reading Marvel comics. Recorded human history is five thousand years. The world powers, in order were:Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome, and now the Anglo/American world power. Notice that the first was in Africa, and the next three were non-white middle Eastern world powers. Most of the worlds primary innovations were created by these powers, one of the notable feature of the Anglo American world power was how they grew via invasions, pillage, enslavement of stronger peoples, and theft
        Today whites have inbred themselves into an inferior gene pool. White men often start getting very bald in their twenties, are physically inferior to Blacks in any sport in which Blacks take an interest.and have created social structures that destroy even themselves.
        White women are not producing white babies at a replacement rate so whites continue to diminish as a percentage of the population. The women have understood the biological imperative to bring The superior Black genes into their reproductive efforts. They crave those cute bi-racial babies.
        White men, like you Brandon, are understandably angry at the present turn of events, and cannot accept that the white hegemony is over. Even Silicon Valley is powered by Asian immigrants, not white men. White men would be wise to join their women in seeking reproductive alliances with non-whites, and give up believing in the white supremacist fairy tale

      • No, they haven’t been “proven” anywhere. You’re walking delusion. Nah, I’m wasting time…. Good luck

      • Bardon,

        you are in denial which is understandable ( you have been indoctrinated for so long) Hopefully one day you will do basic research and perhaps start by reading the suggested works.

        Best with your journey.

      • Do everybody a favor IGOR your european opinions on race really aren’t relevant in america so you’ve made your point over and over and over and over again we get it BORIS now please go herd some sheep or milk a bull EEGOR

    • nlack women will never waste their time trying to teach white women any damn thing,, and thats what they get that blk women dont want to be around them.. they have always thought they were better ..which is a lie and trust , me when those white women mess and breed with blk men .. there is a lot of blk women in the blk mans life.. we have cousins ,daughters, aunts nieces, moms .. babys mamas .. all blk women that your white butt has to deal with..

      • Man stop! you’re just being racist yourself!! stop! i’ve criticized many people here but it’s directed to ”racist’ white guy not the entire race. The generalizations you’re making not to mention the endless grammatical errors aren’t cool. Check yourself! racism is ugly both ways!

  30. The biggest load of crap I’ve ever read. You are seriously delusional if you truly believe the tripe that you write…

    • so what you are saying is that white women that shared their experiences above are “delusional”?

      p.s these are not my words….read the piece again before making unthoughtful comment. Thanks

      • Generalisations, half-truths, and experiences of a select few women, does not make anything stated on this entire page, in any way ‘factual.’

        I’m Japanese, and I understand unconditionally that Asian women folk to white men droves. The Asian female and white male are the most common interracial relationship on the planet, from all over Europe, Asia, and Oceanic. How come I’ve never come across any stories and/or article written by white people trying to force the idea of Asian women preferring white men? That said, why haven’t I seen Asian people do the same thing… or Latin, Arab, or Indian, etc?

        I’ve really tried to avoid the truth for so long because I always thought it to be of poor taste. However, I strongly believe that people who would willingly go out of their way to try to prove something that can’t be proven are seriously delusional.

      • I think you should read the attached piece and watch the videos before being childish, if you don’t understand my points ask for clarification. I left your comments because I am taking the liberty to help you out. Thus far you are reading into this piece hence not allowing it to speak to you. An African proverb goes , “a toad does not run in a day time for nothing”, I detect self esteem problem on your side. Grow up and be a thinking adult instead of jumping to conclusions when you haven’t even read the piece nor listened to the attached videos. Good luck with your journey!

      • You have revealed your complete ignorance about the effect of white racism on Black people and their reactions to it. You may as well offer your insights about life in ancient Atlantis for all the (ir) relevance your comments have.

      • with all due respect to @mistwalker she should know good and damn well the Japanese culture has been as racist towards african americans for at least a century or more!! Just like eastern Indians they look darker than many any black person I’ve seen but they don’t for the most part date black men! Just like Japanese women you might hook up with caucasian guy but black guy?? SOL now vietnamese, philippine women hell yes! I flew out to Cebu the philippines hook up with a philippine girl!! I was treated like a rock star! no it was pimping I cool with the whole family.

  31. Black men are respectful to women and treat them right? Yeah right! Maybe two out of ten. And they take care of their skin? Then why are women in general of all races always complaining about black men not acting right and why are they usually ashy? Thats why more and more black women are starting to prefer white men. More white men treat women better than black men do. Not all but more. This site is obviously set up by a black person and it conveniently makes black men look good. Obviously there are black men who do treat women right and do take care of their skin but not most. And by the way my girlfriend is white and has a half black child and Im white. Shes with me now after a black man and I satisfy her sexually more than he did.And Ive dated black women who rarely dated anything other than white men. And I dont have a lot of money so thats not why. So what does that tell you? Quit hyping up black men. Its a bull shit.

    • @Anthony you’re just the kind of guy that most women not just white women ALL women want to avoid! you claim you have a girlfriend but judging you on you’re juvenile cry baby whining I’m wondering if your girlfriend isn’t really the kind that you pull out of the box in the closet and get a air pump and blow her up, if thats what you call a ”girlfriend” sorry that doesn’t count @Anthony

    • WAH WAH WAH damn @Anthony if you hate this site so fucking much and it’s all BS why are you posting so much cry baby BULLSHIT?? when I find something in my life that I think is nonsense you know what I do??? I move on! @Anthony everybody reading your punk ass crying opinions gotta be asking the same question! why are you here?? your spending precious time bitching and moaning about your dumb ass opinions! Heres a tip Romeo instead of making yourself sound like a jealous old hag why not go to your closet pull out that old mother fucking box get your worn out cheap ass pump blow that nasty plastic bitch doll up and shut the fuck up!

    • Poor little @Anthony! he feels this huge uncontrollable urge to defend white guy nation LOL the more this ignorant soul keeps babbling about “ASHY” skin makes him sound childish! this constant BS is fucking hilarious! news flash asshole if your super model black girlfriend doesn’t use lotion in the winter time she’ll get “ASHY” too! But because most black people I’ve associated with in the last 51 yrs don’t get very dry during the summer to really need lotion. Anyway @Anthony why are you so threaten by black men?? I’ve never in my life ever heard another man bitch about other men being “ASHY” you sound GAY as fuck! you got the black super model of your dreams lol then why do you give a fuck about what other black men do??? unless you been secretly fantasizing about putting on your girlfriends wig and padded bra and cruzing the clubs in drag! YUK! I just threw up a little bit in my mouth!

      • LOL you hear it to huh? @anthony pagano really sounds gay doesn’t he??!!! thank you for confirming my assumption

  32. all race of women r beautiful, its just that who ever u feel loved,comfortable, and serious with, skin color doesnt matter, its what you like, not what the world like.

  33. I think this is a very interesting topic and wish there could be more open and respectful dialogue on this matter.

    Some women may agree on the qualities of a black man vs a white man but I’d like to hear more sides of the good and the bad

  34. Content articles together with educational content material such as yours really are a inhale of fresh air. I carefully enjoyed every thought you made inside your material. I’m together with you in your unique views and different articles. Many thanks.

  35. Recent studies prove what most have known all along, that white racists have low IQs. Your characterizations of Black men are via your personal lens of prejudice, and racism, and fails to see, understand, or acknowledge the facts.

    • Right. All blacks are geniuses and all whites are troglodytic idiots. O.K. Two words to burst your intellectually inane bubble: Affirmative Action. If black men were truly superior, there would be no need for that intellectual and social (no, not crutch) BABY CARRIAGE. Seriously, there are black men that are totally illiterate that are graduating from universities. WITH HONORS! So, if you truly ARE superior, PROVE IT by rejecting ALL AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. When you actually have to work for a living without a safety net, and actually open and read books to get through a legitimate education, THEN you can claim your place among men. Until then, you are nothing but boys, in the truest sense of the word. Now pull up your damned trousers, wear your hats correctly, get legitimate educations and teach your children to stop idolizing sha-Lauren or snoop diddy fat whoever, and have them, instead, look up to role models like Neil deGrasse Tyson, Guion Bluford, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice. Too scared to give up Affirmative Action? O.K. If YOU have a life threatening brain tumor, which neurosurgeon will YOU choose? The black or hispanic surgeon who you KNOW went through the system because of Affirmative Action? Or the white or asian doctor that you KNOW had to break his ass studying to get through? Now, as a biologist, I can tell you that NO RACE IS SMARTER THAN ANY OTHER, and it is likely that the black doctor is very talented. BUT! When YOUR life, or the life of a loved one is at stake, are you willing to bet your life on it? So stop making up nonsense, do the hard work without a social baby carriage, and learn to truly stand proud as a man.

      • There is affirmative action in place for whites,it is also called white privilege

        read it ….

        and check out this piece… “Do blacks commit more crimes than whites” it provides us with statistic and additional links…


  36. I’m a black man and I’ve been with well over 200 white women (SEXUALLY) now that’s over 30 years I’m 51 now, yeah I know that sounds really bad but I never got into crime drugs gambling my vices are fast cars and faster women! So I can unquestionable say I’m a expect on being black and dealing with caucasian women from business women who owned their business to women I’ve met of chat lines. They all say the same fucking thing about white guys! their racist conceded selfish soiled loud mouth idiots haters wanna be wiggers (SOMETIMES) listen I’m not racist at all I don’t judge men on their color! For the white guys reading this be honest when you or your other white male friends see a black or hispanic man with a white woman doesn’t someone in your group quietly say something racist as fuck?? hell yes you do! I’ve seen the dirty looks but nobody has said one mother fucking word to me out loud! Bottom fucking line if the typical white guy would actually treat their women with ANY fucking respect maybe white women wouldn’t want to date outside their own race! it’s your own fucking faults now live with it and stop hating and being jealous!

  37. After reading so many “JEALOUS WHITE GUY RACIST POST” I find the more they open up their insecure girly boy mouth’s the more they sound sad and pathetic! maybe these small minded and from what I’ve been told by HUNDREDS of white women”SMALL PENISES”” should just go back to their favorite fuck buddy website stromfront and post racist mentally disturb post there! I’m a black man I love my black sisters but I couldn’t give less than a damn about black women dating white men!! which they typically DON’T!! but WHO CARES!?? If that sister is happy I’m happy for them both. Love doesn’t have a color! in this screwed up world where economics are making people ugly and rootless if you’re a good person and you find someone to love you take it!! It’s really sad and pathetic that some not all but some white guys are so insecure and child like that they need to prove to the world via this blog that their ignorant little boys not men BOYS!! For all the so called ”white professor of stats” heres some actual history fer ya!! during the slave trade there were laws on the books that said if a black male was even caught making EYE CONTACT with a white woman he would be beaten or killed all because of the FEAR their women would want us! desire us over them! and how white slave owners would routinely castrate black male slaves for any made up reason. This is the insane mentally disturbed personality of a gender that is out of control! when someone can be this insecure you’ve forfeited their humanity forever! So it’s the 21 century and some white guys are still having trouble with black men and white women! get over it! Because you’re behavior is making it just that much easier for them to kick you’re childish asses to the curb!! It’s your choice ignorant white guy if you wanna hold on to your precious white women maybe you should stop acting like stupid little boys! and act like MEN!!!

    • White women created feminism,and the concept of sexism in response to their complaints about their lives with white men. Evidently the truth is that white women do not like the way they are treated by white men, and have chosen to strike back at them. The sad, pathetic insecurity of white men is shining through clear as a bell in their racist comments. Even if they cannot admit it, they must realise on some level that they are defective people and are despised by their own women. White women crave cute little bi-racial babies, and are fascinated by the stories of Black male sexuality. European and American women actually go to the Caribbean and Africa and pay Black men to have sex with them. they do not go to England or Germany and pay the men there

      • Yeah it’s funny isn’t it?? white guy owns the whole world basically, and over the last 50 yrs their crying like little bitches because our precious white women are dumping us for those APES!! well white boy nation if your white women are kicking your sorry asses to the curb for APES as you so insanely call black men what does that say about YOU???? being booted in the ass and ditched for a APE!

      • I don’t know that ww prefer men of color as they are the group that is least likely to marry out. When the overwhelming majority start leaving wm in droves; then i will be convinced by what you say. Lots of the ww who participate in sex tourism are already married yet they don’t leave these marriages–same with wm and sex tourism in Latin America and Asia–its called sex tourism for a reason.

      • maybe if you white guys would stop the incest mad pedophilia with your little boys and girls and your own daughters may could hold onto your white women.. well i dont know those women been after black dick since grandma wore bloomers.

      • What insecurities are you talking about?
        White men have long sense understood that if white women prefer black men then we must prefer black women.

        White men are also craving bi-racial babies and the sexuality of black women.

        Why do you continuously attack white men when we are elevating black women just like white women are elevating black men?

  38. One last point if you’ll indulge me, reading comments like ”black men always have a odor!” yeah Johnboy is called deodorant and cologne! try some one day! and the ”black men are ASHY!” what fucking dimension do you gay assholes live in???? why would any heterosexual male even consider saying something that outwardly gay on the internet??? LOL Well for our gay, black men hating klan, how about this since you brought up skin color I believe it’s you pathetic alabaster clowns that spend hours spend thousands of dollars trying to get as dark as possible! It’s you pasty face idiots that lay out at the beach getting skin cancer trying to look like what GOD naturally gave me! By the way for the record I’m not a bigot or a racist I’m just revealing the TRUTH! And back to this black men and odor thing! common sense says if you don’t wash your ass your gonna smell BAD! but trying to somehow make this exclusive to black men is hilarious!! If I had a nickel for every time I was in back of a while person that smelt like wet dog I’d be able to buy a new Lomborghini!!! You dumb ass racis! just because you caught someone not using good hygiene that day or month don’t try to indict an entire race!! Like you’re sorry asses always walked out the door smelling like a daisy ALL the time! And to @anthony pagano judging by your last name I’m sure you’ve walked the streets sometimes smelling like ten year old mozzarella and twenty year old garlic! you probably even sweat garlic!! I’m joking

      • knight4444.. you are right , i wish i had a dime for everytime i have smelled that wet dog smell on them .. i’d be rich,, and dont even mention kissing dogs in the mouyh and i evn saw a picture of a white woman tongue kissing a dod,,ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww dogs sniff each others butt s and lick balls and smell piss.. white people are just plain nasty.. i never smelled a black person unless he was a bum..and blk people dont even spend their time talking about whites like they worry abput what the hell we blks do.. just plain jealopusy.

    • Dumbass. When Mozzarella ages, it becomes PROVELONE. And yes, as an ITALIAN-AMERICAN, I proudly sweat garlic… and basil (though I’ve actually been told that I naturally smell like vanilla). Better than smelling like boiled chitterlings. And if you smell like daisies, then you must be using WOMEN’S PERFUMES!!!! As a MAN, I prefer more MANLY scents. But you go ahead and continue using floral scented girlie perfumes along with the rest of the “metrosexuals.” Oh, and NO, you are NOT joking. You are one racist pig. Every post you’ve written is littered with idiotically scathing anti-white slurs. And if you EVER called me “white-boy” to my face, I would backhand you and bitchslap you down the street. I’ve done it before, and I will NOT hesitate to do it again. So grow a pair, Nancy, and TRY to become a real man.

  39. I got to say this, some brainless idiot wrote ”black men always mistreat their women! you see it on television all the time” first off numb nuts it’s television! most tv program only show the worst and sickest SHIT! example Jerry Springer back in the 90′ use to have great heart warming shows like families reunited guess what?? low ratings almost cancelled his show. The producers decided to air trashy stupid shit like midget gay racist one eyed prostitutes and the ratings went through the roof! So idiot when you see couples revealing their fucked relationships now you’re ignorant ass knows why!I love to people watch I’ve gone to a mall and just chill, the vast majority of the time when I a white couples together the white guy is usually a few steps ahead of his woman! like their not even together! or if their walking together their not handing hands or shit!! But when I notice a black man with a white woman he’s walking with her! holding hands smiling etc etc or at least acting like he cares about her! I’m generalizing but black men are typically more passionate about their relationships than white guys most white women who date black men know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m not putting white men down I’m just saying white men have had things handed to them so easily in life that they’ve become arrogant and lazy! they’ve treated their women like property and house maids etc etc and white women are getting tired of that BULLSHIT!! Bottom line most people want to be loved and appreciated and if you’ve tried for years and years looking for acceptance within your own race it’s only logical to go outside your race and find it!

  40. Example racist white guy, let a white person or white family move into a all black neighborhood as long as the white neighbors act cool and don’t act uppity they’ll be accepted. Now let a black person or black family move into a all white neighborhood and watch holy hell break lose! busted windows cross burnings death threats, and 99.99999999999999999999999% of the time it’ s some pencil dick confederate flag cousin fucking racist white guy .Now Black men, I’m not going to EVEN speak for the average black woman, but black men tend to be more mellow, and accepting of different races more so than the average white guy,. Black women typically don’t date white men because they’ve seen too many times how quickly white males will smile in your face one minute and one minute later whisper under their breath NIGGER! Black women have seen white males use racist terms like “WELFARE QUEENS” hell we have a political party that specializes in calling blacks and hispanics all kinds of racist filth! So seeing that BULLSHIT black women would prefer to date Arab males than deal with white guy. White women typically are attracted to our confidence and strength, example typically white guy- talks shit from a distance or when he got all his buddies with him and your by yourself but one on one? lol white guy might say something racist out loud but as soon as black guy steps to him white guy is on his cell phone calling the police for HELP!! hey racist white guy if your gonna play tough guy don’t call for the police when black guy confronts you!! Women don’t typically respect big mouth cowards!! of any race.

      • Thank you, I call em as I see ’em lol. Listen theres good and bad in all races but racist white guy and his klan are dying! this counrty is changing it’s demographics by leaps and bounds. Black people make up between 12 to 14% of america and hispanics are between 15 to 17% AND GROWING!!!! within the next few generations caucasians will be the minority. So racist white guy chill the fuck out and join our race, the human race.

  41. Hi, I’m a 25 year old dude and I’m not homosexual or nothing but when I have been pounded by black men they always treat me better and give me more pleasure than white men do.

  42. I think the problem with IR marriages between blacks and whites is that a lot of these relationships are formed on the basis of sexist and racist thought, actions and ideas. Not all–but i think way too many. Unless you have a race narrative that you and your white spouse/SO subscribe to that is in th interest of all people–then just say no.

    • you nailed it, real talk. Sadly most folks on this thread did not get the message and questions that the piece raised. I plan to write about interracial dating/ marriage soon…

      • Yea, i think some of your commentators let emotion override logic.

        The problem that i have with that talk show clip is that people get on television and other media outlets and just talk nonsense. I mean what puzzles me is why talk show host don’t invite black psychologist or sociologist–scholars–who specialize in race and relationships to help these people navigate their way?

    • its based on lust and not love,, where were those white women long a go when that black ball player was shooting hoops in the hood.. no where.. and dont forget those mandingo partys where the white man pays the big dick nlk man to sex his ugly aging a– wife while he watches and jerks off.. what a nsty bunch of moral less people and non classy skanks.

      • Now this was painful to read! this BS never should have got posted! first off it’s ”nowhere’ not no where, it’s ”parties” not partys OMG! dude heres some advice take 4 plus years to study take your GED and I’ll catch you at the drive thur at Burger King!! oh! by the way Flava Flav wants his clock back!!

      • As a former playboy, and a current father and husband, I would like to offer my two cents worth in reply to your exciting comments. As sexy as you evidently are , please be aware that there are many who will mistake your open and fun attitude about life as an opportunity to exploit you. Sexy women actually can have their pick of good men if they are patient, even a little. You can be sure that they are looking for you


  43. @SEXYBANNA ignore some of the ridiculous comments by a few people here. I wish the best to each and everyone of the intelligent thoughtful people that have shared their wisdom.

  44. Great picture of Malcolm X personally I thought brother Malcolm’s ideas on dealing with race were more to my liking than MLK ideas. I love and respect the late Ref Kings non violent method but I’d rather go down fighting and yes die!! rather than have another man treat me like an animal. Just my opinion.

    • trust me a white woman could never be one third of a woman like the strong black women is.. that w woman is too weak, too meek and too use to getting her damn way.. crying all ther damn time.. no balls at all.. who the H want a clingy weak woman like that eats out all the time, always shopping spending money and dont know how to cook, clean or raise a kid right…

  45. I heard about this post from phoebe. And I haven’t read all of the comments. So, I may make a point that’s already been made. But anyway, here goes…

    America has always even to this day idolized white women as the perfect picture of feminine beauty, charm, grace, and innocence. It’s this society’s obsession – one of many. And it is so powerful that even certain white women behave at their worst outside of their angelic image, it will not tarnish their overall image. In fact they will still be defended and honored by certain men and women even if they act disrespectful. That’s white female privilege. To society they are princesses no matter what! And we are fed this image EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    I admit. I think white women are beautiful. Most of them at least. However, I love ALL women, and I want my future wife (should I choose to marry one day) to be a dark-skinned, thick, big-booty black woman who carries herself like a queen. Yet, society in their own numerous ways keep telling me how sexy white women are constantly, and it’s hard to ignore these messages. This is a form of white supremacy that tries to make black people dislike themselves FOR BEING BLACK while making them see the false glory and counterfeit majesty that is whiteness.

    Needless to say, this is sick beyond reason.

    I will also admit that online I met a few white women who were beautiful. The thing is soon after we met, either by instant messaging or email, they talked about having sex with me. This is not to say that most or all white women are like this, but it puzzles me why they want to have sex with a complete stranger even in several cases when that stranger lives hundreds or thousands of miles away. My only conclusion is that they are fascinated by that myth about black male heterosexuality in bed, and they didn’t give a damn if it was someone they never met. They just wanted some black dick!

    At first I was flattered, but years later, I looked back and thought about it. I then felt kinda offended. These white women see me as a sex toy first and a man second or third. This is the same feeling I get with other women, but with white women in a racist society, this is about color and stereotypes.

    Black men are trapped in this image of sexuality that’s been around so long, our genitalia defines us and condemns us. We can never be seen as men or “normal” without boasting about sexual prowess. And, black men who indeed do rape are seen as the rule, never the exception because black men viciously crave white women. Remember that political ad about Willie Horton? Nuff said.

    Furthermore, the truth is this society “loves and respect you” more based on a caste system of color. The lighter you are, the more beautiful you seem in many instances. That explains why light-skinned women of color get more positive images in the media as opposed to their darker-skinned sisters.

    Hair is also an issue. The more relaxed and straightened your hair is, the more beautiful it is by Western and European standards.

    Both explain why people of color whiten their skin and bleach their hair. The message here is that it’s wrong to be who you are if you’re not white or light-skinned. Truly sickening.

    If race isn’t an issue, then black male/white female relationships wouldn’t be an issue. Hell, the term ‘interracial’ wouldn’t even exist! But reality tells us that it IS a big deal because it’s all about images and self-love and respect. Black people dating white people are not only loathed by most white communities, but are questioned by black communities. We wonder if that brotha is suffering from self-hatred especially if the white women he’s dating is aesthetically challenged. Some of us, including myself, shake out heads when we see famous and successful black women with white women, beautiful or otherwise. We wonder if he sees her as his ticket into the white acceptance club and/or that he is suffering from self-hatred.

    My philosophy is that black men who love white women and have some kind of indifference or disdain towards black women are suffering from a kind of self-hatred that is profound. To me hating black women is the same as hating your mother, the woman who gave you life. So, that’s like saying in a backpedaling sort of way that you wish you were never born black.

    Even though it shouldn’t matter who someone else dates, but again, race is the topic of the day in America. This country is hung up on images and stereotypes to much, that whether you like it or not, it matters to quite a bit of people who you date, and sadly, it’s what’s on the outside that makes the difference.

    • I agree with you fam, it boils down to self hate and acceptance to media control and white washing. I hope you find yourself a wonderful black woman. Don’t believe the hype, there are wonderful black women out there we all just need to net work with each other…

  46. I think someone up thread said that white men are too organized…

    According to Diop’s theory, whites as a whole operate from a cultural center that is militaristic and war-like…yes even ww…at the end of the day we shouldn’t ask people to not operate from their cultural centers because we all have one, the tricky part is to operate from your center and not force it on others..he also says in so many words that white people still want to exist as white…

    IR marriage is rising among non white Hispanics–but not among the groups you think–black people as a whole have lower IR rates than other groups and Asian American rates are slowly tapering the stats and news articles can be misleading if you are trying to insert your own agenda into things–in fact, it seems that black people have a very strong preference for other blacks as 88% of all married bm are married to bw–73% of black professional male athletes have black wives, 85% of black men with college degrees also got hitched to black women in 2011–this is according to Dr. Toldson and Dr. Marks..they analyzed the same data from the U.S. census and found this.

    I’m not discouraging anyone who desires IR–i’m just saying that there is a lot of misinformation out there about who prefers whom..

    There are bm who prefer ww and vice versa but this is not universal–rather than taking your experiences and highlighting it as some universal truth–people should just say IME…

    Once we do that, we get a clearer picture of reality.

    • Your observation about whites cultural centre is very accurate. They have obtained what they have via invasions, genocide, exploitation, theft, predatory business practices, and apartheid…etc..Consider how often white men are involved in kidnapping and killing children, or becoming mass shooters, These are some very hateful and violent people…It is a shame that Black people, especially, are those that seek friendship and alliances with people who think and operate very differently. But it is a good thing that interracial marriages are diluting the hegemony of the whites at least on a family by family basis

      • IR marriages are not diluting that–that was the whole point of my post.

        Marrying a white person does not eradicate racism or their cultural center–Diop and Welsing said that they want to exist as white people so this means–as many people are already observing– that whites in general are not going to have high IR rates and the few who do will try to maintain “whiteness” through labeling their children “biracial” or “multiracial”, which means that their children can hold on to some white privilege.

        PoC really need to abandon the idea that marrying whites will result in a less racist world–it won’t, that will take decades of work, the right teaching and psychological therapy for ALL peoples to really deal with this will also require whites to do some real, real work and right now the majority of them are resistant–even those who marry and procreate with blacks as seen in the video clip above.

        How anyone misses this–i’ve no clue.

      • fam, you once again get the point! I am honored that you are kind enough to have this exchanges in a respectful manner. I am familiar with Diop’s and Weslsing’s works, I hope one day many of us could wake up and actually pay attention. I am currently working on few post, some are connected to this topic.

      • I disagree with some of your comment. Just the fact that a couple chooses to marry interracially, and have children proves that, at least for that family, substantial progress has been made in the efforts to destroy racism

      • @Anonymous,

        in your view what type of progress would that be? Generally speaking IR marriage/ relationship hasn’t done much for the black community but in fact creates more crisis… I am yet to meet an IR couple whose white family is happy for marrying black from Indian to China to Croatia to Brazil to South Africa to United States of America. And besides just because a white person decides to have sex with a black person or even sometimes have children doesn’t mean they are not racists or support white supremacy. For example, on this blog entry, there is a commentator on this thread whose second comment was extremely racist in fact she wrote that black men are only good for sex, have IQ of 80 etc I did not approve the comment hence deleted it ( I wish I didn’t I would have email it to you). But in thesame breath the girl came back and was exchanging contact information with a black man… you tell me is that progress? We need to have self respect and stop running to others for validation, that in my view would be progress!

      • All due respect, but your anecdotal observations only prove that you have not met families where positive developments have come from interracial marriages. It would be a more accurate and valid comment if a person could speak from direct personal experience rather than heresay. Consider that in the US 50% of all marriages end in divorce, your observations are within that context. The first bit of information that would be needed to accurately analyse IR marriages is to discover what percentage of them end in divorce, and what percentage are successful. Next the data would need to be considered with regards to socio-economics, what percentage of college educated, and middle class IR marriages are successful, for example. Usually people speak about this topic based on their emotional feelings about it and spread misinformation because of how they feel, both positively, and negatively

      • The most prolific serial killer in Los Angeles was a black man. Next in line was an hispanic. So cut the crap. Go to Africa, and look at all of the violence that there has been in the past 30 years. Nowhere else in the world does one find the astronomical numbers of child soldiers that are found in Africa. And what is it? Intertribal warfare that has gone on for many millennia, that has absolutely NOTHING to do with european colonialism. Here in this country (US), blacks engage in similar warfare, between urban gangs (what? No tribes? Just make new ones). Then, look at the extremely high black on… everyone else crime rates. Is THAT how blacks extend the hand of friendship? There is NO group more racist in the U.S. than American blacks, followed closely by the “Raza” cult hispanics. Now tell me about the “sophisticated and civilized” blacks that cheered and danced as a group of young black men beat white truck driver Reginald Denny nearly to death during the last Los Angeles riots. That explodes the delusion that blacks square up one on one in conflict. If blacks don’t attack en masse, they just don’t attack. So to sit there on your delusional high horse and say that whites are the only people on the planet that are warlike is asinine. Look at all of the meso-american cultures that have grown and died out due to intertribal and even intra-tribal conflict. War and violence are NOT the trademark of one race, civilization, or culture. It is a human trait. Then again, chimpanzees are even worse. So, mammalian trait? Don’t be so damned smug. Being black does NOT make you a god. You are NOT superior. You are NOT more courageous. The big difference is that your melanocytes produce more melanin. That’s it. And that’s nothing to brag about. In fact, if you are in the northern latitudes, you had better take vitamin D supplements, as your extra melanin blocks the UV radiation necessary to produce it naturally. And without it, you WILL develop severe osteoporosis. So what is a definite advantage in the tropics, is a definite DISADVANTAGE in polar, and sub-polar temperate regions.

  47. I think that some black men date white like myself is due to so many black women making it almost impossible to date them! Many black women have such toxic personalities and often mimic extremely masculine traits. No ”real” man wants his woman to be as aggressive or more manly than he is! Many black women simply make trying to date them more trouble than it’s worth! Like I’ve said before I people watch and at times I’ve noticed the average black woman she’s on the cell phone talking loud enough for everybody within a 10 mile radius to hear all of her personal business! that turns me completely off! Or I’ve noticed many black women have this look of anger everywhere they go!! always looking pissed off! completely unapproachable! as a self respecting man why would I want to approach ANY woman who carries herself like that. Often many black women want to know a man’s financial standing rather than get to know him and then judge his personality first. I’ve noticed with many black women they want want want but they usually want some man to get it for them, my point is if you want things in life go get it yourself!!!!! why many black women put themselves in a position of expecting something for nothing is lazy and ignorant!! Theres a price for everything!! I just don’t respect gold diggers male or female!! Many black women scream that their independent and strong well if that the case then stop with the petty hustling games!! I love doing things for women but being hustled isn’t one of them. So don’t read this and miss my point I never once said all black women act this way I’ve said ”many”. So when the average black woman stops doing destructive toxic behavior and act more feminine and relationship friendly then maybe they’ll find true happiness rather than clubbing every weekend prowling for Mr. money bags! I see the best black men not wanting to go the way of Shannayna. What’s pathetic is since many of my brothers are either incarcerated, on drugs or gay you would think that would make many black women more relationship friendly towards the few good brothers out there. I’ve noticed most white women don’t put men through the type of changes black women do.

    • I’ve heard this sorta of comment from some brodas, but actually self respecting black man often finds himself a good black woman. 99% of black men that I know are either dating or married to black women. Perhaps brother you have already made up your mind that you would rather have someone in your life that you could control and dominate, not necessary a contributing partner, because it makes you feel great, in white suprematists world. I have listened to and watched many youtube videos- sadly many brothers expressed that the reason why they are with white women it is because they are easy to have sex with and “control”. If a man needs to control a woman, that sorta man is not good for any self respecting woman. And I would not encourage any sista to deal with such a man. We are supposed to work together, build one another not break and tear down.

      Respect fam!

    • I don’t want to lessen your experience… as i know that there are black women who may be hard to get along and i also know that if a black woman says that she has a difficult time with black men then that is her authentic experience as well…
      If Toldson and Marks–two black men professors at HBCU’s have looked at the data and found that an overwhelming majority of black men prefer to marry black women at 88%, then i think it is safe to say that you having problems with black women speaks to your own experience and interactions with them–as the study pointed out, the majority of black men do seem to have functional relationships with us–i am sorry if your experience was different..

      They also cleared up lies about more black men being in prison than in college–i think you will be interested in what they have to say….

    • Knight,

      I’ve been teased, used and picked on by black women so much during high school and college. Some did have bad attitudes, but it was not fair for me to conclude that many or most black women are the same way. Why? Because I didn’t meet many black women in terms of the general population of black women in my area, much less everywhere.

      Furthermore, and I’m not trying to put you down or anything, I can not conclude that white women are somehow in someway ‘better’ than black women. To me that’s like agreeing with the white supremacist doctrine that believes that white people are better than my people.

      What we must realize is that we are all in the same boat. And we can not by into the hype that black women are what society says they are. Sure, there will be ones that will fit the stereotype, but stereotypes do not define a group, nor do they explain who they are or why they are. They are just answers for people who don’t want to think outside the box. I’m not saying that’s what you do. This is a point I was simply trying to make.

      When you said that black women need to having this destructive, toxic behavior
      and act more feminine, I’m curious. What does it mean to be feminine?

      I also notice that you say how white women don’t put men through the type of changes that black women do. Please elaborate because I don’t want to put words in your mouth.

      I remember there was a video going around about a white woman saying the more racist, hurtful things about black women. Some of which was what you wrote. She had a black man on her video and he agreed with her.

      Think about what that means.

      • You ask me what’s my definition of femininity? it’s being better, having more class it’s being strong but being soft at and supportive. A good woman is worth her weight in gold so says the bible. Being feminine is the opposite of being masculine (I KNOW THAT WAS OBVIOUS) femininity is being smart and allowing a man to be better than what he is with you by his side it’s tenderness intimacy it’s a sexy look it’s knowing his weaknesses and helping him be a man. It’s taking his childish angry moments and getting him to focus without blowing his ego apart. A good woman should always be a man’s strength not a element to beat him senseless in competition because and good woman will ultimately get what she wants from her man, well if he’s truly a good man. boy does that sound gay lmao? Anyway you ask a male to give you his definition of femininity

  48. fam, once again you get the point! I am honored that you are kind enough to have this exchanges in a respectful manner. I am familiar with Diop’s and Weslsing’s works, I hope one day many of us could wake up and actually pay attention. I am currently working on few posts, some are connected to this topic.

    Heeeeeeyyyyyy! I brought my net friend Brothawolf in because he is usually a go-to voice of reasoning when it comes to these things. Yes there are those of us out there like anonymous and Brothawolf who do in fact get!

    I am glad i came across your work (blog).

  49. I come from a generation where black women were the heart and soul of the family because the man or supposedly husband was absentee or so beaten down through the good ole boy system he lost his way that’s when black women had to be mother, father, bread winner etc etc. I remember when a black woman could get employment faster than their men! But as society changed so do we! black men use to marry their babies momma rather than run away and father more children out of wedlock. We weren’t trying to run stupid games on our women by getting the sex and leaving! we black men were proud and tried hard to provide for our family those day are pretty much long gone. I talk with many of my brothers in the street, playing ball or whatever and the constant theme is many of them actually brag about fathering many children by many different women! and paying zero support! Theres a crisis of morals in this nation and in the black community. Many black males don’t act like men and many black women don’t act like ladies. As black people we have to respect each other better than this, we were actually a much stronger family unit back in the 40’s and 50’s than we are today and that’s sad!

    • Black women are STILL the heart and soul of the family, knight. And most black women are not the “love em and leave em” types that this society’s media loves to highlight all the time. Yes, there are black men who do this, but it is a crisis about manhood in general. It is not limited to just the black community. You would be surprised to see how many white male husbands and fathers are absent in their families’ lives. You’d be disgusted that those who are in their lives are the abusive kinds harming and traumatizing their wives and children.

      The truth is MOST black men and black women do act like gentlemen and ladies respectively. I’ve known many in my community alone who fit the bill. I’m sure a lot of people here know black men and women who are respectable and loving.

      We are still strong after all these years, Knight.

      • Also if i may add to the discussion; in the last several years, it has been black men fighting for the dignity of black women–Toldson and Marks with their more accurate stats for black women and marriage (they said that the single, educated black women meme is a myth and that 75% of black women do in fact get hitched before they turn 35), and then there was the group of black male doctors who proved that the stats of 55% of black women being infected with herpes was overly exaggerated with the real number actually being in the teens somewhere–can’t remember where to get the study now.

        I want bw and bm to know that we have a lot of work to do, but it is not as dismal as mass media (which is controlled by whites) say.

      • You’re right many black women are the heart and soul of their family all I’m saying is many (NOT ALL) need to make better choices in the males they deal with. I kinda sorts understand why many black women have bad attitudes but walking around like some death row prisoner isn’t typically going to attract the quality guys walking around like a pissed off Madea is going to attract low level worthless idiots just looking for sex and nothing more!! Many black women get so damn defensive and confrontational from day one! For our sista souljah here who will try to twist my words and then proceed to argue her own misinterpretation. All I’m saying is you attract more bee’s with honey than vinegar ! Nowbody in their right mind goes to a job interview with a pissed off look or a chip on their shoulder, then why look funky all day?? why not smile a little if a male approaches you and your not interested just be lady like and thanks but no thanks, if that doesn’t work then tell him your HIV positive! NO!! Anyway life is what you make of it if you wanna act bitchy about everything 16 hours a day your simply cheating yourself! because normal rational adults don’t want to invest quality long last time with someone like that! So the next time you see a black male dating outside his race and you start that angry black racist woman deal maybe your conduct is what encouraged him to go elsewhere in the first place. It really trips me out how anybody can waste their energy giving a FU*K about someone they don’t even know and probably wouldn’t even date in the first place! relationship Sounds kinda like jealous racist white guy huh???????????

    • I agree with your observation. Two elements completely destroyed the Black family. One is the decline of morals which took place thanks to the free sex, do your own thing ideas of the sixties. Along with this the rise of entertainment as a lifestyle – drugs, clubbing, etc..

      • Now wait the decline of morals isn’t a ”black” issue it’s a societal issue trust me many white people are as bad or worse. Many white people scream about crime related activity such as illegal drug use and prostitution and murder etc and many of these white people are living in their white suburban neighborhoods but when the weekend hit guess who’s creeping to the inner city looking for drug? guess who’s looking for the prostitute? and when joe white guy murders his wife where does he take the body to? yep the inner city trying to making it look like someone there committed the crime. So lets be realistic the white community has their issues also! And they can’t use the use the legitimate rationale of racism systematic institutional racism. Do some research on J.Edger Hoover former FBI, and drugs in the black community I haven’t seen the story in years but it’s basically about the government planting huge amounts of drugs in the black inner city check it out.

      • agreed, for those interested check the attached link of ancestor Gil Noble of “Like it is” he did an interview highlighting how the U.S government sabotaged African American community drugs, blocked businesses, murdered black leaders such as brother minister ancestor Malcolm X, Ancestor Patrice Lumumba of Congo etc… It never gets too old, I watched it several times and have done research in this topic that complement the interview…. here you go
        “How the FBI Sabotaged Black America”

      • Didn’t you notice that I did not describe the decline in morality, and the rise of drug abuse in the Black community relative to what has transpired in the white community ? That is really a completely separate issue, Yes, I know it was possible to buy a complete kit for making crack in 7-11 in the Black community even before most people knew what it was. Clearly crack was invented, and dumped on our community by whites, just like AIDS was created then dumped on Africa…..My observation was that morality declined significantly in the community after the philosophies form the sixties permeated society. Such ideas as “free love”, “do your own thing”, feminism, extended adolescence (until mid life if possible),drug usage, the decline of marriage and family life, living on credit, etc all served to destroy strong , moral Black, and white families alike families…If a person can find a marriage mate in this context, no matter what colour the person is,, that is like finding gold, and only a fool would reject such a marriage because of pre-conceived notions

  50. All I’m basically saying is that we can not look at the worst of us, think that’s who we are and be ashamed. We also can not go running to the white man or white woman thinking that being with them will make everything okay. Doing so is a glaring sign of internalized racism. Point blank.

  51. Knight,

    You said, “You ask me what’s my definition of femininity? it’s being better, having more class it’s being strong but being soft at and supportive. A good woman is worth her weight in gold so says the bible. Being feminine is the opposite of being masculine (I KNOW THAT WAS OBVIOUS) femininity is being smart and allowing a man to be better than what he is with you by his side it’s tenderness intimacy it’s a sexy look it’s knowing his weaknesses and helping him be a man. It’s taking his childish angry moments and getting him to focus without blowing his ego apart. A good woman should always be a man’s strength not a element to beat him senseless in competition because and good woman will ultimately get what she wants from her man, well if he’s truly a good man. boy does that sound gay lmao? Anyway you ask a male to give you his definition of femininity.”

    Okay. Good response. However, you said at the end that I asked a male to give his definition of femininity. A man should not tell or judge a woman how to act according to his expectations.

    I asked you because you said black women need to act more feminine. If that’s so, then are you saying that white women are more feminine than black women which is why you run towards white women? If so, then again you are saying that white women are – in some way or another – better than black women.

    • No read my post I said ‘many” I can only give you my personal opinions and observations yours could be totally different. I’m going by 35 years of dating women. But everything I’m talking about is in general terms of course. Do I think white women are usually more feminine than black women? based on my experience hell yes! now nobody can argue “”my” experiences. now if you wanna get technical about it??? people with more education (COLLEGE) two parent family social economic stability in my opinion tend to be more centered therefore more comfortable in their skin. And region plays a roll also women from the south tend to be more reserve than women from the north yes it’s culture and environment. Inner city women have to struggle just to survive!! when you gotta walk to school and past crack houses pimps thugs trying to get with you, you go into survival mode and get defensive! I get it! but you don have to treat every man like he means you harm!

      • Knight,

        You have to understand it from her point of view. Of course not every man is going to harm her, but she may be afraid of taking chances based on past experiences. It’s no different than you or I when it comes to police.

    • Here we go! who said I run to white women? that stupid comment proves you don’t know how to comprehend the written word. I never said I exclusively dated white women your assumption is wrong! instead of making a fool out of yourself you could have asked me rather than take the lazy approach and assume. I’m wasting time now.

      • With all due respect, you also need to comprehend the written word. I didn’t even say that you exclusively go to white women. I mentioned that you run towards white women based on (A.) you mentioning you’ve had 200 sexual relationships with white women. And (B) you wanting to talk with one of the white women making a comment on this post almost quickly.

    • You’re either very young or you’re not very bright “because you can’t comprehend the written word” or you just want to argue either way you’re comical. You’ve misquoted me at least three times first you don’t approve of ”my” definition of femininity hey Bubba it’s my opinion! I was asked a question and I don’t need you sitting in the shadows popping off. Second off your dim witted statement of ”you run to white women” was juvenile how do you know what I run to? so now you know me?! if I assumed your were a angry misguided black woman you would have went off! but in you 4th grader mind is totally acceptable to say foolish assumptions about me lol. FYI the last time I dated was with a hispanic lady darker than me, so heres the deal you keep your ignorant baseless opinions to yourself and I’ll simply ignore you. LMAO

      • It appears that I’ve struck a nerve.

        First of all, I simply said, “A man should not tell or judge a woman how to act according to his expectations.” I wasn’t cutting you down. I was giving my opinion to your opinion.

        Second, how have I misquoted you?

        Third, you have yet to deny or refute that you “run to white women”. So, there must’ve been some truth to that statement. If I am wrong, please enlighten me.

        Fourth, if you assumed I was an angry misguided black woman, I would’ve corrected you in a polite way. If it had insults to it, then I would respond accordingly.

        Fifth, You helped perpetuate those assumptions when you went off bashing black women…I’m sorry, many black women, mentioning how white women were more feminine than black women, admitted that you’ve had sex with over 200 white women, and tried to get with a white woman here. So yeah, I based my conclusions on your comments and responses in this thread alone. Of course I don’t know you. I only went by your comments. I never made any assumptions. I only presented theories. But if I’m wrong about you, fill me in.

        Sixth, I wasn’t attacking you. I was trying to reach you. You are the one become defensive it seems the same way you claim black women are.

  52. Knight,

    You said, “You’re right many black women are the heart and soul of their family all I’m saying is many (NOT ALL) need to make better choices in the males they deal with. I kinda sorts understand why many black women have bad attitudes but walking around like some death row prisoner isn’t typically going to attract the quality guys walking around like a pissed off Madea is going to attract low level worthless idiots just looking for sex and nothing more!!”

    It’s not all about choices. It’s about the circumstances leading up to those choices. And it’s about what she chooses. It’s easy to say that black women can choose not to walk about with bad attitudes, but it’s not a choice they made out of the vacuum.

    In some cases it’s the result of being treated by men in the home, in the streets or both. It can be a result and a survival tactic. The latter is to help protect herself from any potential male threat like a rapist. She may not want to have this attitude, but the world around her is pushing her to behave that way, and she would have to use that stereotype to protect herself.

    Moving on, you said, “Many black women get so damn defensive and confrontational from day one! For our sista souljah here who will try to twist my words and then proceed to argue her own misinterpretation. All I’m saying is you attract more bee’s with honey than vinegar ! Nowbody in their right mind goes to a job interview with a pissed off look or a chip on their shoulder, then why look funky all day?? why not smile a little if a male approaches you and your not interested just be lady like and thanks but no thanks, if that doesn’t work then tell him your HIV positive! NO!!”

    Okay. Again, black women must be defensive in this day and age because she may be targeted by men, particularly black men, who mean her no good. They could be playas to rapists, any male who could harm her physically and/or psychologically.

    Case in point, there are incidents where black women were approached by black men and she politely said no to him. In response they got beaten or killed. And you wonder why they get so defensive? Not too many of us protect and love our women. Some of us spend too much time complaining about how they’re not this and that, and we spend little time asking ourselves what we can do to improve our situation instead of “sleeping with the enemy”. You may say that’s because they don’t treat us right and are bitchy all the time, but why not ask yourself, “What as a black man can do to help heal our sistas?” Demeaning them with stereotypes – the same stereotypes white men have about them – aren’t going to help any. Running to white women is just a slap in their face.

    Finally, you said “Anyway life is what you make of it if you wanna act bitchy about everything 16 hours a day your simply cheating yourself! because normal rational adults don’t want to invest quality long last time with someone like that! So the next time you see a black male dating outside his race and you start that angry black racist woman deal maybe your conduct is what encouraged him to go elsewhere in the first place. It really trips me out how anybody can waste their energy giving a FU*K about someone they don’t even know and probably wouldn’t even date in the first place! relationship Sounds kinda like jealous racist white guy huh???????????”

    Honestly, I’m saddened by your responses. I’m not going to lie. You seem to blame everything pertaining to dating on black women more so than you do black men or racism. Black women are in the same damn boat as you. Putting them down with the usual “black women have bad attitudes” assumptions and littering them with stereotypes are not going to help them OR YOU. All this disdain you have for black women is unhealthy because you are dissing our mothers and sisters based on the black women YOU’VE MET which is A SMALL PART OF THE POPULATION. It would be crazy to pin that on many black women. So, it sounds like you’ve been hurt by black women in the past.

    My suggestion is that taking out on many black women is not the answer. Dating white women for that reason is not the answer. If you’ve had sexual relationships with over 200 white women like you said in one of your responses, that is a bad sign if that number outweighs the number of relationships of any kind with black women. I won’t make any assumptions, but once you realize that you could be suffering from internalize racism, and I’m not making that conclusion just yet, that is the first step to self-healing.

    You won’t find that kind of healing inside a white woman’s vagina.

    • You’re a ignorant child find your juvenile entertainment elsewhere Madea because FYI I’ve been with more black women than white women. YES!! MORE BLACK WOMEN LMAO rather than ask me the point blank question you’d rather act like a dumb bitch and assume lol ignorant backwards clowns like you are a dime a dozen because any grown intelligent “adult” could have simply asked me how many black women have I been with. But you being what you are that was too difficult for you’re pea brain. oh and speaking of vagina’s you don’t need to comment on any other woman’s vagina just keep you’re four lane freeway womb clean stop hatin Madea LMAO class dismissed bitch your flunted! AGAIN

      • Look who’s becoming defensive now, brotha.

        I’m an ignorant child, am I? I’m being juvenile, am I? Because I have the nerve to defend black women? Because what you wrote about them within your recent comments is offensive to them? Because I responded to you with meaningful questions and information.

        I’ve asked you questions point blank. I’ve dropped some knowledge from what I’ve seen and read. And yet, I’m the Medea in this conversation. LOL.

        I’m not being the hater here, brotha. I’m not the clown here. I tried to be as reasonable, respectable and truthful as possible. I was the bigger man here. I don’t see black women as “the problem.” I don’t see white women as more feminine than black women. I didn’t hold back anything including my own. experiences with black and white women.

        But since you want to go there, let me lead the way. I didn’t come here sounding like Malcolm X one minute and then as Sgt. Willie Pete the next. I didn’t get so frustrated that my responses are hard to understand. And I definitely didn’t insult you as a way being stand-offish.

        Again. I’ve had less-than-pleasant experiences with a lot of black women during my lifetime, and I’m still hurt by them. But you know what, I’ve had terrible experiences with white women as well. None of them were sexual as I know how to control my urges. Still, they were painful-enough to make me think things about women that are like what you’ve said about (many) black women. It’s something I’m not proud of as I still have those thoughts. But I am aware that I have these sexist thoughts about women and are working hard to resolve them somehow.

        You see, I admit that I am in pain. If that’s wrong to you, so be it.

  53. @Brothawolf; Anonymous and Yokyn and others who were able to discuss with reason, and genuine concern;

    Thank you. I can sleep at night knowing that there are people who spread truth and that is all that counts.

    • @ Fam Phoebeprunelle,

      respect, we are in this together and I dedicate my life, till I take my last breath to continue being a responsible human being the best way possible and most importantly to our community. Ra! Amenrah! Ase!

      • I haven’t read the J. Edgar Hoover story for years but Hoover was one of the most evil individuals in american history! He was a racist he hated homosexuals! but heres the interesting thing about Hoover he was having sex with his male assistant! I think his name was Toleson??? anyway I always crack up when white america goes crazy about drug use and then go on to blame black america as if we fly the drugs in from south america and Iraq! LMAO no white america needs to understand their own government is dealing in drugs in a major global way!! Hell Ronald Regan dealt in drugs what do you think Iran/contra was???? A DRUG DEAL!!! If Obama had done anything close to that he’d A- GET IMPEACHED within one day B- he’d be in federal prison before the week was done C- his family would be destroyed by the gop’s propaganda machine fux news and rush limbaugh!! But anyway Regan wasn’t impeach didn’t spend one day in federal prison and believe it or not is considered one of america’s best presidents!!!! this country is screwed!!!

      • Thank you for the You Tube post that was excellent. but it didn’t stop with Hoover research Ronald Regan and Iran/contra another major US drug deal that most white america somehow doesn’t want to talk about.

      • Knight4444, what the fuck are you talking about. Im white and nobody blames the blacks for drugs. Wherever you are must be in some sort of time-warp because racism against blacks simply for being black ended long ago. I have a slight suspicion of the attitude of black people because when i was in school, all the black girls were talking about how they wouldn’t date white boys because they have small penises. i was sitting there with my 14-year old, 7 inch penis thinking “what the fuck are these girls talking about.” things of that nature and stereotypes on white people widely embraced by the black community are what leads to racism. it’s also behavior. this is a fact, not some opinion of mine so dont start a counter-rant on how im some racist who makes up shit about blacks. The majority of crime occurs in predominantly black neighborhoods.people dont hate people for no reason. the first thought of blacks being inferior was most likely due to their extreme lack of education and technology in africa.

  54. I disagree with some of your comment. Just the fact that a couple chooses to marry interracially, and have children proves that, at least for that family, substantial progress has been made in the efforts to destroy racism

    Then we can agree to disagree. There is not a thing wrong if two people from different racial backgrounds find love where it finds them–but that does not mean it tramples white supremacy. I would go as far as saying that ALL whites (men and women) have got to deal with their racism in some form or another (Dr. Michael Bradley–a white scholar) by the way says this. Even those who choose to marry a black man or woman and have children.

    Like i said up thread; i am not in the business of discouraging black people who desire IRR–if some black men and women are not interested in other black people romantically–i think that is a choice they have to make–we all deserve to be happy no matter what that is.

    Intermarriage won’t lessen racism if the whites who are intermarrying by and large still support other whites in disproportionately controlling media, law, politics, entertainment and the biggie–education.

    • I notice that you quote work by various scholars, but what is your personal direct experience with IR marriage, or alliances ? Often people speak about this topic based on their emotional feelings about it, both positive and negative, and have no accurate data other than what some guy someplace said

      • I have family members who are married interracially. And believe it or not, We talk about this frequently.

        Yes some guys some places can just say things; but going from a scholarly approach is simply not about my emotions or opinions–it is based on years and years of research. If what the few scholars i have mentioned are not “accurate” enough for you–then that is a decision left best up to you.

        But before i continue–cause i can kinda see where this is going–i am not against IRR marriage/dating. What i am against is white racism that can manifest in different ways.

      • I do agree that white racism is manifested in multiple ways, but my point is that when someone chooses to marry interracially, it is most likely to assume that both parties have chosen to marry for love, and companionship rather than for an ideological reason…Your second hand information is valuable, but surely not as accurate, unbiased or valid as first hand experience,

      • I also wanted to mention that while the work of scholars is interesting, pretty much all research and studies are funding driven, and therefore have some bias baked in the cake. It is probably wise to take the work of researchers with a grain of salt, and not a gospel

      • You’re correct my views are based on personal experience and not researched data know why? because I basically don’t care! giving facts and studies about whether IR work or don’t work has nothing to do with a individuals personal life! Example 0.0015% of the american population makes it to the NBA now with those almost impossible odds why are kids busting their asses gambling everything on becoming a NBA player??? because if we base our lives on statistics nobody would go after their desires! Listen you can quote stat after stat if that makes you feel good. But life is for the living not people taking surveys and churning out stats. I keep saying the same damn thing over and over and over and over I don’t care about who dates who based on color! but you morons keep sending me stupid messages as if I’m 100% pro IR dating!!!!! listen carefully again I DON’T CARE! I just care about people being happy with WHO EVER they pick as a potential mate. My God I’ve said this repeatly!! I’m NOT going to say it anymore LMA COMPLETELY O now watch some idiot start it up again WATCH!

  55. We need to have self respect and stop running to others for validation, that in my view would be progress!

    @Yoknyamdabale, you may want to check out what Dr. Toldson and Dr. Marks have to say about marriage in the black community…it is very much alive and well!


  56. See bigots, fools etc aren’t exclusively joe racist white guys domain some black individuals can be as obnoxious and pathetic as their white counter parts. Theres good and bad in all races but the common thread with these groups are their total lack of mental stability in most cases due to lack of education these idiots rear their ugly heads via the internet to spew their special form of racism and hate. This site is about ”why white women perfer black men” which I knew from day one was a gross generalization right there but after reading so many racist juvenile comments by joe white guy I addressed these individuals on their ignorant typically jealous opinions. But of course the other side of the coin had to spew their racist nonsensical rants! And just like their racist white counter parts the theme was just as boring just as ignorant! See one of the tools for for this type of special idiot is half ass read your opinion then create ”strawman” issues and then attack! These idiots never quote you accurately they misinterpret your thought and proceed to argue basically with their own erroneous points. These are fools and should be given the treatment they are due! to be exposed and ignored. Anyway in my opinion who cares who dates who?? to me most civilized adults who are single wants someone of quality to share their life with love doesn’t have a color! personally I’m an equal opportunity type of guy. Color isn’t my number reason for dating women it’s character it’s intelligence it’s maturity first then physical appearance etc. So the bottom line is if you find someone who makes you better than what you are alone and it’s a healthy give and take relationship who cares about color!?

  57. Color may not be the number one reason for dating certain women, but this is STILL an important topic in a society such as America and other white racist nations. It’s an issue because RACE IS STILL AN ISSUE. Race is still an issue whether we like it or not.

  58. Brothawolf, The fact that race iss till an issue in America is one of the main reasons I moved out of the country when it was time for me to get married and start a family. After spending time abroad, even a month or so, it is astonishing to look back and realise how racist the Us actually is, in comparison – even in liberal areas, like urban California

  59. I have been gone for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this blog. Thank you, I will try and check back more often. How frequently do you update your website?

  60. Yeah white women only want black men, all you white, Latin, Italian, Scandinavian, Asian and men of all other races need to know that US white women are disgusted and find your inferior and less attractive to black men. Leave us alone we don’t want you, we white women only are attracted to black men so leave us alone. No woman wants you all, they settle for you but dream of a black man.

  61. @matthew heres a suggestion for you using capitalization for every single word in your extremely juvenile extremely poorly written babbling post don’t make it seem smarter it just makes you look extremely juvenile and extremely poorly written in big capital letters. Trust me Bubba you’re just reinforcing the reason why many white women are kicking you dillbillies to the curb for black and hispanic men!! Now why don’t you go enroll in night school and learn how to spell!!

  62. Is there a monitor of this site?? hey I don’t have any problem with free speech and I don’t really mind the occasional insult by someone but when someones talking nonsense and can’t even property spell the insults correctly that’s a problem! @matthew needs to be booted!! not just because he’s silly, dopey, dillbilly like, boring! but Bubba can’t spell for SH*T!! @matthew I strongly suggest you try going to stormfront! you would fit in very well there! because that ship of fools are looking for geniuses just like you.

  63. The problem is every since the penal system started putting computers with internet service in their libraries inmate like @matthew have been boring regular citizens to death with their nonsensical psychopathic ramblings usually with countless misspelled words!! @matthew is apparently one of these lost souls. he’s is simply your typical southern white guy with little or no education and absolutely zero common sense!! pray for @matthew because he’s truly pathetic and needs prayer desperately!!

      • @matthew is a by product of a rural southern hillbilly educational system gone bad! he graduated high school there but in the ”real” world it’s the equivalent of a 4 grade level of education! I don’t mind the laughable misspelling so much but the gist of his posts reeks of typical angry, scared bigoted white guy! @matthew no woman regardless of her race wants a backwards inbreed hee haw watching nascar car fan misspelling male. So use your energy towards A- getting out of your moms basement -B- take a adult educational course somewhere -C- stop worrying about black men’s penises (IT MAKES YOU LOOK GAY) -D- stop being envious of black men and who they date because it’s totally irrelevant in your case because no female with a IQ over 25 world be interested in you.

  64. I crack up laughing when typical angry, scared racist white guy makes this point ”the only white woman that date black men are the ugly fat ones we don’t want!!!”” heres the problem with that extremely juvenile idiotic opinion -A- if that’s true white guy why are you bitching? you didn’t want those so called fat ugly women anyway right??? -B- typical white guy vision of a sexy woman is weighing under 110 pounds with little to no ass and very docile in nature. First off any adult grown woman weighing under 110 pounds and with NO ASS seems kinda teenage boy like in my opinion”(JUST MY OPINION) come on white guy!! shouldn’t a grown woman look different than the teenage boy? Don’t get me wrong slim woman can be sexy too but under 110 pounds and NO ASS ?? hey white guy that really sounds like a secret desire to be with another male to me. -C- angry, scared racist white guy when he sees a white woman dating outside her race white guy feels betrayed!!! angry, scared racist white guy can’t understand why would any woman not want me??? I’m lord and master! all women should want me!! sorry white guy get over it! anyway, Black and hispanic men typically perfer thick full figured voluptuous ladies NOT BOYS! so when you hear typical angry, scared racist white guy say stupid things about the white women who date black men now you know why.

  65. Why do black men date white women and dilute their strong African genes with weak white genes producing half-breed freak children? The fact that white women are so hopelessly attracted to black men, slaves of biology, should be reason enough to suspect their race is inferior and that mixing with them can only undermine our innate strength and superiority.

  66. I was browsing the web looking for some cool stuff and came across your site. I just wanted to let you know that I think your site has some good pages and that I have already saved the page so I can visit again soon! Well done!

  67. im white not that that makes any difference but i wish all the hate from the white lads above would just stop they are clearly so jealous because they have to be the best all the time well after all the criticism men put women through they should learn to accept that black men on average have bigger penises and women love that and want it also the have more masculine hormones and are therefore more manly just accept it i believe thats what started all the racism white men being so desperately jealous of black men that they decided to treat them so badly white men accept your inferiority you know it women know it and so do black men my mum always told me she wishes she had had black kids she just wants a black man ha!
    people say that women shouldn’t have sex with black men so they dont shame their children or get std’s thats just a mans excuse a women would gladly sacrifice that to shag a black man she would just use a condom problem solved so go cry white men

  68. im white not that that makes any difference but i wish all the hate from the white lads above would just stop they are clearly so jealous because they have to be the best all the time well after all the criticism men put women through they should learn to accept that black men on average have bigger penises and women love that and want it also the have more masculine hormones and are therefore more manly just accept it i believe thats what started all the racism white men being so desperately jealous of black men that they decided to treat them so badly white men accept your inferiority you know it women know it and so do black men my mum always told me she wishes she had had black kids she just wants a black man ha!
    people say that women shouldn’t have sex with black men so they dont shame their children or get std’s thats just a mans excuse a women would gladly sacrifice that to shag a black man she would just use a condom problem solved so go cry white men

  69. Lol. If all you dumb moon crickets have is ” big” dicks( no scientific proof yours are any different than ours) and can do sports, youre fucked. When was the last time in history you idiots invented ANYTHING of use to mankind? Never. Keep your sports. Were using our superior minds to make you destroy each other

    • You are right about the “big dick” issue. It was first scientifically established in a French military hospital during WWII, and later reconfirmed in other studies. It is now a widely known fact…. You are also right about the physical superiority of Blacks in sports – When was the last time that anyone paid on penny to recruit an English, or German running back ? Also Whites start to get bald at around twenty and are usually completely decayed by fifty, even if they hide from the sun.. You are simply showing your ignorance about Black contributions to society. If not for Blacks there would be no elevators, fitted bedsheets, or commercially produced shoes, among many other things. Not to mention that Americans would still be listening to accordian music and holding hands hopping around in circles while wearing shirts with puffy sleeves and cartoon coloured vests if not for Black innovations in music and culture.
      See the list below for a few, only a few of recorded Black contributions (most were stolen or not properly attributed (look the word up numbskull) :

      In (1809), she received a patent for an (Improved Method) for (WEAVING STRAW with SILK or THREAD).
      Her technique greatly reduced the cost of making straw bonnets as most women worked in the fields and wore straw hats. This method would become the (standard) process for over (10) years.
      Unfortunately, the original patent file was destroyed (along with many others) in a fire at the United States Patent Office in (1836).
      In (2006), she was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL of FAME) for her method of (Weaving Straw with Silk or Thread).
      She became the (1st) woman and African American to apply for and receive a patent for an invention in the United States of America.

      In (1821), he received a patent for an (Improved Dry Cleaning) process called (DRY-SCOURING).
      His process would dry clothes on a rack with heat from a stove. This method was unique because previous driers known as (Ventilators) were used over open flames and would cause fires.
      This method would become the (standard) process for over (70) years.
      He became the (1st) African American man to receive a patent for an invention in the United States of America.


      (ROY L. CLAY, Sr.)
      In (1966), he served as (Director) of the (1st HP RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT GROUP) and is a (Founding Member of the Hewlett Packard Computer Division).
      In (1966), he (Designed the Software) for the (HP 16-BIT MINICOMPUTER 2116A).
      This was the (2nd) generation of the original (16-Bit Minicomputer) called the (Honeywell 316) in (1964). His software marked the beginning of the (Automatic Test Equipment) apparatus. This system automatically tests and diagnoses fault in a sophisticated electronic semiconductor package. This software became the (standard) for (HP) desktop computers for over (20) years.
      In (2003), he was (Inducted) into the (SILICON VALLEY ENGINEERING COUNCIL’S HALL of FAME) for his work at Hewlett Packard’s computer division.
      In (1977), he received a patent for (Inventing) the electronically controlled (HIPOT TESTER).
      His devise is designed to ensure a product is safe from shock or a fire hazard if there’s a voltage surge from the input power line of the product.
      This device is used by leading manufacturers around the world including (IBM), (AT&T), (HP), (Tekronix), (Xerox) and others.
      He is the (Founder & CEO of ROD-L Electronics) the worldwide leader in electrical safety testing equipment, located in Menlo Park, California.

      In (1969), he became the (1st) African American to receive a PhD in Computer Science.
      In (1973), he (Helped Design) the (GRAPHIC USER INTERFACE) while working at Xerox Research labs in Palo Alto, California.
      He (Developed) the concept of (POINT-and-CLICK) on graphic symbols called (icons) to replace typing in complicated computer codes for the Xerox Alto computer which is one of the (1st) computers designed for individual use (though not as a home computer), making it arguably what is now called a (PC).
      His work helped to develop the basic software used by every (PC) in the world including (IBM), (Apple), (Microsoft Windows) and others.

      (EMMIT J. McHENRY)
      In (1979), he became (Co-Founder, President and CEO) of a technology consulting company called (NETWORK SOLUTIONS) in Washington, D.C.
      Until (1999), Network Solutions was the (1st) and only domain name registrar and operator of the (.COM), (.NET), and (.ORG) registries.

      (MARK E. DEAN)
      He is known as the (Man behind the PC) and (America’s high-tech invisible man).
      In (1983), he (Helped Design) the original (IBM PC/XT) for which he owns (3 out of 9) patents that the (PC) is based on.
      In (1984), he received a patent for (Co-Inventing) the (COLOR GRAPHICS ADAPTER) aka the (Color Video Display System Having Programmable Border Color) for the original (IBM PC/XT).
      This marked the (1st) color (Graphic Card) and color (Computer Display Standard) for the (IBM PC).
      In the same year while serving as the (Chief Engineer at IBM), he (Directed the Team) that (Invented) the (IBM PC/AT), which is the 2nd Generation of the original (IBM PC/XT).
      In (1985), he became (1 of 2) individuals who received a patent for (Co-Inventing) the (16-BIT INDUSTRY STANDARD ARCHITECTURE-BUS) aka the (Microcomputer System with Bus Control Means for Peripheral Processing Devises).
      His invention enables multiple devises such as the (mouse), (keyboard), (modem), and (printer) to be connected to the motherboard of the (PC) by simply (plugging them in), thus making the (PC) faster and more efficient at an affordable price for consumers.
      In (1997), he was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL of FAME) for co-inventing the (16-Bit Industry Standard Architecture-Bus).
      In (1987), he (Directed the Team) that (Invented) the (IBM PS/2 80), which is the 3rd Generation of the (IBM PC).
      In (1988), he (Directed the Team) that (Invented) the (IBM PS/2 70), which is the 4th Generation of the (IBM PC).
      In (1995), he became the (1st) African American to be named an IBM Fellow, which is the (highest technical honor) at the company.
      In (1997), he was (Awarded) the (BLACK ENGINEER of the YEAR, PRESIDENTS AWARD).
      In (1998), he (Directed the Team) that (Invented) the (1st 1-GIGAHERTZ RISC PROCESSOR CHIP).
      This processor chip contains (1-million transistors) capable of computing (1-billion calculations per-second) and has nearly (limitless) potential.
      In (2004), he (Directed the Team) that (Invented) the world’s fastest supercomputer called (BLUE GENE).
      There are only (4) types of the Blue Gene model which are designed to reach (unimaginable speeds).
      The Blue Gene is used for computational studies in (radio astronomy), (protein folding), (climate research), (cosmology), and (drug development).
      In (2009), the (Blue Gene) project was (Awarded) the U.S (NATIONAL MEDAL of TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATION), the nation’s (highest honor) for innovators by President Barack H. Obama.
      In (2008), the Blue Gene lost its title as the world’s fastest supercomputer to the (IBM Roadrunner).
      Dr. Dean was issued over (40) U.S patents.

      In (1976), while serving as (Chief Hardware Engineer and Director of Engineering) at Fairchild semiconductor’s video game division, he (Designed the Electronics) for the (1st Programmable Video Game Console) to use (INTERCHANGEABLE GAME CARTRIDGES) aka (ROM Cartridges) for the Fairchild Video Entertainment System later renamed Fairchild Channel F.
      Previous game machines like (Atari’s, Pong and Magnavox Odyssey) in (1972) had all their games (built into the hardware).
      In (2011), he was (Awarded) an (INDUSTRY PIONEER) by the (International Game Developer’s Association).
      His design set the (standard) for game consoles since its introduction.

      In (1989), he received a patent for (Inventing) the (THREE-DIMENSIONAL VIEWING GLASSES).
      His designed viewing glasses display (3-D) effects from regular (2-D) photos without any type of (lenses), (mirrors), or (optical elements). By studying human vision, he discovered that blocking two points in a person’s peripheral vision will cause an ordinary picture to appear 3-dimensional, so he developed his (3-DVG) to block out these points.


      In (1967), he became the (1st) African American to receive a PhD for Nuclear Engineering the U.S.
      In (1971), he received a patent for (Co-Inventing) the (GAMMA ELECTRIC CELL) which pertains to the use of the (nuclear reactor).
      The idea behind this invention was to convert powerful (radiating energies) from nuclear weapons, into (safe and useful) energy sources which would be useful for (hundreds of years).
      The U.S government has used the gamma electric cell to detect radiation from nuclear weapon testing underground and turned the radiation left behind into measurable electricity.
      Dr. Sampson was issued (3) U.S patents.

      From (1942-1946), he was (1 of 12) African Americans in a group of more than (100) nuclear scientist involved in the (Manhattan Project) that (Invented) the (1st ATOMIC BOMB).
      He played a (leading role) in solving the riddle of (splitting atoms), alongside fellow African American nuclear scientist (Ernest J. Wilkins & William J. Knox).
      In (1946), he joined the research team at Argonne National Laboratories in Argonne, Illinois and (Invented) the (1st NUCLEAR REACTOR) that used the (atom splitting process) in a peaceful way for the (USS Nautilus).
      The Nautilus is an (Atomic Powered Submarine) created for (speed and endurance) underwater.
      In (1982), the Nautilus became a (National Historic Landmark) in Groton, Connecticut.


      In (1935), he was the (1st to SYNTHESIZE PHYSOSTIGMINE) a chemical from (calabar bean), a drug used in the (treatment of glaucoma).
      In (1956), he received a patent for his (Synthesis to Improve) the (PREPARATION of CORTISONE) from (soy bean oil), used in treating (rheumatoid arthritis) and other inflammatory conditions.
      His synthesis (greatly reduced the price) of cortisone.
      In (1990), he was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL of FAME) for his (Preparation of Cortisone).
      In (1973), he became the (1st) African American chemist to be (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL ACADEMY of SCIENCES), and the (2nd) African American to be inducted after (David Blackwell) respectfully.
      Dr. Julian was issued more than (130) U.S chemical patents.

      (BEN CARSON)
      In (1987), he made (medical history) by becoming the (1st Surgeon in History) to successfully (SEPARATE SIAMESE TWINS) conjoined at the back of the head.
      Operations to separate twins joined in this way had always resulted in the death of one or both of the infants. The (50-Member) surgical team, led by Dr. Carson, worked for (22) hours.
      In (2008), he was (Awarded) the U.S (PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL of FREEDOM) from President George W. Bush.

      In (1976), she (Co-Founded) the (American Institute for the Prevention of Blindness) in Washington, D.C.
      In (1988), she received a patent for an (Improved Method) to remove cataracts with a (fiber-optic laser) called (LASERPHACO PROBE).
      Her improvements (increased the accuracy and results) of cataract surgery.
      She continues to made improvements to her device and has (successfully) restored the vision to people who have been unable to see for (decades).
      She is the (1st) African American woman doctor to receive a patent for medical purposes.
      Dr. Bath was issued (4) U.S patents. She also holds patents from (Japan), (Canada), and (5) European countries as well.

      In (1974), he received a patent for (Inventing) the (1st PLASTIC DISPOSABLE SYRINGE) in the U.S.

      In (1970), he received a patent for (Inventing) the (URINALYSIS MACHINE).


      In (1897), he (Developed) a (CROP ROTATION METHOD), which is the process of planting crops such as (peanuts), (sweat potatoes), (soy beans), and (pecans) to enrich the soil after every cotton harvest.
      This process (revolutionized southern agriculture) and became one of his most famous contributions.
      In (1990), he was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL of FAME) for his (CROP ROTATION METHOD).
      In (1943), President Franklin D. Roosevelt founded the (George Washington Carver National Monument) in Diamond, Missouri.
      It was the (1st) National Monument dedicated to an African American and the (1st) to a Non-President.
      In (1977), he was (Inducted) into the (HALL of FAME for GREAT AMERICANS).
      In (2000), he was (Inducted) into the (USDA HALL of HEROES) as the (Father of Chemurgy) which is the preparation of industrial products from agricultural raw material.
      In (1943), the (Liberty Ship SS George Washington Carver) was named in his honor.
      In (1963), the (Nuclear Submarine USS George Washington Carver SSBN-656) was also named in his honor.
      Mr. Carver was issued (3) U.S. patents.

      In (1943), he received a patent for an (Improved Sugar Refining) process called the (MULTIPLE-EFFECT EVAPORATOR).
      This apparatus improved efficiently using the heat from steam to evaporate water. This innovation (revolutionized) the sugar industry which produced a fine, white sugar from sugarcane. His process for refining sugar improved (efficiency), (quality), (safety), and (profitability).
      In (2004), he was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL of FAME) for his (Multiple-Effect Evaporator).
      His process elevated the U.S from a (minor role) in the sugar industry to a (major producer).
      Mr. Rillieux was issued (2) U.S patents.


      (MADAM C. J. WALKER)
      In (1905), she (Founded) the (Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company), a (SCALP CONDITIONING and HEALING FORMULA).
      Her unwavering commitment to (excellence and relentless ambition) resulted in her being the (1st) women in North America to become a self-made millionaire.

      In (1886), he received a patent for (Inventing) the (RECEPTACLE for STORING and PRESERVING PAPERS) aka the (Filing Cabinet).
      This was a (fire and accident safe) container made of (forged metal), which could be sealed with a lock. It was special in that it kept the (papers separated). Prior to this invention, people often kept personal and valuable papers in simple wooden boxes in their homes or at local banks. These boxes provided no deterrent against burglars or the bank staff from reading them.

      In (1969), she received a patent for (Co-Inventing) the (1st HOME SECURITY SYSTEM UTILIZING TELEVISION SURVEILLANCE).

      In (1976), he received a patent for (Inventing) the (OCCUSTAT SYSTEM) aka the (Bidrectional Monitoring and Conrol System).
      This system relates to controlling the environment for comfort and to register an accurate count of persons entering and leaving a space such as a room or building with means to control the illumination and temperature modification of the building to reduce costs by reducing the illumination and modifying the temperature, either heating or cooling, to more economical levels when the space is unoccupied. The system helps to reduce energy consumption by as much as (30%).
      This technology has been adopted by (schools), (hotels), (municipal buildings and offices) around the world.
      Mr. Elder was issued (12) U.S and foreign patents.

      In (1880), he received a patent for (Inventing) the (ADJUSTABLE WINDOW CORNICE).
      In (1886), he received a patent for (Inventing) the (POLE TIP) for curtain rod ends.
      In (1892), he received a patent for (Inventing) the (CURTAIN ROD).
      In (1893), he received a patent for (Inventing) the (SUPPORTING BRACKET).
      Mr. Scottron left his inventive imprint in the area of (window decoration).
      Mr. Scottron was issued (5) U.S patents.

      In (1959), she received a patent for (Inventing) the (1st FITTED SHEETS) that had sewn-in corners.

      In (1987), he received a patent for (Co-Inventing) the (AUTOMATIC DISH WASHING DETERGENT COMPOSITION).
      Before his invention, (pigments) were used in such solutions that often (stained dishes and dishwasher interiors).
      He developed a solution that employed a category of dyes that could be used in products containing bleach that would give the soap a (lemon-yellow) color that would not stain dishes.
      This solution serves as the (basic formula) behind all of today’s “(lemon-scented)” cleaning products containing bleach including Cascade.

      (HARRY A. COLE, Sr.)
      In (1929), he (Invented) the household cleaning product known as (PINE-SOL).
      Later in that same year he sold the brand and in (1990), Clorox acquired it.
      Pine-Sol is one of the biggest selling cleaning products in the world.


      (MARC R. HANNAH)
      In (1981), he became (1 of 7) individual (Founders) of (SILICON GRAPHICS COMPUTER SYSTEMS) in Sunnyvale, California.He served as (Vice President and Chief Scientist) of Silicon Graphics Inc, the International market leader in (3-D) computer graphics.
      (SGI) is a technology company famous for its creativity in computer graphics.
      He served as (Chief Architect) of the (PERSONAL IRIS), (INDIGO), (INDIGO2), and (INDY GRAPHICS SUBSYSTEMS).
      The company’s revolutionary workstations were used to create the special effects in movies including (Terminator 2), (Jurassic Park), (Aladdin), (The Hunt for Red October), (Beauty and the Beast), (Congo), (Twister) and the (Field of Dreams), just to name a few.

      That was just to name a few African Americans that have made invaluable contributions to help transform America into the (superpower) it is today.
      These individuals maybe unknown to most of society, but their contributions live with us (everyday).
      We’ll continue to produce the (best and the brightest) to serve our (country) despite all of the obstacles that stand in our way.


      (GRANVILLE WOODS) “The Greatest Inventor of All Time” Author: KingTutankhaten
      He was known as the (Greatest Electrician in the World) for his prolific inventive skills.
      In (1884), he received a patented for an (Improvement) to the (TELEPHONE TRANSMITTER).
      This apparatus conducted sound over an electrical current carrying a (louder) and more (distinct sound) over a (longer distance), which far surpassed any other model in use at the time. The physical properties by which the device operated are still in modern telephones today.
      In (1885), he received a patent for (Inventing) the (TELEGRAPHONY) aka the (Apparatus for Transmission of Messages by Electricity).
      This device was a combination of both a (telegraph and telephone), which could transmit both (oral and signal) messages.
      In (1887), he received a patent for an (Improvement) to the (Induction Telegraph System) called the (SYNCHRONOUS MULTIPLEX RAILWAY TELEGRAPH).
      His Synchronous Multiplex Railway Telegraph allowed (train stations) to communicate with (moving trains), preventing countless accidents and fatalities. He sold the patent rights to the American Bell Telephone Company due to lack of capital to market the product.
      In (2006), he was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL of FAME) for his (Synchronous Multiplex Railway Telegraph).
      In (1889), he received a patent for (Inventing) the (AUTOMATIC SAFETY CUT-OUT for ELECTRIC CIRCUITS).
      In (1891), he received a patent for an (Improvement) to the (Electrical Railway System) called the (MULTIPLE DISTRIBUTION STATION SYSTEM).
      His (Multiple Distribution Station System) allowed for the (wireless) transmission of electric power utilizing principles of electromagnetic induction instead of (overhead wires), (3rd rail) or any other physical contact point.
      In (1892), he completed an Electric Railway System at Coney Island, NY, that used his Multiple Distributing Station System that’s still there today.
      In (1909), his (Figure 8 Roller Coaster) debuted at Coney Island’s Steeple Chase Park in NY.
      In (2008), he was (Inducted) into the (CONEY ISLAND HALL of FAME) for his contributions to Coney Island’s Amusement Park.
      His Multiple Distributing Station System bears a striking resemblance to today’s experimental (Linear Induction Motor), which would make his innovation more then (100) years ahead of its time.
      In (1893), he received a patent for (Inventing) the (ELECTRIC-RAILWAY CONDUIT) system.
      This system was used for wireless streetcar transit operation in Manhattan, Washington, D.C, and other cities. This reduced collisions between trains and was quickly adopted by companies in the industry. This technology was used for (Multiplexing) wireless cab signal systems for railways. This invention actually anticipated today’s (Wireless Local Area Network) aka (LAN) system. This was the (1st) system to use (rails) instead of (wires).
      In (1901), he received a patent for an (Improvement) to the (THIRD RAIL) system.
      He sold the patent rights to the Westinghouse Air Brake Company.
      In (1902), he received a patent for an (Improvement) to the (AIR BRAKE) system.
      He sold the patent rights to the Westinghouse Air Brake Company.
      Mr. Woods was issued (80) U.S patents.

      In (1881), he received a patent for (Co-Inventing an Improvement) to the (INCANDESCENT ELECTRIC LAMP WITH CARBON FILAMENTS).
      He sold the patent rights to the United States Electric Lighting Company.
      In (1882), he received a patent for an (Improvement) to the (PROCESS of MANUFACTURING CARBONS) used in (light bulbs).
      His idea was to protect the filaments in a (cardboard envelope) preventing the carbon from (breaking or changing shape) during the intense lighting process. The significance of these improvements allowed for a (reduction in time to produce) and an (increase in quality).
      In (2006), he was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL of FAME) for his (Process of Manufacturing Carbons).
      Mr. Latimer was issued (7) U.S patents.

      He is (1 of 3) individuals who made (Universal Telephone Service) possible.
      In (1961), he received a patent for (Co-Inventing) the (POLYMER CABLE SHEATH) aka (Alpha Olefin Hydrocarbons Stabilized with Carbon Black and a Carbocyclic Thioether).
      Up until about (1950), telephone cables were coated with a (costly) as well as (toxic, lead-based) material. The British replaced this material with (Polyethylene), but these early plastic coatings became (brittle and breakable) very quickly in sunlight.
      The (Polymer) is a plastic, containing a chemical additive composed of (carbon and antioxidants) that prevents the material from deteriorating, even in severe (hot or cold) weather conditions. It became widely used in the (1960’s) as an (inexpensive), (light weight), (durable), and (safe) coating for telecommunications wire, thus making the use of (lead) coated wire (obsolete). Polymer is used today to protect (fiber optic) cable.
      In (2010), he was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL of FAME) for co-inventing the (Polymer Cable Sheath).
      In (1975), he became the (1st) African American to be (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL ACADEMY of ENGINEERING).
      In (1992), he was (Awarded) the U.S (NATIONAL MEDAL of TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATION), the nation’s (highest honor) for innovators by President George H. W. Bush
      Mr. Hawkins was issued (18) U.S patents and (129) foreign patents.

      He is known as the (Father of Digital Cellular Technology).
      In (1988), he (Introduced) the U.S to (DIGITAL CELLULAR TECHNOLOGY) while serving as (Director) of the (CELLULAR TELECOMMUNICATION LABORATORY at AT&T) in Chicago, Illinois.
      Digital Cellular Technology creates a (larger number of users), (lower service fees), (higher sound quality), (reduced background noise), and (more secure conversations) for mobile users.
      In (1991), he (Introduced) the U.S to (FIBER OPIC MICROCELLULAR TECHNOLOGY).
      Fiber Optic Microcellular Technology divides cells into smaller regions so that lower power transmissions can be used while increasing the total available bandwidth within the main cell without requiring the use of any additional parts of the spectrum.
      He is a major contributor in the development of Digital Cellular and Microcellular Technology that has helped (AT&T) become the leading provider of cellular equipment in the U.S.
      In (1992), he received a patent for an (Improvement) to the (BASE STATION for MOBILE RADIO TELECOMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS) while serving as (Chief Wireless Architect at AT&T).
      This base station was the (1st) Digital Cellular Base Station in the world. This allows new digital services for cellular mobile users.
      In (1995), he was (Inducted) into the U.S (NATIONAL ACADEMY of ENGINEERING) by President Bill Clinton for his pioneering work in the (Digital Cellular Base Station) design.
      He is currently serving as (Chairman & CEO of incNETWORKS, Inc), a broadband wireless communications company in Long Beach, NJ focused on (4th Generation) (4G) broadband wireless communications technologies, networks and services.
      IncNETWORKS, Inc is the (1st) company in the world to successfully create a standard-based version of (4G Wireless Networks) to offer a broadband wireless architecture with quality of service characteristics that make it suitable for (mobile voice), (video), and (internet services).
      Mr. Russell was issued over (75) U.S patents with (25) additional patents pending.

      In (1961), he received a patent for an (Improvement) to the (ELECTRICAL RESISTOR) used in all (computers), (radios), (televisions) and other electronic devices that reduced the cost of commercial and military applications.
      In (1967), he received a patent for (Co-Inventing) a (VARIABLE RESISTOR) aka an (Electrical Resistance Element and Method of Making the Same).
      His resistor was quickly incorporated into a number of products, including all (guided missiles & IBM computers) in the United States and overseas.
      His most famous (Invention) was a (CONTROL UNIT) for the (Pacemaker) which uses electrical impulses to maintain a regular heartbeat.
      Mr. Boykins was issued (28) U.S patents.

      She is the (1st) African American women to receive a PhD from (MIT).
      In (1976), she (Invented Developments) in the (PORTABLE FAX), (TOUCH TONE TELEPHONE), (SOLAR CELL), and (FIBER OPTIC CABLES) used to provide clarity in overseas telephone calls.
      She has also made (Significant Contributions) to the creation of (CALLER ID and CALL WAITING) while working for Bell Laboratories.
      In (1998), she was (Inducted) into the (WOMEN’S HALL of FAME) for her significant contributions as a distinguished scientist.

      From (1971-1973), he (Invented) various (Electrostatic Precipitator) systems including the (INCINERAID), which helps remove (smoke) from burning buildings.
      These systems clear the air by introducing a (negative charge) to air-born particles. Once negatively charged, the particles are electromagnetically attracted down to the ground to have their former place taken by fresh air.
      In (1987), he received a patent for it to be (Adopted) for (AIRPORT RUNWAYS) to remove (fog) for airplane clearance.
      In (1994), he was (Inducted) into the Dayton, Ohio (ENGINEERING and SCIENCE HALL of FAME).
      Mr. Gourdine was issued more then (70) U.S patents.

      In (1996), she received a patent for (Co-Inventing) a new type of high performance (PIEZOELECTRIC POLYMER).
      When pressure is applied to these polymers, they generate electricity. Utilizing these polymers in conjunction with (wind and water) power, will lead to an (unlimited), (low-cost), environmentally friendly (source of power).
      She is a (NASA) engineer at Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA.
      Ms. Simpson was issued (11) U.S patents.

      He is (1 of 4) original (Innovators and Developers) of (Fiber Optics) technology in the U.S.
      In (1983), he (Developed) the (FASTEST FIBER OPTICS DRAW and COATING PROCESS), at (50 Meters per-second) while working for Corning Glass Works Sullivan Park Research in Corning, New York as an engineer,
      This process made the manufacturing (20x faster) then it was with (copper) and at a (cheaper price), essentially making copper (obsolete).
      He received (4) U.S patents for this technology.
      In (1986), he and his colleagues (Developed) the (MISSILE SYSTEMS that COULD use FIBER OPTIC TECHNOLOGY) while traveling at (Mach-1), which is the (speed of sound) while working for Bell Laboratories,
      In these systems, a small camera inserted into the nose of the missile can send images to the pilot who can (lock and fire) onto a target with (extreme accuracy and precision).
      He received (3) U.S patents for this technology.
      Dr. Mensah was issued (7) U.S patents in the field of (Fiber Optics) technology.
      Dr. Mensah is an immigrant from Ghana in Africa.

      In (1962), he received a patent for (Co-Inventing) the (ELECTROACOUSTIC TRANSDUCER ELECTRET MICROPHONE).
      In the Electret Microphone, thin sheets of polymer electret film are metal-coated on one side to form the membrane of the movable plate capacitor that converts (sound to electrical signals) with (high fidelity). Because of its (high performance), (accuracy), (reliability), (low cost), (small size), and (light weight), this technology is used in over (90%) of all (microphones), (telephones), (hearing aids), (camcorders), and (multimedia computers) used today.
      In (1999), he was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL of FAME) for his (Electroacoustic Transducer Electret Microphone).
      In (2006), he was (Awarded) the U.S (NATIONAL MEDAL of TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATION), the nation’s (highest honor) for innovators by President George W. Bush.
      Mr. West was issued (47) U.S patents and more then (200) foreign patents.

      In (1914), he received a patent for an (Improved) breathing apparatus for the (GAS MASK).
      In (1923), he received a patent for an (Improved) and inexpensive (THREE-WAY TRAFFIC SIGNAL).
      He realized that commercially used mechanical stop-and-go signals were dangerous because they didn’t have a (caution signal) to buffer traffic flow. His three-way traffic signal used a (mechanical linkage) that was (manually operated). Although his three-way traffic signal was never put into production, he sold the patent rights to the General Electric Corporation for ($40,000); they would later develop an (electrical version).
      In (2005), he was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL of FAME) for his (Gas Mask and Three-Way Traffic Signal).
      Mr. Morgan was issued (2) U.S patents.
      In (1920), he allegedly (Improved) a version of the (AUTOMATIC THREE-WAY TRAFFIC SIGNAL) that looks similar to the modern day traffic light but he (never filed for a patent) because it was created as a (public project) by the (police department).


      (WALTER S. McAFEE)
      In (1946), he became the (1st and only human being in the history of mankind) to ever (CALCULATE the SPEED of the MOON).
      These calculations were a (vital) step in space exploration because it confirmed that (communication was possible) across the vast distances of outer space for the (1st) time.
      On (January 10, 1946), the signal was sent by Dr. McAfee, which began the preparation of (sending humans to the moon).

      She is (1) of only a few individuals to be honored with the distinct title of a (human computer).
      In (1959), she accurately (CALCULATED the TRAJECTORY of the MECURY-RESTONE LAUNCH VEHICLE), which is the (1st human sub-orbital spaceflight program) of the United States of America.
      In (1961), she also accurately (CALCULATED the LAUNCH WINDOW for the PROJECT MERCURY) mission. This determined when a particular launch vehicle can take flight.
      She (Designed) backup (NAVIGATIONAL CHARTS) for Astronauts in the case of (electronic failures).
      She also (Created) (STAR CHARTS) for Astronauts and based them on what the Astronauts would see while looking out of their windows at any given time on the spacecraft.
      In (1962), when (NASA) decided to use computers for the (1st) time to calculate the human spaceflight mission (Mercury-Atlas 6) to orbit around earth, officials called on Ms. Johnson to verify the computer’s accuracy. This was the successful (1st) attempt by (NASA) to place an Astronaut into orbit.
      In (1969), she (CALCULATED the TRAJECTORY of APOLLO 11), which was the (1st) spaceflight that (landed humans on the Moon).
      From (1969-1972), she (CALCULATED the TRAJECTORY of the APOLLO LUNAR MODULE) that also (landed on the Moon).
      Later in her career, she worked on the (Space Shuttle Program), the (Earth Resources Satellite), and on plans for a mission to (Mars).

      In (1967), he worked on (Weight Distribution) for the (Saturn V Rocket).
      From (1967-1973), the Saturn V Rocket was (vital) to the goals of (sending humans to the Moon) and returning to Earth safely.
      In (1971), he (Designed) the (TIRES) for the (Lunar Roving Vehicle) during the (Apollo 15) mission.
      These tires were light enough that one could move across the Moon’s surface without bogging down in the thin soil. In that same year, his design proved to be a success when (2) Astronauts became the (1st) to (drive a vehicle) on the (Moon). The rover was used on the final (2) Apollo missions (16 & 17).
      He would later work for Skylab where he (Designed) the (WASTE COLLECTION SYSTEM) used for (space missions).
      Dr. Shurney has participated in (all) Apollo flight missions in some capacity.

      From (1966-1976), he would serve as an (Assistant and Director) of the (DELTA and SCOUT LAUNCH VEHICLE PROGRAM), used to carry a payload from the Earth’s surface into outer space.
      In (1976), he was (Awarded) the (DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL), which is the (highest honor) at (NASA) for his work on the (Delta and Scout Launch Vehicle Program).
      In (1977), he served a (Director) of the (1st APPROACH and LANDING TEST) of the (Space Shuttle Enterprise).
      From (1978-1981), he served as the (1st) African American (Director) of (NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center).
      In (1981), he served as (Director) of (NASA’s SPACE SHUTTLE COLUMBIA), this was the (1st) orbital flight of the Space Shuttle program.

      In (1967), he became the (1st) African American to be selected by (NASA) as an (Astronaut) in the Air Force’s (Manned Orbital Laboratory) program.
      He was killed on (December 8, 1967) in the crash of a (F-104 Starfighter) at Edwards Air Force Base, in California.
      Had he survived, he would have been a crew member of the (1st Space Shuttle Columbia) mission in (1981).

      In (1978), he became the (1st) Hispanic and person of Black, African decent to be selected as a (Cosmonaut) by the (Soviet Union’s 7th Intercosmos) program and the (1st) Hispanic and person of Black, African decent to travel into space.
      In (1980), he flew aboard the (Soyuz 38) from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Russia, which is the (1st) and largest (Operational Space Launch Facility).

      In (1978), he became the (2nd) African American to be selected by (NASA) as an (Astronaut) and the (2nd) African American to travel into space.
      He flew (3) space shuttle missions, making history with (2).
      He was selected to (Redesigned) the (COCKPIT) of the last (3 Space Shuttles) in the (1980’s).
      In (1985), he became the (1st) African American to pilot for (NASA) when he flew the (Space Shuttle Challenger) on a (7) day space mission from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
      In (1988), he (Helped Design) one of the most important safety devises for airplanes called the (MICROWAVE LANDING SYSTEM), which is an (All-Weather Precision Landing System) at (NASA).
      In (1989), he became the (1st) African American to command a mission for (NASA) on the (Space Shuttle Discovery). Due to the nature of the mission, specific details remain classified.
      In (2005), he became the (1st) African American (Acting Administrator) to lead (NASA).
      He was (Awarded) with (2 DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDALS), which is the (highest honor) at (NASA).

      (GUION BLUFORD, Jr.)
      In (1979), he became the (3rd) African American to be selected by (NASA) as an (Astronaut) and the (1st) African American to travel into space in (1983).
      He flew a total of (4) space shuttle missions.
      In (1983 & 1985), he flew aboard the (Space Shuttle Challenger), marking the (1st) time an African American traveled into earth’s orbit. This also marked the (1st) space shuttle mission to launch and land at night from the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida.
      In (1991 & 1992), he flew aboard the (Space Shuttle Discovery).
      In (1997), he was (Inducted) into the (INTERNATIONAL SPACE HALL of FAME).
      In (2010), he was also (Inducted) into the (UNITED STATES ASTRONAUT HALL of FAME).

      (MAE. JEMISON)
      In (1992), she became the (1st) African American women to be selected by (NASA) as an (Astronaut) on the (Space Shuttle Endeavor) from the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida.
      In (1993), she was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL WOMEN’S HALL of FAME).
      In (2004), she was also (Inducted) into the (INTERNATIONAL SPACE HALL of FAME).

      (BERNARD A. HARRIS, Jr.)
      In (1995), he became the (1st) African American to (walk in space) as a (Payload Commander) on the (Space Shuttle Discovery) that was part of the (US/Russian), (Shuttle-Mir Program).

      In (1967), he was the principal (Inventor) of the (1st) Moon-based observatory (FAR-ULTRAVIOLET CAMERA/SPECTROGRAPH), which was carried to the Moon by (Apollo 16) Astronauts in (1972) during the (1st) Moon walk mission.
      The camera was positioned on the Moon’s surface and allowed researchers to examine the Earth’s atmosphere, including possible new ways to (control air pollution). His camera allowed us to take readings of and understand objects and elements in space that are (unrecognizable) to the naked eye.
      In (1972), he was (Awarded) the (EXCEPTIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SCIENTIFIC AWARD MEDAL) by (NASA) for his work on the (Apollo 16) project.
      In (2003), he was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL of FAME) for his (Far-Ultraviolet Camera/Spectrograph).
      In (1970), he made the (1st) examination of Molecular Hydrogen in space. This was evidence that plants are not the only source of Earth’s oxygen.
      In (1974), a (2nd) version of his Far-Ultraviolet Camera was used to observe the comet (Kohoutek) aboard the (Skylab 4).
      In (1986), one of his inventions captured an ultraviolet image of (Halley’s Comet). This marked the (1st) comet to be observed in detail by a spacecraft.
      In (1987), he was (Awarded) the (BLACK ENGINEER of THE YEAR).
      Dr. Carruthers was issued (3) U.S patents.

      In (1987), he received a patent for (Co-Inventing) the (APPARATUS and METHOD of CAPTURING an ORBITING SPACECRAFT).
      This invention is a method and supporting apparatus for autonomously capturing, servicing and deorbiting a free-flying Spacecraft, such as a satellite, using robotics.
      This device has (4) components, a (Toggle Sub-assembly), (Control Box & Retractor Assembly), (Support Structure), and a (Grapple Fixture).

      In (1970), he received a patent for an (Improvement) for (LUBRICANT for HIGH TEMPERATURES and HIGH SPEEDS).
      This lubricant worked well under a wider temperature range than previous products, from minus (50 to 600) degrees. The lubricants were used in (helicopter fuel lines), (Astronaut’s back-pack life support systems), and in the (four-wheel drive of the Moon-Buggy).

      From (1970-1981), she (Managed the Development) of the (1st 3) (LANDSAT SATELLITE IMAGE-PROCESSING) systems.
      In (1972), Landsat became the (1st Satellite to send images from outer space).
      In (1980), she received a patent for (Inventing) the (ILLUSION TRANSMITTER).
      The illusion transmitter works just like a (TV) transmitter that sends signals through the air. The only difference is that the illusion transmitter also uses (concave mirrors) that images bounce off before being transmitted. The images from the Illusion Transmitter are received to devices similar to (TV’s). These devises convert the signals into (pictures), like a (TV) does. The devises use concave mirrors to covert the signal into (real images). These images appear in front of the screen to project a (3D image).
      Her technology is currently being used for surgery and could be the next generation of the (television).
      From (1986-1990), she (Managed) (NASA’s 1st WIDE AREA NETWORK), the (Space Physics Analysis Network) aka (SPAN).
      (SPAN) became a major part of (NASA’s) science networking and (today’s internet).

      In (1984), he received a patent for (Inventing) a (METHOD for FABRICATING an IMAGING X-RAY SPECTROMETER).
      An X-ray spectrometer assists scientists in identifying a material by producing an X-ray spectrum of it, allowing it to be examined (visually). This is an important advantage especially when the material is not able to be broken down physically.
      In (1984), he was (Awarded) the (INVENTOR of the YEAR) by (NASA’S, Goddard Space Flight Center) for inventing the (Method for Fabricating an Imaging X-Ray Spectrometer).
      Dr. Alcorn was issued over (8) U.S patents.

      He is known as the (1st) African American Astronomer.
      In (1752), after looking at a model pocket watch, he carved the (1st WOODEN STRIKING CLOCK) constructed in American that kept (precise time) for over (50) years.
      In (1791), he began making (Astronomical Calculations) that led him to successfully forecast an (ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE) in (1798).
      From (1792-1797), he predicted the (1st U.S FARMERS’ ALMANACS) on (medicines), (listed tides), (astronomical info), and (solar eclipses).
      *There is (not) enough verifiable evidence to support the claim that Mr. Banneker was (1 of 3) men (appointed) by President George Washington to survey the layout of the U.S federal district, Washington, D.C in (1791).


      In (1938), he (Invented) the (1st AUTOMATIC FOLDING WING AIRCRAFT).
      The folding wing aircraft was used extensively by U.S President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the (Pacific Theater of Operations) in (WW-11).
      The (F6F Hellcat), (F7F Tigercat), and (F4F Wildcat), accounted for over (75%) of the enemy aircraft’s shot down in the pacific.

      (OSIE V. COMBS, Jr.)
      From (1992-1995), he served as (Program Manager) for the (SEAWOLF CLASS ATTACK SUBMARINE PROGRAM) and was responsible for the (design), (development), and (construction) of the Navy’s most (technologically advanced submarine).
      In (1995), he (Directed the team) that built the (1st of 3) (USS SEAWOLF-SSN-21), which are by far the most (complex), (heavily armed), (deepest diving), (fastest running) submarines in the world.

      In (1945), she received a patent for (Inventing) the (TORPEDO DISCHARGE MEANS).
      This marked the beginning of the (1st Submarine Torpedo Discharge) that (fired torpedoes under-water) from either (undersea installations) or (submarines). Her innovation played a (vital role) towards our victory of (WW-11).
      Ms. Bradberry was issued (2) U.S patents.


      In (1940), he received a patent for an (Improved) portable truck carrying perishable goods, which was a (DESIGN for an AIR CONDITIONING UNIT) aka the (Thermo King).
      This landmark invention ushered in the era of (frozen foods), (large supermarkets), and the (restaurant industry) as we know it today. For the (1st) time it was possible to ship (meat), (fruit), (vegetables), (eggs), (butter), and other produce long distances during any time of the year.
      His cooling units were important during (WW-11) for (preserving blood), (medicine), and (food) at army hospitals and on open battlefields. He later received patents for it to be adopted for (aircraft’s), (trains), and (ships) in (1940).
      In (2007), he was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL of FAME) for his (Design for an Air Conditioning Unit).
      In (1944), he became the (1st) African American to be (Inducted) into the (AMERICAN SOCIETY of REFRIGERATION ENGINEERS).
      In (1991), he also became the (1st) African American (Awarded) the U.S (NATIONAL MEDAL of TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATION), the nation’s (highest honor) for innovators by President George H. W. Bush.
      Mr. Jones was issued (61) U.S patents.

      (ELIJAH J. McCOY)
      In (1872), he received a patent for an (Improved) (AUTOMATIC LUBRICATING CUP) for the lubrication on steam engines.
      This innovation dripped oil onto the moving parts of locomotives keeping them (constantly lubricated), preventing frequent (stops and overheating), his lubricator used steam pressure to pump oil wherever it was needed.
      In (2001), he was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL of FAME) for his (Automatic Lubricating Cup).
      Mr. McCoy was issued (57) U.S patents.

      In (1897), he received a patent for an (Improved) (AUTOMATIC RAILROAD COUPLER) aka the (Jenny Coupler) for railroad safety.
      This improvement did the job of hooking railroad cars together once they made contact. He sold the Jenny coupler patent rights to a New York firm for ($50,000).
      In (2006), he was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL of FAME) for his (Automatic Railroad Coupler).
      Mr. Beard was issued (5) U.S patents.

      During the (1920s-1930s), he received patents for (Improvements) to the (BOILER), (THERMOSTAT CONTROL), and (DIFFERENTIAL VACUUM PUMP), all for more effective heating systems in (larger buildings).
      He (Created) the (HEATING SYSTEM) for New York’s famous (Radio City Music Hall & Rockefeller Center).
      Mr. Crostwait was issued (39) U.S patents and (80) foreign patents.

      In (1887), he received a patent for an (Improved) (ELEVATOR DOOR SYSTEM).
      He (Developed) an (AUTOMATIC MECHANISM) that improved the method of (opening and closing the elevator door), and he improved the (opening and closing of the elevator shaft) when an elevator was not on that floor. Prior to his improvements, the (opening and closing) of the elevator shaft had to be done (manually).
      In (2007), he was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL of FAME) for his (Elevator Door System).
      Mr. Miles was issued (1) U.S patent.

      In (1883), he received a patent for (Inventing) the (AUTOMATIC METHOD for LASTING SHOES).
      His machine (increased) shoe production by (900%) per day, cutting shoe prices across the nation in (half). Prior to his invention, someone had to (manually) attach the upper part of a shoe to the sole.
      In (2006), he was (Inducted) into the (NATIONAL INVENTOR HALL of FAME) for his (Automatic Method for Lasting Shoes).
      Mr. Matzeliger was issued (5) U.S patents.
      Mr. Matzeliger is an immigrant from Suriname in South America.
      *Unfortunately, his lasting shoe machine was referred to by many in the shoe industry as the “(Niggerhead Machine)”.

      In (1989), he received a patent for (Inventing) the (SUPER SOAKER) squirt gun.
      In (1991), he (licensed) the Super Soaker to the Larami Corporation, it generated over ($200 million) in retail sales, and became the (#1) selling toy in America.
      Over the years, Super Soaker sales have totaled a (billion dollars).
      Mr. Johnson was issued over (100) U.S patents.

      He is a (prolific) patent holder who has (Invented) a family of (TRANSMISSIONS) for (GM).
      Mr. Bucknor was issued over (198) U.S patents.

      He is a (prolific) patent holder who has (Invented) a family of (TRANSMISSIONS) for (GM).
      Mr. Usoro was issued over (175) U.S patents.
      In 1996, he was (Awarded) the (BLACK ENGINEER of the YEAR).
      Mr. Usoro is an immigrant from Nigeria.
      You are probably surprised by your ignorance, but I am not. You are clearly a product of schools where the false, and failed white supremacy myth was taught.


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      • The problem is many caucasian males are raised by brainless racism family members thus adopting their nonsensical racist attitudes and in most cases complete envy and insane jealousy! Anybody with a basic knowledge of history and the slave trade knows the caucasian males worst nightmare was their white women lusting after us!! Just research the laws that were on the books about the separation of white women from black men!! jealousy is a bitch and many white men suffer from lack of security about their manhood!! So they foolishly parade their envy by trying to insult us! the fools don’t get it!! the more they try to insult black men the more they expose their weaknesses and lack of mental toughness!! Like Mr. T said “”I PITTY THE FOOL””

      • You are totally right about their envy. What is so pathetic about white guys is that their own women invented feminism in response to their lives with white men, and have fought them tooth and nail during the last forty years since feminism was developed. At the same time white women from Europe and North America travel to Africa,and the Caribbean to find Black men to have sex with them, and they will even pay them

      • @Lex I never say all white men I always say typical white racist guy. I don’t believe most white males ar overtly racist so I simply won’t broad brush an entire gender or race. My point is typical racist white guy should shut the FU*K up talking about who’s penise are bigger!! I don’t give a of damn about anybody penis but mine!!!! but we both know that’s just another reason why white women can’t leave us alone! LMAO

      • I appreciate your hesitance to call all white guys racist. That is very generous considering that perhaps most of them are. Yes, they do think a lot about other guy’s privates. My theory is that many white guys have be beaten down, and feminized by feminism – perhaps that has something to do with it ?

      • Lex,

        Yem Yo, thank you for such an outstanding list, it is always important to debate with facts. I am going to go through this and possibly use them for my next post.



    • Heres some friendly advice Bubba before you decide to type messages via the internet try learning the art of sentence structure! unless you’re 5 years old theres no excuse for that retarded SH*T you threw up here! And secondly stop obsessing about black men’s penises!! you sound gay talking that crap! damn you’re insecure and painful uneducated!!

  70. Heidi Klum cuckolded Seal with her white bodyguard. So you can buy into internet fetishes, or see the truth… which is that men are individules, not their race. For every sexual black stud, there’s a sexual black dude. Same with white men, ask heidi, she cheated and ruined her marriage so she could be with a white man now.

      • Heidi says she dated the white dud only after she and Seal broke up. Are you calling her a liar, and somehow know more about her business than she does ?

      • THE BOOK ON ANY PERSON OR ETHNIC GROUP CANT BE WRITTEN BASED ON ONE BRIEF INTIMATE ENCOUNTER, TO DO SO IS IGNORANCE AT ITS BEST! “LOVE IS WHERE EVER YOU FIND IT BABY”! Modern day America is a buffet of racial variety. I do find much truth to alot of the points i have read here. With exception of the younger generation, I do find that most blacks are dating (what some whites would consider) physically unattractive whites.There are a few dynamics within these relationships 1.some ignorant blacks consider whites to be superior 2.whites that feel unaccepted by their own race find love,affection and acceptance from blacks who adore them 3.white women are attracted to the endowment and dominant sex of the black man 4.blacks enjoy the eye opening view of the world that the whites provide 5.blacks have a deeper family/fellowship connection. There are a percentage that looked
        beyond the exterior and have connected to the soul of someone from a different race. Either way “love is wherever you find it”.

  71. knight4444 you are black racist trying to justify it with white racism, which, of course, exist.
    Let evaluate things further. I am a white guy from Eastern Europe who lives in US.
    Brandon had some good points and was trying to have a discussion based on real facts but some black guys here cannot stand the truth! So I am not going to be nice because it simply do not work with black men.
    Please do not tell me my English is on 4th grade level. How many of you guys know to speak another language except your native language?
    Let start with some fact based on my experience or what I have seen in real life with my eyes.

    Although majority of black men marry and date black women “the black man” is the only race of man on this planet that crave other race of women ( especially white) in significant number. I do not what is a real percentage but it is high enough to be apparent for everyone.
    Many of black men do not want to be black although they claim they are superior and they are the best of the best among men on the earth. They do not want to be a white either so having a white woman is a partial solution for hating the white man and hating themselves for being black.
    There are number of white women who do like the black guys but it much less then what is in other direction. There are, to be fair, some white women that are attractive and they are with black man. However 95% are not attractive in eyes of white man. Please do not be arrogant to explain what
    Is white man standard to white men!!!
    There is a link for you my brother

    I bet you among those 200 white women you have claimed sleep with 195 were chubby, ugly, desperate(o white man wanted them even for one night), or they were skanks ( they have slept with another 200 black + 300 white + 100 of other races) .

    Will continue later …

    • @mark john you’re juvenile attitude is typical of ignorant white male who love to scream racism when someone shows them the truth about themselves. The white women I’ve slept with chances are of quality better than anything you’re arrogant ass could ever date or in you’re case “RENT” I read your rant and saying that black men are the only race that dates outside their race shows how disconnected you are from reality! @mark john you are a joke a dying breed of idiot the world laughs at!! your jealousy is so low level you shouldn’t worry about what white women I’ve slept with because I may have had your sister or on a really slow horny day your mother! I suggest you keep you’re euro ass in butt fu*king no man’s land and keep praying so woman of ANY race would accept you’re low intelligence rear end LMAO

      • @knight4444
        I think you have a mental health problem. First, you as a black man, you are not able to see which white woman is nice looking or not. For your darkie ass
        every white women is hot, because “white” is something beyond you and your world. But even your darkie ass know what is fat and what is not fat. Just listen
        what one smart black women notice about black men like fatties( my previous post). They “like” fatties because they can rarely get something what white men
        consider fine. Can some nice looking,smart, and reach black guy get high quality white women? Of course can, but same thing applied for nice looking Latino or Asian guys or any men on this planet. Average black man can only what white man left for him, in 98% of cases and that is below average white women.
        You can sleep as many retarded white women as can( I do not denied some % of them exist), however you never can get classy white women and you never will be white man, never!
        Asian women, even worse. By their genetic they have determined your are ugly ass that worth nothing. It is the reason you hate them so much and they right.
        in 95% case what they can get from black men, average or small dick, low iq, no money, std,trouble and so on.
        If you do no want nice looking black woman, it is your choice, but do not be delusional because some of black athletes can get any women of any race.
        You do not respect yourself so do not expect others would respect you, especially if your “modus operandi” is to disrespect everything in this world.

        By thy way if and when you come to eastern(south) Europe do not cry
        we are racist because we kicked your ass for approaching our Slavic,the most beautiful women in the World. At least for now, our Slavic women belong to
        us Slavic men who are not afraid, like some western men, to kick your darkie ass.
        Yes, we can and that is a reason Russian guys are nightmare for you

        You can dream whatever you want but if white men disappear from Earth
        all other races would not be able to create normal life.It is simply and plain,
        there is no any kind significant improvement without white man.

        Sorry knight4444, but sky’s color is a blue not a black :)))))))))))))))

    • Hello there, stupid… these are just a few i could be bothered to look up! I see couples like this all the time duh! (beauty & the beasts, lol) BLACK MEN never settle for less AHAHAHAHAAHAAHA!

      Englands top sweetheart in love with blackman

      Miss Ireland 2010 and her lover

      Heiress & her black lover

      girl gets beaten up by dad for dating black man

      To name but a few… See, these seemingly ordinary black guys get hot girls….how do they do it, ppl on here said blackmen get dog end of the pack? LOL

  72. It’s funny that the author of this article and most of the authors of these comments didn’t consider that maybe, just maybe, people of different races can fall in love.

  73. It’s really telling Yok that your blog has many other thoughtful posts yet none exhibit the same frequency as this one…makes you wonder about some of the sockpuppets, er i mean posters.

    • I know right, this seem to be one of the “popular”, I refused to publish over 50 comments in the past months, some where extremely racist ( by white guys and women), others seem to not have read the piece hence jumped on supporting the idea that it is great that white women love black dick ( all from Africans (black) guys)…..I wish folks could actually read the short piece before jumping to conclusions and or at least look at the images I posted….you are one of the few on this long thread that seem to get the message I try to convey.

      Respect fam and keep it up!

  74. Wish they would all go back to africa and screw their own kind,they have nothing to offer but trouble and social unrest

  75. i live in germany and i have to admit, as sad as it sounds. the “women” who end up with black men are below average and usually from poor socioeconomic backrounds. growing up around military bases i have seen it all my life. my exes best friend was only with black guys. butt ugly girl who only went to black clubs because she was too embarrassed to go to regular german clubs. upon my ex asking her why is it always blacks she ends up with, she admitted that “real” men (whites} where never interested in her. to top it off, she said if she would find somebody like me she would never have to go to blacks. i was shocked because i really thought, tough not explainable, she was “‘attracted’ to them. my ex would “have”‘ to go to black clubs with her and was disgusted by blacks approaching her all the time. she told me it is an insult for a woman if blacks approach her because it basically means you are too ugly for the common eye. she said they only chase her because she is overweight and therefore not able to find anybody. she said blacks target specifically ugly women which they assume that they can’t find anybody. and i can confirm that! one of my black friends used to holler at any ugly female he would see but not even they were interested ( i constantly witnessed it because i was always around) the only time women talked to him was at the train station in italy. two nigerian prostitutes offered themselves to him.
    anyway. at one point my ex developed something i called ‘black guy allergy” whenever she would have to go with her girlfriend to one of those black clubs, she would get stomach cramps and diarrhea that forced her to turn over and drive back home because she was so disgusted by blacks constantly approaching her and asking “do you wanna dance? the response was always the same anyway: no thank you, no thank you no thank you.
    another incident from one of my coworkers. a german girl. she told me one day ( totally offended} that a black american guy had the audacity to ask her for her phone number. she, not wanting to be impolite, gave him a made up phone number to make him feel good.
    same office. a really really nasty unattractive german girl ONLY dating blacks (very poor body hygiene). one day shows her a picture of a hispanic guy who talked to her. the other german who i mentioned before goes like: congratulations! you managed to find somebody who is NOT black! yea for some women it is not easy to find a man. another example. they just hired an american woman at my job who is plain trash and ugly. she looks like she didn’t get enough oxygen during birth ( down syndrome). and guess what. she is married to a black. in this place there are several other white bums who are married to blacks. what im trying to say is, that it seems that only the rejects “‘end up” with blacks.
    but only females! reject white men don’t have problems like that. they rather hook up with a twenty years younger thai (YUK) and believe she is attracted to him.
    HOWEVER. i can remember ONE of my teenage friends ( a german) who was dating an morrocan girl at this time, that he finds black girls cute. he was 16 at this time. but adults???
    or women??? hell no.

    i found this here form another forum and i can only undersign that. all i can say is, whoever “prefers” somebody of another race can not be normal as we are usually attracted to people who resemble our parents. that’s the people who we have the most trust in. it has nothing to do with racism.

  76. Every one has their own ideas unfortunate is when there is any type of racism we all began from our creator from one adam n one eve n that first ocupied the middleeast. Attractiotieyn is something that is within us naturally. I am native cherokee n white I have always been attacted to dark skin yes the contast of color ,the difference of body fragrance , their sense of self is very apelling ..confidence mixed with intelligence and their are a higher majority of them that ate just naturally built.lets be honest these are the things that we all want look for and admire. And a man whos knows how to be with his woman and satisfy her with his strength and stamina

  77. The lack of introspection and respect on this thread is yet one more reflection of our total lack of education around issues of race. Largely racist, angry, and woefully sad cries of intense pain and confusion around the topic leads to ridiculous insults and a juvenile conversation that could’ve led to something informative. People like who they are going to like for a variety of deep and shallow reasons. All identities have a stigma or stereotype attached to them that even they themselves believe and it leads to shallow choices or bad behavior. In other scenarios, the focus of the stereotype is positive, but the generalization to the whole group can be a slippery slope, and often inaccurate. I don’t know what happens where you live, but it could be happening because a lot of people think a certain way, or it could be that YOU just THINK they do. Either way, if you wanna get an answer to the questions posted above, you’re gonna have to do a bit more than electronically shut each other down an launch insults to try and cover up your insecurity.

  78. Who the fuck wrote this? Lol. Are you fucking kidding me? Style edge? It must be you that prefer black men not an entire race. Fuck you.

    • It sounds like another stupid, insecure, angry and ignorant white racist guy has found this site. The question is , why was he looking for it ? Probably because a white with whom he was obsessed has dated a Black man. It happens all the time.

  79. Ridiculous blacks men are not better in the bed i’m a white brazilian,and i swear that lota of whites guys make sex much better than blacks,skin colour is beautiful?being white u have 2 options,in winter we are white and in summer we get tanned,black is black all the time,all the reasons have no sense

    • American white women are the absolute bottom of the barrel in terms of wife material. They have been completely damaged by their devotion to feminism, in addition to having the morals of starving stray dogs.

  80. Maybe black men are sooo good at all the above because most never work and just have sex all day every day… What did you say?… You are pregnant?!? Well I’m black so I guess I will be off now and keep sexing and bumbing around just like we are known for…

  81. Seal’s Mrs did a runner coz at the end of the day the guy turned out to be a twat. Tiger Woods is half Thai his mum worked in a brothel in BKK so not sure why his pic is here.
    It’s all about the man and not the colour of course black men want white girls coz 99.9% of black women you would struggle to get hard for but everyone to their own

    • Mark John, you speak as though you know the personal stories of Seal and Tiger, but of course you don’t. You are nothing but the typical, insecure white racist who couldn’t begin to hope to satisfy some of the gorgeous Black women who are out there.

      • @mark john is your typical white trash insecure white male LMAO he’s a scared little boy who so worried that some other man is taking his chances of actually finding a woman!! poor pathetic euro hillbilly!! @mark john is loney pathetic and ignorant and this idiot looks in the mirror everyday wondering why no woman of ANY race wants him!!! Maybe if @mark john would bathe more than once every solar eclipse and lose the “I’M A WHITE GUY SO LOVE ME SYNDROME ” maybe this stupid mutt could have a shot at a real romance rather than low grade euro prostitutes and men’s restroom trolling for giving other men oral pleasure.

    • Hey @mark john you euro hillbilly! tell everybody please what the fu*k does “COZ” mean??? you backwoods idiot!! if your going to bore everybody with your twisted insecure ramblings at least learn how to spell!! try saying ”because” rather than ”COZ” it just makes you look even dumber than you are! and tell your sister I really enjoyed our meeting last year!!! @mark john she’s damn freaky dude!!!

  82. @imenperizem you’re a joke!! take you’re sorry ass to ”stormfront” where little pieces of dog crap like you huddle up together and whine about how somebody stole your candy LMAO face it you mouth breather trailer trash goon!! black and white and latino women typically perfer black men!! so stop getting mad you pussy!! because you can’t get a woman of any race to date you isn’t solely about black men! it’s about YOU!! no woman wants a whining little sissy!!

    • @knight4444 you are black racist , you cannot justify it and/or make excuse for your behavior with “stormfront”.
      let, first, civilize your darkie ass and then complain about others
      and fof with your stinky black racist ass.

      by the way for your knowledge
      black women prefer black men
      latino women prefer latino men
      white women prefer white men
      asian women prefer asian men
      same things apply for men -> women
      and of course any normal women as well as normal men would appreciate
      normal men/women regardless of race. no one should have problem with that
      but you cannot make exceptions became the rule

      only delusional morons without common sense can think it is different
      and world revolve around his ass like you think because of some retarded
      white women gave you pussy as they did to hundreds of other men

      if you don’t like your race it is fine but sad, however do not call me racist
      because i like my race . and don’t worry can i get or not women
      just go with your retarded white women nobody wants them except
      guess, who?

      • Spoken like the typical gay male!! maybe if you’d stop going to dirty filthy hillbilly bars waiting in the men’s restrooms giving out 2 blow jobs you’d have a woman! I could have your sister anytime I wanted her BOY! and if I really wanted to get nasty I’d take you mother!! so if I were you I’d shout up! I might come to your broken down little village and do your whole female family!! and no!! you can’t join in you inbreed hillbilly

  83. It’s hilarious reading pathetic jealous sissy inclined racist white guy leaving comments here!! these sorry scary little white boys are watching their world fall apart!! Obama keeps kicking the SH*T out of their ”great white dopes” MCCAIN & ROMMEYblack men dominate every sports events accept hockey their white women typically perfer us over them and now their crying like little BIT*HES!! LMAO listen racist white guy you’re losing control!! just accept it and stop whining!! you’re just making it easier for your women to boot you’re sad pathetic AS*ES to the curb!! your women are sick of you!! thats why interracial dating is soooooooo high!! thats why most white women perfer black and hispanic men over you LMAO stop being arrogant jerks and maybe you morons could actually KEEP a woman rather than trying to BUY them!!!

    • “accept hockey”
      it is except, uneducated darkie ass
      so yes i am a homo and i would like to put some piece of darkie ass on my wd
      when I see saggy pants my wd become a hard and long and big

      you even cannot walk properly on a street so I do not know how you can have my sister. she is in eastern Europe where saggy pants are not allowed
      so you can do only your own family with your small

      • Typical white euro trash a worthless toothless girly boy, just remember sissy boy you’ll never be allowed to come to America!! so get use to your out door plumbing, sheep herding, hairy smelly women lol I forgot you can only score with euro MEN! listen Daisy you’ll always be just what you are A lazy worthless homo! BTW let me know when your broke ass 16th century country needs money from the USA your euro currency is a worthless as you are Daisy!!

      • @imen I call you ”gay” because why do you care about another man’s dating practices??? why do you give a damn about other peoples love lives??!! you sound gay, insecure, racist, juvenile, retarded!! and using racist terms like”darkie” shows how FU*KING stupid! you sound!! you’ve the typical white trash euro idiot!! using racist words from 50 yrs ago!! ‘darkie”???!! wow a racial slur from 1960!! Listen euro trash! stop stressing about what black and white women do and get YOUR life together! You’re ignorance is laughable you should focus on getting your euro babes to shave their under arms!!

  84. It’s hilarious how cowardly worth morons talk all kinds of ”tough guy” talk over the internet but in person NEVER have the courage to state their insane racist nonsense to another man’s face!! These sissy mamas boys use the internet to spew their ignorance and raw stupidity. Even gay european white trash feels a need to chrip in! LMAO never forget this! you’ve had you’re time it’s OVER!! your women laugh at you the european currency is CRASHING!! if it wasn’t for America handing you welfare and american tourist visiting you, you’d still be in the stone age!! LMAO @imen you’re pathetic! now go herd some sheep you goat molester!!

    • I am not a bigger racist than you are. I am fine with normal black guy
      and I am fine with interracial marriages/relationships/dating as long as they exist not because of any superficial reasons. Even in that case,you are right, it is not my or your business what other people do in their life. However I do preference as everyone does and you cannot label it as a racist.
      For example.what is difference among these.
      White girl 1: ” I date only black guys”
      White girl 2: ” I do not date outside of my race”
      Black man 1: ” I like only white women,black women have bad attitude ”
      Me : “I do not date white women who date/dated black men”

      But there some point
      1. I am not ok with ignorant black guys who think white man owe something to them. You are free man now, try do do something good for you and your race
      as black women are trying to do!
      2. I am no ok with black guys who talk racial slurs but then they are offended
      if somebody have responded to their stupid things in the same way.
      What you give ,what you get!!!
      3. and finally I am not ok with a white guy or guy of any race who is
      ignorant idiot and trying to spread around false information.

      It is not color problem in the most of the cases it is brain problem and obviously
      many of black men have that issues.
      By the way I do not care about your 200 white women of high quality.
      If you have right know just 1 not 200 you should be happy. But you would not be happy even with 10000 ww,lw,aw,bw. So find out by yourself what is the problem and please, do not hate white men because without them there would not be white vaginas for you, 🙂 .

      • @Imen,

        some important points you raised! I am going to do a write up on the issue that many black/ African men have regarding interracial dating…. Generally speaking majority of black/African people marry each other, there is research on this. For example in the United States of America it is only 2% people of African descent that date or marry non blacks most of us love ourselves. However the few that date/ marry outside the “race” are often black men…..I think you are up to something and I agree with you partly….when I complete my urgent projects I will do an additional write up in this topic. I think black/ African men that tell you that they only date non African/black women have seriously internalized taught self hate, they might not admit it but their actions expose their inner struggles…

      • No one cares about your opinion. Your opinion is less important than that of a dog barking someplace down the road.

      • @imen lol you really need to stop acting gay!! only a lonely faggot gives damn about other men’s dating habits! LMAO I understand you’re a lonely euro sorry AS* fool this website is littered with pathetic white trash like you!! and for anybody that thinks you have a point about anything you’ve said I question their intelligence also!! for the record AS*HOLE I see it really bothered you knowing I’ve had over 200 white girl!! to you and brain dead idiots like you I’ve had over 300 black women too!! I’m a equal opportunity player!! now whine and cry about that gay boy

      • @imen BTW I find it curious you keep saying you don’t care about all the women I’ve had but you keep bringing it up!! LMAO you’re a pathetic loser just because you can’t score with anything but lonely goats don’t hate on guys like me!! I use to male model when I was younger so I had opportunities with many women from around the world you simple minded idiot!! you need a life Hugo because getting on websites and getting jealous of others and who they score with is sad!! this website has really gone to hell!! so you enjoy this blog it’s gotten boring to me SEE YA euro gay boy

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  87. @Yok,

    I feel this is the most appropriate thread to post these links so as to not discourage and further mentally pervert the minds of normal black men and black women; the Brother who made the videos goes by the name Truewise7–i think you will absolutely adore them and it may answer the questions you were originally trying to get answered.

    It’s a ten part series…

    but i will post the most interesting ones

  88. Lol, this is so funny. A site dedicated to black people being racist about white people who the black people think are racist. Americans are such idiots. The world hates you all by the way, american white AND black. You all suck. And by the way, you are not African. You would need to be born IN Africa for you to BE African. I’m from Namibia, we hate american blacks, you’re all idiots. Fuck off and die. An don’t come to Africa. We don’t want you.

    • Mphela,

      few points:

      1. I am Pan-African and Nigerian

      2. Are you sure you read this piece and most importantly the entire website?

      3. Speak for yourself, I have a number of comrades from other parts of Africa who currently collaborate with African Americans, in fact this is centuries long relationship. I would suggest that you study our/your history before making generalizations.Many of us love and appreciate our African-American brothers and sisters and others in the diaspora Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica, Brazil etc

      4. Please define Africa



      • A great answer to an obviously stupid, and ignorant white boy, probably a high schooler, judging by his writing.

    • Certainly it appears like that….but there is a history behind it, colonization, slavery and the internalized negative images that these two horrific organizations have taught our men and women.

      • White men worship certain types of white women, just consider the intense white male worship of women with blonde hair and blue eyes…I disagree with the assessment of Black men following white women like “dogs”. A more accurate statement would be that Black men are very attentive toward the women to whom they are attracted..

      • white men worship white women ( majority of them do,because they have been taught to love themselves…so that they can keep white power alive)

        African/black men worship white women because white men taught them to worship white women so that they can keep white power alive.

        Now that said a good number of black people marry each other, unless for business deal folks do other wise….

        regarding attraction pls check the attached link ( this is becoming common amongst young Nigerian men ) there is nothing attractive about it, it is simply SAD…,+marries+71-year-old+white+lady+(photos)+.html

        Please read the post and the comments, some folks have already expressed what needs to be said.

      • Your point of view seems to indicate that you think the love that a Black man has for a woman is inferior to the love white men have for woman on the basis that love expressed by Black men will be devalued if the woman is white. I still believe that your original premise was mistaken

      • what is my original premise? I replied to a comment and I said that the statement could be true because of historical reasons. I am not sure whether you read the piece or you simply decided to make a comment without paying attention to the message expressed!

      • You expressed premise was that Black men followed white women “like a dog”. I do not agree with that premise. The historical reasons cited seem to be too much a blanket generalisation

  89. Your whole article is such bullcrap. You have no idea what your saying. I work with with black guys. All are a bunch of lazy, disrespectful people. The few white guys are more of a gentleman, work harder, higher stamina and cleaner then the others. The black men cant even have respect for themselves. Learn.

  90. Too boot, the black men dont shave, stink and use disrespective words. I shave, shower, look and smell better then the others everyday at work. So now how are you right? Yes the article and women are wrong of course.

  91. Overthinking the entire subject. White Christian males (who run America) are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SEXY AS PER THE BIBLE!!!! So it isn’t rocket science to figure out why a WW would eventually get bored with WM. Women in general are ruled by their emotions. WM are very logical and many think abiding by a set of rules will get them a woman (money, cars, status, etc). BM are driven by their emotions. They are a lot more impulsive because of conditioning – or lack of it. Therefore, BM are not as “tame” as WM in America are. In fact, European women as well as women around the world surprisingly state that American men are quite timid and more “hands off” compared to their local men. Very interesting. So it is the American culture that needs examining, not WW and BM per se. Women, nearly all women have a ravishment fantasy. A BM will almost always fulfill this fantasy. A Woman who needs to “feel” safe and confident to be herself and not feel shame for being a sexual being (see: White Christian Male’s rebuke) will definitely get this from a BM. This is a biological mechanism, not racial. Women are attracted to strong men. The American media already paints BM as “dangerous”, so like I’ve stated before, it’s the American culture that needs examining.

    As far as Black Women goes. There are just more White women around – and that is basically that. No self hate at all involved. Men love to feel needed and valued. Race notwithstanding. it’s biology.

  92. All depends on the individual. What matters is how the person was raised and how they were brought up? Were these people brought up by their mothers and fathers, or both? Did they have money or not? Did these people come from a religious background? Were they brought up in the City or Suburbs? Were they taught values as children or not? Were their parents racist or not? Were your parents born before the Civil Rights Movement or not? (My point is, in one way or another, your upbringing and current relationships shape who you are. ( and if you think like a majority of these clowns that made posts on this page, you better change your life, find God or get involved in the community or something. Study outter space and learn that the universe is bigger than us.. LOL) Blacks are not all better athletes and not all white men can’t jump (LOL) just because he is Black dose not mean his member is bigger, and just because he is white dose not mean he is smarter. Game comes from within! Game is how you treat others! Game don’t have color! Its not about money or fame, its about how you treat other human beings, thats Game! I have entertained many woman of many different races, without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, and no, I do not have a 10 in member (LOL). The proud Italian Irishman. P.S Ladies and Gentleman, life is short, do what makes you happy.

  93. White women that hate their fathers have sex with black men because it is the ultimate way to hurt their fathers. “How do you like your little girl now Daddy?”

  94. I’m a southern white chick who been w Mexican blk American n white as well as Haitian.
    Been married going on 11yr to my husband who is Haitian n black.
    My mom always talked stuff bout blk men greasy etc. I haven’t had that problem. Reason why I like black men ESP my hubby is I got long ways to get to my cervix. As the D giving pap told me, “I’m sorry but ur cervix is way back there its like taking tour down south n round the bend to cervix” LOL I’m like oook. For me black men is fullfilling. Its like my vagina was made for big wide long c**k. 2) I find they very sexually active. They know what a girl wants n likes n adventerous in bed as well as great. And found them yo be more romantic.
    On hygeine I never had problem w men being dirty greasy etc. As for my husband they take showers everyday I don’t notice any hair odor but when hubby shower he usually wash face n hair. They don’t produce oil like whites. Only odor I face is the pelvic area. I guess its from no air but no matter how clean or if shower it smell like Bo under the arms on hot day. But all ones I with Mexican n white have same odor some stinger than others. Each race has a certain smell. My two boys are half. And when born n when ever I smell them they smell different my youngest smell stronger than oldest.
    The stuff about color rubbing off well I wish LOL Mr that’s the case my man is being greedy with his I need some color LOL and as for greasy nne. However I think the greasy theory is I know with Haitians they will rub gasoline. On elbows n hands n on lips. Gasoline is moisterising for them thus sumtimes they have this greasy look n smell lie ointment.
    unlike the southern blacks no offense if you are one but based on area I was from, men up north and Haitians n all Haitians are very hard workers n mine is work aholic. Only complaint would be they very private men and they have culture where its OK to have mistress. Its nothing for them but God forbid a woman have a man they get slapped n kicked out etc… Smh. When u marry out of your race your gonna have conflicts. Each race has their own way of raising kids, managing things, living style, and displine. But when u go overseas its more complicated. Its been prayer n prayer that were still together n after 10 yes I not able to relax. Not with this day n age. Nowadays u gotta hang on to ur man LOL n be watchful. LOL anyways not only is he good n bed with great assets n sexy masculine muscular body but a great husband n father n hard worker for his family.

  95. Oh forgot to add… white men have fantasy n hung up on Barbie figures where as with black man you can be yourself. And if u got curves it goes in your favor. They just see a Necked body n you don’t have to worry about you being fat etc… and from what some blk men tales about n not only hears but told me as well that reason thicker is better is the coushion they have and not bone grinding against bone. LOL Blck men like meat

    • white men like curvy women too. just not fat. some people draw the line in different areas. you seriously need some work in using english. you cannot spell for a shit, and half of your sentences don’t make sense.

  96. most of the white women today are filthy, diseased infested, piece of shit white trash now. and it really doesn’t matter anymore.

  97. Wow. Racism is thriving on the internet. Ranging from the subtle, insidious racism to the hardcore virulent type. This place is an echo-chamber of hate.

  98. As a white guy I must say I appreciate white women loving blk men and I too love both black men and women.
    I believe that a black male is far more masculine and superior to the white guy and I myself feel always submissive when I’m around blk men and women!

    • As a black female I’m not into the whole interracial thing when it comes to me and white people. For the black & white men and black women & white women who do the interracial i wish you nothing but the best… My out look on all of this is if you look back in time slaves was sleeping with white people and white people was sleeping with blacks…back be hide close doors..knowing that if they was seen with them they would kill that black person.. Where do you think lighter skin black people came from?….. The only thing I dislike about the whole interracial thing is when black men and women put down one another, just because they chose to be with someone white because it didn’t pan out with with blacks dating blacks when they was together…we as black people get piss and upset when they stereotype all blacks as jack asses.. If we didn’t talk down about our black women and men and act a damn fool out in the open then they wouldn’t have nothing to laugh and talk about….. For those who do interracially date etc….. I say be safe and live life to the end.

    • Not all black men have porn star d**ks.. As a black female I’m here to let that be known.. Because I’ve seen on here a few people state that black men are bigger and have better sex and that’s not at all true… Black women and white women look at black different when it comes to d**k sizes.. At to where white women think only blacks be packing and black women know the that’s not true…

    • What is your point? Really JC ?
      This piece is not encouraging people to get into interracial relationship/marriage, in fact far from it…

      in response to your unthoughtful remark : in the same light black women that are married to white men go through racism and divorce because white relatives can’t have it. Interracial marriage / relationship don’t last generally. There are several factors, again this piece is not promoting interracial relationships but instead encouraging folks to look deeper as to why would anyone wants to marry/ have a relationship with you simply because of your private part? Along side ignoring historical legacy….

    • White men are so insecure and desperately afraid of Black men being involved with white women that they will even stalk Black websites trying to interject their cowardly white racism, No matter what they say or do the facts speak for themselves; The white percentage of the population is decreasing, in fact many white countries are not even replacing their existing population and have to reply on immigration. Secondly, many white women from the US and Europe travel to the Caribbean, and Africa to PAY Black men to have sex with them. That is how much they want Black men.


      • Its true white women go to far places to get sex from blac men, They know they will enjoy having sex with black.Im one of those who slept and having sex with one of them.If you are a black having sex with white it seems good and you can feel tha she is enjoying

      • holy shit i laughed when i read this! you are SO FUCKING DUMB! i mean that in all of the best heart dear boy. The “white countries,” i guess you mean European countries, don’t “replace” their population because increases in technology and equality leads to a decrease in population. The immigrants in the country ruin the culture, they aren’t helping the country by putting stress on the economy(illegals). high populations are signs of a low stage on the demographic transition. it goes from 1 to 5. 1 is high birth and death(caveman days). Stage 2 is where 3rd world countries lie. this is a decrease in death. that is because of diffusion of medical technology from developed countries. all of the less developed countries are overpopulated so your “replacement” idea is pretty stupid. a slowly falling population/stable population is best for a country. i hope you know good ol’ murica is only growing because of immigration. the second claim is just ridiculous and does not deserve to be acknowledged.

  99. Black and white peple look very trashy together. I usually never notice garbage, so why would I notice a black and white couple? As for shite skin on black, yuck! Who the hell thinks that is pretty? Their kids turn out like a mixed mutt, fugly,bugly etc. kinky hair, over done features, burnt up shades of what ever, not cool looking at all, but the world needs ditch digger too!

    • Insecure white guys are always trying to make negative comments about white women with Black men, but their reasons for doing so are completely transparent. It is because you personally know that you are inadequate, and you know that white women are aware that you are inadequate too. Why do you think that thousands of women from the US and Europe travel to Africa and the Caribbean to find Black men , then pay them to have sex, while at the same time these women invented feminism in response to how unhappy they were with white men.. The facts speak for themselves. ..When it comes to mixed babies, they currently are all the rage now, every women just loves them. The reason is because they are so cute and have the benefit of combining all of the best genes from black and white. did you know that mixed babies even tend to walk at a younger age ? Ask any nurse, you ignorant loser.

      • @Someone, responding to the core of your comment

        1. White women did not invent feminism the first person to ever invoke ideas of feminism were African women and continuing the tradition Maria Steward an African woman ( aka African American) ( what white women did was took Steward’s ideas and ran with it while they joined hands with white men to terrorized and marginalized black people) read about her here ..

        Steward spoke for the first time in U.S history on injustices experienced by enslaved Africans and in particular black women who have worked all their lives and are not recognized, protected for their contribution to building a racist country.

        2. Babies are babies and they are all cute, they don’t have to be mixed with white inorder to be cute.

        3. There is no scientific basis on your claims that mixed race babies are better than “pure” black babies or otherwise

        4. This piece is encouraging folks that think like you to reflect on interracial relationships beyond “oh cute baby = mixed with white”

        5. White women that travel overseas for black penis are there for that reason, not necessary that they have respect for the person that they sex. In fact they are the ones in charge. I am not sure whether that is “love” per se but rather obsession with centuries old racists views that black people in this case men are only good for sex, nothing more nothing less..

        6. Stop promoting self-hate!

      • Yeah white men think they are so inadequate because of their high paying jobs and education. You’re fucking delusional with your “white men know they are inferior” shit. I’m white and the only person on this planet who is superior to me is someone who proves it through acquired skill or unless they are Jesus Christ themselves. You arent superior because of natural-born features or whatever the fuck you think makes you superior. All i know is, i don’t feel threatened by no one and no body. So eat a bowl of dicks racist douche bag.

  100. Yok,

    You may indeed be arguing with white people pretending to be Black people to cause more rift and divide in the Black Community via the internet. . .

    This happens all the time on YouTube and various other forums and threads online…

    Message to the Blackwoman from the Blackman: The Blackwoman is Earth

    Compliments of my friend Truewise 7

  101. Hi everybody!
    I am a white european guy.
    Well, first of all I talk in general, not every people is the same.
    But in my opinion, I have nothing against black men dating white women. I have been told by some female friends of mine sensationalities about their performances in the bed…and of course most of the girls care about that!
    And all right, they look more masculine because they have more tesosterone and male hormones with them. No surprise about the explosion in popularity of interracial porn in the last decade, almost all populated by black guys\white women. I know white guys are sometimes fascinated by their sexual prowess, even if straight

  102. There is something you guys have to know,
    This matter means nothing but what i have to say is that u should ask you dis question, ”what if it was i that was black what would i have done”. Cause to me why we white are angry cause our girls are going for the black, why and the reason is that we white do not have times for our girls but have time for our money while the blacks has time for the money an the girls and to me we are all white what made the black folks black was because of there sun and what made us white was because of our own weather so that is it and my own question if our god was black what would u do hate god cause of his colour or like him so let think about dis.tanx****

  103. White people in general are better looking think women who have black relationships are of low esteam or are not picky let them have do it but dont pass disease back into the white community thanks

  104. Here is my 2 cents. I am a white woman. My husband is biracial. I don’t specifically love black men. I love my husband. I have dated white men, black men, asian men and hispanic men. I gravitate towards men (when I was single) who are intelligent, active in their community, have a passion for living life, love their families, and can make me of all cultural backgrounds can possess these qualities. I think it is unfair to imply that white women love black men because of the sex…there are more than 100 reasons why I love my husband and the first thing I ever loved about him was his wit not his c**k.

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  106. every white women with black guys are a disgrace to the gods and their race….I will destroy every black men women and children one day!!! I mean every black in the US, Africa, Europe, South America…This includes all black celebrities…Trust me I will reveal myself to the world one day!!!!!!!!!! sorry blacks it is just that you are too cocky and the fact that you think you are so dominant….If you don’t believe me, just watch as the world changes and no more black’s descendents of the slaves are left on this earth alive!!!!!

  107. The fact is that he vast majority of white women choose to date white men, although they could, at least in the U.S. circa 2013, date whomever they want to. Bhat I find strange and bizarre is the large number of black men who prefer to date white women. To not be attracted to people who look like you seems to be an obvious indicator of self-hatred, whatever your race/ethnicity.

    • Black men date white women for a lot of reasons… some understandable, but the ones who look down on their black women to call them unattractive and to bash us to make their white women smile, then too me, the worse kind of self hating men, and I have no respect nor do I care to involve myself with one if he ever decides to cross back over.
      Now White women don’t go getting your panties in a bunch if this don’t apply to you…. But black men are just happy with being a sex object when it comes to white women…. you think if a black man had a dick like a Chinese man, a white woman, and a black woman for that matter wouldn’t not be flocking to your ass. Another thing. Take a white guy with his D*ck swinging past his knees, and a Black man same scenario. Who you think that white woman is going to choose… not your black ass. Please don’t misconstrue as this as being a privilege of white folk obsessing over white folks, but this is all the black men who look down on their black women out of pure ignorance. You know who you are…. you will be the ones trashing me for making this comment.

    • It saddens my heart to think that I defended so many ignorant people, while wearing my military uniform. All I forgot to mention. I’M BLACK. Four years since slavery,black women have been degraded belittled and treat it like their nothing, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. We have studied it through history books and no one said anything. Now we have white women wanting black by the multiples and now we have an epidemic. I can remember as a kid Seeing black women holding arms a white man and nothing is set the tables have now turn deal with it just like black men dealt with white men taking our black women!

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  110. Everybody needs to shut the hell up,and stop being racist. This is an interesting article.All I know is white men treat black women, better than black men treats us. And black men treat white women, better than white men would usually treat the white ladies. Only because it is exotic to have something different in your presence. My man is white,and i love him cuz he treats me like a queen,all white men treats me that way. So I’m just saying.

    • Even though I am happy to hear that you are happy and being treated like a queen by your white man, it is not always true that white men treat black or women in general “right.” I have seen and being told horrific stories.

      My understanding is that a good number of interracial relationship are not better or any healthier, that is the myth that many of us Africans/black people want to convince ourselves. White men DO NOT hold monopoly to respect towards women.

    • It is good that your boyfriend treats you well, but to speak in such sweeping generalities is consistent with what I call high school reasoning. We cannot make general statements, carved in stone, from personal anecdotal experiences.


  111. I’m black and I am proud of myself to sleep with more than 200 white girls. White girls love black guys simply because black guys are better.

      • Perhaps it is just the Black men that you know who are perverts. Birds of a feather flock together, as everyone knows……


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  113. White Men are better.
    Caus some of you mentioned strenght and shit, i just wanna say look at chechen men, they are the bravest and strongest men iv ever seen.

    • From what I can tell Eastern Europe is the B.O. capitol of the world….Only joking. There is no proof or even anyone besides yourself who dares claim that white men, especially Chechen men are better (better at what ?). Please learn how to construct a coherent sentence and try your inane comment again.