African and Women of African Descent Leading and Impacting The World : A Pan-African Collection

Unknown farmer in Ghana,she represents millions of “faceless” women that do back breaking work everyday to make life much easier for people in Africa and around the world. I dedicate this entry to all the voiceless women. I give thanks for their lives, may the forces grant them their hearts wishes.


Captain Amsale Gualu Endegnanew first ethiopian female captain,she was awarded and earned the position year and half ago. Ethiopia

©Ethiopian Airlines

Magatte Wade- entrepreneur- business woman owner of Adina World Beverages company that uses traditional recipe of her home country to make hibiscus juice,she now provides jobs for the jobless esp. women. Wade’s company is internationally known presently they are in business with countries such as Indonesia, India, Ethiopia, U.S.A and Guatemala. Her home country is Senegal


Clenora Hudson-Weems, professor and theorist of Africana Womanism ( calling for unity between African people male and female world-wide, she believes when this happens people of African descent would be able to uplift themselves from global white-supremacy). U.S.A

© Clenora Hudson-Weems

Unoma Azuah is a professor, poet and a writer on issues affecting africa today such as anti-gay laws, immigration etc. Her home country is Nigeria

©Unoma Azuah

Lauryn Hill is a conscious singer-she empowers people with her clever, uplifting lyrics. Some of the themes she covers in her music are sex, relationships, knowledge of self and she is a promoter of African/African-American culture. U.S.A

©Lauryn Hill

Affiong L. Affiong is a public speaker, organiser, cultural ambassador, broadcaster, pan-africanist fulltime activist that travels around the world speaking about Africa’s potential to use its wealth effectively by suggesting ways the continent could uproot those things that are keeping its underdeveloped. Affiong also tries to bring together continental Africans and diasporans to form a united front by doing that Africans-people of African descent across the globe have no other alternative but to become powerful again. Along side her travelings she co-founded Moyo Pan Afrikan Solidarity Centre where Africans of different nationality could hold events and share with each other and Moyo wa Taifa a PanAfrican Women’s Network to help build relationship between African women on the continent and in the diaspora they have office for both organizations in London and Accra Ghana. she has been appointed by presidents to head discussions and African cultural events. Her home country is Nigeira-Ghana

© Affiong L. Affiong

Tracy Chapman is a singer-story teller she speaks against racial injustices. U.S.A

©Tracy chapman

Patience Ozokwor aka Mama G is a known award- winning actress in Nigeria, she also worked with other countries such as Malawi, and Kenya. Besides acting she has dedicated her time to giving back to the community even though she is already a mother she adopted about six under-provided children.Her home country is Nigeria

©Patience Ozokwo

Marina Silva came from a poor family of 11 children, she worked as a maid and learned to read and write at age 16. Silva worked her way up in life despite all the odds, she is a famous environmentalist, former senator and cabinet minster from the Amazon. She is presently a presidential candidate for Green Party. Her country is Brazil

© Marina Silva

Erykah Badu is a doula she helps women deliver their babies naturally in a safe, comfortable environment. Budu is also a conscious singer who promotes African/African-culture, U.S.A

© Erykah Badu

Dr. Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang is the Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. She has a PhD in literature and three honorary doctorates.. one of her important research is on African resistance to the trans-atlantic slave trade she visited communities whose side of the story has been missing in history books. In order to share her knowledge with the world and specifically amongst people of African descent her university partnered with Winston-Salem State University (WSSU ) in North Carolina, U.S.A and she travelled to many countries giving talks on her projects. She is from Ghana.

©Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang

Angela Bassett is an actress that uses her craft to empower minorities across the globe. U.S.A

©Angela bassett

Portia Simpson Miller is the first female prime minister of Jamaica vowed to make her country a republic free from outside control, recently she declared that Jamaica will be removing the Queen of England as the country’s head of state. Jamaica

©Portia Simpson Miller

Thandiswa Mazwai is a conscious singer, she promotes African culture so don’t be surprised to hear her during concert chanting in her mother tongue. Mazwai is also a Pan-Africanist and anti-xenophobia. South African

©MTN South African Music Awards

Agatha Achindu is from cameroon after she gave birth to her son and realized that the food that major food industry in America serve are not good for babies, with the support of her loving husband she gave up her six figure job and started her own company “Yummy Spoonfuls” rated number one amongst parents across the board, she uses her home country recipe and makes sure that her food is organic.

© Agatha Achindu

Zezé Motta is a famous award winning actress after realizing that there are few Afro-Brazilians presence in media she decided to open a “clearinghouse” her effort is making a huge impact in Brazilian film industry as we speak, making it impossible for “white” Brazilians to make excuses that they “can’t find black actors/ actresses”. Her home country is Brazil.

© Zezé Motta

Bianca Brasdorp opens the first and only all female hostel in the Netherlands.She is Surinamese.

©Bianca Brasdorp

Simphiwe Dana promotes education for all esp.girls and a soul singer. South Africa.

© Simphiwe Dana

Cynthia McKinney is a former U.S Congresswoman she has been on the frontline speaking against injustice practices in America specifically towards black and muslim communities, in addition she and her team have been fighting against Western (NATO) imperialists actions in Libya, Ivory Coast and the entire continent. U.S.A

© Cynthia McKinney

Dambisa Moyo is a renowned economist internationally and an author on issues related to macroeconomy and global affairs.Her goal is to help African countries find a better approach to being economically Independent in that way they wouldn’t have to rely on foreign aid from donors. Zambia

© Dambisa Moyo

Samia Nkrumah is the National Chairperson of CPP and Pan-Africanists. As a leader she reaches out to isolated communities in Ghana providing them with basic necessities of life: schools, hospitals, road etc. She also encourages Africans to unite in that way they could build stronger continent that serves the needs of her people. Ghana

©Samia Nkrumah

Jill Scott is a conscious singer always feeding her fans with positive messages, she is at the frontline promoting African-American culture. Some of her themes are marriage, love, religion etc. U.S.A

©Bennett Raglin

Dr. Musa W.Dube is a biblical scholar, post-colonial intellectual besides doing her academic writings and teaching she dedicates her time and energy to being part of the dialog in finding better approach to caring for those infected with HIV and AIDS individually and collectively. Dube believes inorder to eradicate HIV and AIDS in Africa everyone must be part of the discussion therefore she developed a curriculum that could help schools, religious organizations use healthy and humane methods to dealing with the disease instead of blaming the infected persons. Her home country is Botswana

© Musa W.Dube

Oumou Sangaré, world-music artist she sings on gender relations encourage men and women to work together in building Africa. Mali

Penny Lebyane is a journalist and talk show host at Motswako. Lebyane uses her show as a safe platform where black women either rich or poor could voice out their views, share their talents and worries with the rest of the world. South Africa

©Penny Lebyane

Dr. Mae Jemison is the first African-American astronaut to travel to space and she has been elected to lead a team to space this will make her the first woman to do so. U.S.A

© Mae Jemison

Nneka is a conscious Nigerian musician her work is a mixture of afro beat, reggae, afropop, hip pop, neo-soul. She sings on issues affecting her country, the continent of Africa, and diasporans, such as shell oil company exploitation-corruption in the Niger Delta region, abuse on women, corruption in the Nigerian government, racism against black people, youth sense of hopelessness due to lack of job, lack of empowerment from adults in the community etc.

Esi Cleland is a fashion designer and co-owner of AfroChic clothing line. She believes that africans should clothe themselves instead of depending on foreign companies. What makes Cleland’s business method commendable is that she and her partner lunched one of the first online store in Ghana in that way others within Ghana could buy at their convenience purchased clothes are delivered at customers door steps and of course the rest of the world could have easy access to buying authentic made in Africa product. Ghana

Labelle Deesse jr is a fourth generation Vodun/ Voodoo priestesses,a public educator on Vodun. Labelle’s mission is to debunk stereotypes about African Traditional Religions, introduce the world to the beauty of her religion that is practiced by millions across the globe and to protest against discrimination towards followers. Haiti

©Labelle Deesse jr

Angelique kidjo singer and promoter of African culture, Benin

© Angelique kidjo

Nikyatu Jusu is a filmmaker whose work touches on issues related to diasporans and continental relationship, African customs etc. Sierra Leone.

©Nikyatu Jusu

Funmi Iyanda is a journalist who makes the effort to report on marginalized people in Nigeria, she dedicated her life to serving people at the margins for that reason she refused a job offer with America’s CNN.A mother of a teenager, who also adopted 98 children that she pays for their schools feeds etc. Iyanda’s home country is Nigeria.

© bella naija

17 thoughts on “African and Women of African Descent Leading and Impacting The World : A Pan-African Collection

  1. Thanks for this list, sister. Is this lady Esi, also the popular blogger about Ghanaian culture? I remember a blogger named Esi whose blog I used to read about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. That blog was called What Your Mama didnt tell you or something like that. Now I am going to do some research to see if its the same person. Blessings!

    • Hello sistar Ruth,

      thank you for stopping by, it is always wonderful seeing other people doing well.I wish you success in all that you do in that way we could all celebrate with you!


  2. Thank you kzs for supporting our women who are working so hard to make a difference in this world and many times overlooked and disrespected. We need more good men like you, I believe that is a major element to our way forward as a people of Afro-descent, worldwide!

    Respect comrade.

    • Hello Spectra,

      it was my pleasure to do this write up, there are millions of African people world-wide who are doing their best to make this world a better place but they are often ignored. These women are a drop to that pool of greatness, asante sana ( thank you) for appreciating them and my effort to share them with the rest of the world. Yes, if we Africans don’t love , support and appreciate ourselves who will?? Real talk.

      Respect and giving thanks.

  3. Thank you for sharing all these awesome women! They deserve so much respect for what they are doing, and so do you. All the best from a northern european, who left part of her heart in Africa 🙂

    • Greetings Maja,

      thank you for stopping by, I hope these women inspire you and others to achieve your/their goals. Life is not easy but those who have accomplished/ accomplishing great things could be wells of empowerment. I hope we all draw from their success to liberate us from our struggles. Ase. Ra.


  4. glad to see women empowering one another only pray to God almighty to touch the hearts of others to do same. united we are together we stand, challenge our shortcomings and save our world

  5. @Amabo Bih Afanwi Tracy,

    thank you for your kind words. You are certainly right, there is no progress without unity from within. I believe both men and women of African descent/ in Africa and in the diaspora have a duty to uplift, encourage and inspire one another, without that effort we are certainly going to remain in oppressive position.

    I libate that the gods continue to give us the strength and courage to thrive.

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