What Racism does to African-American Women (Black Mothers) in the United States of America


The video above explains the disparities of infant mortality between blacks and Whites. Here is the summary as researched by gynecologist Dr. Michael Lu:

A. White Women with college education, per thousand (1000) birth = four (4) death.

B. African-American ( black) women with college education and above as white women, per thousand (1000) birth = ten ( 10) death.

C.Educated African-American ( black) women for example lawyers, professors, accountants, physicians, have higher infant death rate than whites and Hispanics without high school/ secondary certificate.

Now even when the children are born, many times they are delivered prematurely or with disorder. Neonatologists Dr. James Collins and Dr. Richard David examined, why is it that many African- American children often are born smaller, premature, than white Children. Below they provide us with findings that complement Dr. Lu’s research.

Prior to this research, suggestions have been made that the reason why many African-Americans have infant mortality and premature birth were:

1. Lack of Education

2. Poverty

3. Careless life style

However, both research have shown that, in fact those hypothesis were generally faulty. The major element in infant mortality and premature birth amongst African-Americans ( blacks) boils down to “collective racism” or institutional racism. Since the arrival of Africans on the slave ships, they have been labeled by white Europeans/Americans as sub-human and that their bodies were only good to serve. Through out American history, Africans who today are called African-Americans had to deal with discrimination in almost every aspect of their lives, from their traditional religions to their bodies to their language to their accent to their intellect etc. Today, somethings have changed because African-Americans had to fight for their basic human rights in America. However, the legacy of racism ( white-supremacy) is still present in American governmental structure in their schools, hospitals, churches which in many ways contribute to the stress and health issues that the two videos above explain.

What is the way forward

1. Personal Care, before you are with child as suggested by Dr. Lu and I agree completely. ( take care of your body, eat heathy, dress well to feel good about your self, do things that generally make you happy etc)

2. Surround yourself with positive people who love and respect you (embrace those who truly love and wish you best….)

3. Shun bad belle people ( run away from racists)

4. Partners/husbands should offer more help to their pregnant women, don’t allow them to work too hard, adding to their stress.

5. African-Americans collectively in every field, walks of life- should continue to speak out against racism, thus far it has been the best move.

6. Always remember, your ancestors have gone through hell yet they fought to paved the way for you. And you are not alone, because as Africans, we believe that our ancestors are in constant participation with the physical. Remember, “Africans don’t die but multiple”, invoke their names to come to your aid. They have done it even before there was any religion on earth and they will not abandon you now!

7. And finally, I think this quote from Milton Allimadi is great for us all to digest…..

“When you’re faced with serious challenges, obstacles, decisions, put things in perspective, then think about how your personal hero would have dealt with it. Your mother…. your father… Malcolm X, [Kimpa Vita ] Dr. King, FannieLou Hamer, Nehanda the warrior, Sojourner Truth, Tchaka, Biko, Robeson, Toussaint, Lumumba, Mandela, Kwame Ture…….then make your personal wise decision….and move on knowing your challenges pale in comparison to challenges that have been met in the past….”

Additional article…”Racism Is Bad for Health” racism-is-bad-for-health

Defend black women’s rights to healthy motherhood! Cosigned by an African American brother!

Note: Pictures are not my personal property.


10 thoughts on “What Racism does to African-American Women (Black Mothers) in the United States of America

    • assalamualaikum (Yem Yo, in my language Yotti) sister Zainab,

      it is certainly a coincidence and of course this information never gets old. We have to persist on sharing it with others so that we could all grow!

      Thanks for stopping by. I will make sure I add your write up on my blog.


      • Heya

        I will post my article in a few days after it has been published in the online magazine I wrote it for. I am thinking of doing a part 2 because there is so much more to explore about this plus the stereotypes surrounding breastfeeding amongst black women.

        The root cause for poor birth outcomes – pre-mature births and infant mortality has been attributed to stress brought on my chronic racism experienced by a black women in her lifetime.

    • Fam Oma,

      anytime! I am grateful that I could be of use in sharing knowledge on important issues that are affecting our communities on the distantly continent and in the diaspora, much more direct effect. I hope we find healing with the help of each other.

  1. White women have money for their adventures , sex is one of said adventure for this purpose illiterate poor blackmen are widely available

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