African Dance and Music: Kids Safe

Weeks ago I completed teaching a course I called, “The Wonders of Africa.” The essence of  the class was to introduce young people to African philosophies. For example:  Food, music, art, dance, indigenous spiritualities, fashion etc. Despite Eurocentric bombardment of  ideas in the United States, I was surprised that my students had room for new worldview. Parents reported how their kids would not stop talking about what they have learned.This, motivated me to continue sharing, instilling positive, affirming black/ African portraits.

I am humbled. I hope this short catalog of  dance and music from the continent of Africa and its diaspora nurtures and thrills your kids as they did my students. I dedicate this write up to my 2017 students, particularly to the brilliant- beautiful daughters of Africa, Sankara and Della for persisting everyday, “Yoknyam, please play, ‘Natural Girls.’ ”

  1.  Natural Girl by Mzvee ft.Stonebwoy  ( Ghana, West Africa)
  2.  Black and Proud – Nah Bleach ( Jamaica, Caribbean) 
  3. Mama Africa by Bracket ( Nigeria, West Africa)
  4.  Khona by Mafikizolo ft Uhuru ( South Africa, Southern Africa)
  5. Doundounba Dance  ( Conakry, West Africa)
  6. Sangaan, Makishi and Nyau Dance ( Zimbabwe, Southern Africa)
  7. Revelations’ by Alvin Ailey  ( African-American, U.S.A)
  8. Capoeira , African Martial Art/Dance (Brazil, South America)
  9.  Shupe  by Mc Galaxy  ( Nigeria, West Africa)








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