Extraordinary African American Boys Making Us Proud

African American boys/males are often viewed through a narrow lens. In order to keep alive racist views about them, you hardly hear about their numerous contribution to the American society. This dangerous beast often rear its ugly head whenever a continental African or non indigenous black gets a little recognition. Recently Katherine Cohen, CEO and founder of IvyWise, a New York-based consulting firm. While offering her views on Kwasi Enin (Ghanian origin) being accepted into 8 ivy league universities.Cohen could not help but to be divisive and racist about it, she reportedly states, “Being a first-generation American from Ghana also helps him stand out…“He’s not a typical African-American kid.”

It is unfortunate that many African immigrants in the US and other people of African descent ( i.e from Jamaica, the Bahamas etc.) buy into the stereotype, they participate in spreading its venom.This poison is eating and destroying us. For example, you would often hear without any factual context from cycles of African Immigrants and Caribbean that, “African Americans (AA) are not taking advantage of the opportunities that the US offers them,” “AA do not like education,” or AA are lazy.”etc.

Below are few examples amongst many achievements and contributions of African American boys/ males. These young people are keeping the  tradition of AA ingenuity despite being in a society that does not often appreciate nor celebrate their contributions.They remind me of folks like Paul Robeson, James Baldwin, Paul Laurence Dunbar,Percy Lavon Julian and Ossie Davis.

1. Akintunde Ahmad aka Tunde accepted to top 12 universities including Ivy League





2. James Martin -Molecular biology

  • James-Martin17 years old
  • Youngest in his graduating class
  • Graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a 3.9 GPA in Molecular biology
  • He is working towards earning a PhD in order to be a professor
  • Watch him graduate here :

3.Carson Huey-You -youngest student to attend Texas Christian University (TCU)


4. Aylen Bledsoe – motivational speaker, president/ CEO of his IT company  worth $3.5 million



  • Started his company at 12 years old using his home computer
  • High school student
  • Company $3.5 mullion and growing!
  • Plans to attend law school to become copyright lawyer
  • Besides being a student, he held several leadership and volunteer roles in his community: “president of the Student Council and the Parent Teacher Student Association.Served as the chief technology officer of St. Louis Volunteen, a program to promote teen volunteerism, according to Patch. He was even partly responsible for bringing vegetarian options to his former middle school’s cafeteria.”
  • He started with 2 employees and now has 150 contracted employees
  • Read more of his story here:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/03/jaylen-bledsoe_n_3860585.html

5. Joshua Williams – homeless through most of his college career, started  his own scholarship to help other students 



6. Chad Thomas – offered 150 scholarship for his skill as a musician and football player 

Chad-ThomasNike Football Training Camp

7. Avery Coffey applied to 5 ivy league Universities and got accepted by all of them


Note: I dedicate this entry to parents that are doing their best to raise young African/black boys.

7 thoughts on “Extraordinary African American Boys Making Us Proud

  1. Thanks for your personal marvelous posting! I really enjoyed reading it, you are a great author.
    I want to encourage you to continue your great posts, have a nice weekend!

  2. It’s great to have Africans doing well in Diaspora….Good job by the blogger for dedicating this for africans…

    • Dada Wamboi,
      Asante for dropping by to check in on your girl. All is well,I have been on the move subsequently I have not posted new entries, well do that soon. By the way email me at yldabale@gmail.com that way we can connect and stay up to date with each other’s journey.

      bless up,


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