Ideas to help you cope with stress





Life is stressful, how we deal with our problems make living “enjoyable.” Our environment contributes to ways in which we cope with stress. Some people in an attempt to escape their problems they seek out quick solutions that often lead to long term destructive behavior. For example, extreme anger, drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, over eating, misbehavior towards elders, waywardness, etc. Rarely do we hear stories about troubled people who gravitate towards empowering strategies in order to cope with life. As a person that has gone through series of life changing events, I am often ask, “how do you maintain your sanity?” Below are few suggestions for those of you that are going through something, may you find your balance!

  • Do not compare yourself with others
    I tell this to some of my family members that are always trying to be something that they are not. If you want to make it in life, you must avoid comparing your life with other peoples’. Be the best you!
  • Cry on your friends’ shoulders
    Loyal friends would celebrate your victories and mourn your struggles.
    Tears of a woman
  • Learn from others struggles and victories
    The gods/spirits/ universe brought us together to inspire each other.
  • Exercise
    It would relax your body and keep you fit, I have utilized jogging for many years and it works.
  • Take a nap 
    Like exercising, it would calm you down and energizes you when you are awake.
  • Praying and waiting on “God” would not change your situation.
    You must be proactive in finding solutions. I.e Set your goals and then find ways to accomplish them. There are many route to solve a problem, do not be dependent on one method just because it is popular.
  • You are not special,others are dealing with stress too!
    This is a hard one, do not be a source of stress for others just because you are unhappy. Even in pain, be compassionate towards people around you.
    For example, I know grown folks who would ignite hell fire for their parents when they are in need, ignoring the fact that they have ill health, struggling with younger siblings and grandchildren.rescue
  •  Have a sense of humor, laugh alot:)o-OLDER-AFRICAN-AMERICAN-COUPLE-facebook


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