Libations To Our African/ Black Ancestors Who Paved The Way For Us


In his book titled ” Wretched of the Earth”

Frantz Fanon one of Africa’s well-known psychiatrist, philosopher,post-colonialist says “Each generation must discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it…”

The questions that Fanon raises for us former colonized and neo-colonized blacks around the world/ African people today are:

1. What is our collective purpose, our vision for our country and the entire continent of Africa/ the diaspora?

2. As individuals how are we contributing to our nation building?

3. Who inspires us?

4. Are we willing to sacrifice our time, resources to achieve our goals, collectively and individually?

5. Are we ready and willing to embrace our differences ( religion: African Traditional Religion, Christianity, Isalm, class: rich, poor, middle class, ethnic: Yotti/ Bali, Tigrinya, Edo, Twi, wolof education: formal, non-formal ) in order to accomplish our goals?

6. In our romantic relationships and or marriages are we building an african conscious family or are we simply following other peoples’ culture, as a result fueling self hate in our children?

Those who came before us ( our ancestors) many of them did their part, they served humanity to the best of their knowledge and abilities. They did not live off their parents/ family name or their ethnic (tribal) name but instead they drew strength, inspiration from them and others who held to truth as a rule. This short pan-African ( people from Africa and people of African descent in the diaspora) have shown us that we have nothing to lose but everything to win if we work individually and collectively; they showed us that we can accomplish all that we wished.

Our ancestors used their talents and gifts to solve their communities’ pressing needs. This generation of Africans/ blacks must look at our communities and ask what is most needed and then we use our individual talents, education, wo/man power,wealth etc to help out.This need could mean a young boy or girl in our community needs someone to help him/her with homework from school, or an old lady needs company or youth needs something to do with their free time ( start a program that could benefit them) or our neighbor lost his/her job offer a helping hand etc This means we should make it a point, by  helping our communities instead of waiting on missionaries from overseas to send us donations ( handouts), foreign aid from United Nations, etc. As former president of Burkina Faso ,Thomas Sankara wonderfully puts it, “he who feeds you controls you,” inorder for Africans to have complete independence and self worth in this world, they/we must work collectively and individually to achieve that goal. Constant begging from foreigners is only going to continue keeping Africans in subjugated position in the world.

But we have to get off our high horses particularly those of us with upper hand, kill the pride that is eating us up, by humbling ourselves for the sake of humankind,our people in Africa and abroad. I pay homage to my ancestors for sacrificing so much on mine and our behalf because of Truth ( Gaskiya) as it was reflected in their respective careers and they died with truth on their lips.That is why they are relevant even in death….

Truth Roll Call ( Short Edition):

1.Saint Kimpa Vita ( Priestess- she practiced African Traditional Religion but also fought for Christianity that speaks to the needs of black Africans not a version of European Christianity. Vita is from Congo) . More on Vita

2. Yaa Asantewaa ( Command/ liberation Leader from Ghana)- she led the people of Ghana in a battle to resist European slavery and colonization….more on Asantewaa

3. Kaka Chio ( Grandmama from Nigeria) she was an Africana Womanist from the village of Yotti Nigeria, who believed women could do both house and field work. She was a good example of working woman. One of my personal role model.

4. Dr. John Henrik Clarke ( Well known Historian and Pan-Africanist.. he is African- American ) see more here…clarke9.shtml

5. Patrice Lumumba (First prime minister-pan-Africanist from Congo)

6 Thomas Sankara ( President of Burkina Faso, Pan-Africanist-Anti-colonialism)
picture of Sankara ( L) wife ( R) and children ( middle).

7. Malcom X ( Human Rights Activist- Nation of Islam minister- Pan-Africanist–African-American)

8. Kwame Nkrumah ( Godfather of Africa-Pan-Africanist, President from Ghana)

9. Rt. Rev. Dr. Done ( Donny) Peter  Dabale ( Author, Nurse, Teacher, farmer, first bishop of the United Methodist Church in Nigeria ) read more about him here, gbgm102199dabalebm.html

10. Maria Steward,  First woman in U.S History to speak about women’s plight, first feminist- she is African-American ( Please note, we are not certain whether this is her actually picture ).

11. Steve Biko ( Liberation-Student leader-Anti-apartheid activist from South Africa)

12. Kwambana Damuah ( Scholar-Theologian-pushed for coexist of African Traditional Religions and monotheistic religions from Ghana)

13. J. Kambarage Nyerere ( Pan-Africanist- President from Tanzania )

14. Miriam Makeba ( Pan-Africanist-Anti-Apartheid- Musician from South Africa)

15. Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop ( Egyptologist, anthropologist, historian, physicist, politician,Sociologist, pan-Africanist from Senegal )

16.Zora Neale Hurston ( Writer- she is African-American )

17. Fela Kuti ( Pan-Africanist-musician from Nigeria)

18. Marcus Garvey ( Pan-Africanist-activists from Jamaica)

19. George Padmore (Pan-Africanist from Trinidad)

20. Josina Muthemba Machel ( revolutionary in Mozambique ), she is also the first wife of  Samora Machel the president of Mozambique.


Watch the trailer below,  it summarizes her story and that of other women revolutionaries in Mozambique 

21. Nzinga Mbande aka Ana de Sousa Nzinga Mbande ( Queen from Angola)

listen to her story here…”Only The Knife Knows The Coco Yam”

21. Paul Robeson ( Lawyer, human rights activist, musician, actor).

inspired to live up your dreams as you help contribute to the African continent and the diaspora stop…


Here are few examples:

1. “Fomba Trawally is a Liberian, former refugee in Ivory Coast who had to drop out of school inorder to support his siblings. With the help of his Ivorian friend who gave him a loan, he started his small business, now it grew so much that the company is one of the biggest in Liberia” In the future he hopes to start a manufacturing company in Liberia so that he can start exporting to other countries within Africa and beyond…Trawally former refugee who made it in Liberia

© bbc

2. Ikal Angelei, Kenyan environmentalist, fighting to stop the building of a dam that would destroyed the livelihood of the fishermen/ women, and their source of income. Angelei is the founder of the group “Friends of Lake Turkana (FoLT)”.
see more on : ikal-angelei

3. Joy Wanjiku is a Kenyan who realized that the elderly in her community were being abandoned for that reason she started an organization where she goes in with volunteers help them clean up and anything else they might need. Joyce Wanjiku Kairu Caring for senior citizens

4. P-Square is a band of Nigerian twins- self made musicians who used what they had in Africa to make something out of their lives.They are positive role models to young people who would like to capitalize their talents.

6.Vérone Mankou is a 26 years old engineer from Congo-Brazzaville, he invented the first homegrown computer on the continent currently his computers are on sales, please see the link: Congo-Brazzaville: Inventor Puts African Tablet On Sale

7. Deborah Ahenkorah is a 24 years old Ghanaian who started a project promoting -encouraging Africans to write children books because their is power in self- defining, opened children’s library in Ghana and she also awards the best author in a yearly competition …..

8.Kassi is an artist from Ivory Coast, he uses his work to depict the story of his society, see his homage to full figured/big women in Africa here….Kassi celebrates big ladies…

8 thoughts on “Libations To Our African/ Black Ancestors Who Paved The Way For Us

  1. Read Maria Steward 1833 speech at the Boston Masonic Hall
    Read Godwin Woodson 1933 reflections on nonwhite activity
    Hear Minister Malcolms 1963 ponderings on the media
    …any developments?

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