What is Juneteenth? Is it just an African-American celebration? Celebrating what?

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“Juneteenth… here’s what you probably didn’t know”

For the past 10 years, I have been celebrating Juneteenth with my African-American homies. In the current climate of high racial tension in the United States, relating to institutional racism and police lynching of Black/African-Americans. There is some  interest in black cultures not just so that “culture vulture” could exploit but members of the establishment are being forced to learn and support Black activities. 

A few people asked what really is this Juneteenth any way? Is it just an African-American celebration? Do Black people outside the U.S celebrate it?  This interview of Africologist, lecturer and Pan-Africanist, African-American, Brother Shabazz gives us a brief information about it. The interview was conducted by a Trukish T.V station. It has just been released and I got my hands on it.

Watch the 4 minutes video below ( if the link doesn’t work for you, copy and paste) .


Kzs interview on Juneteenth 2020

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