Black History Month with Midway City Friends (Quakers) in California, USA: Fighting to sever the poor

For Black History Month 2020, I just donated to a Church that is fighting for the poor who are mostly Black and Brown human beings. The church’s senior leadership wants to sell their property for profit and since the neighborhood is now mostly wealthy white folks, they reported the pastors for littering their community with poor people. I believe it is the responsibility of the Church to care for the “least of these” also this is my way of celebrating Black History Month, by giving a little token of appreciate for  Quakers,’ involvement in fighting for Blacks/Africans’ rights to be human beings during the horrific period of slavery. Mind you during this period, most white Christians supported slavery, so Quakers, were ahead of their white counterparts. I hope the powers on top remember who they were and what made them great men and women of God. Shout out to the local pastors Joe and Cara Pfeiffer  for their willingness to sand by the side of the poor. Love and respect to them. ( Pls, if you feel led, donate below)

Poverty in California, USA


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