My thoughts on Kwanzaa as an African Woman and upcoming event

Growing up in rural Northern Nigeria, I attended several cultural events, while in the diaspora I missed that and being a minority by race and ethnicity ( I am not Yoruba or Ibo, many times marginalized by them because I apparently “don’t look” or “sound Nigerian.”…the rubbish is real ) With that type of experience, as a PanAfricanist I didn’t let the nonsense bother me, besides I understood the power of as Fela would put it, “colo-mental” in fact it helped expand my African family. I befriended Afrocentric African-Americans/Blacks who introduced me to Kwamzaa, for over a decade I celebrated and sponsored it. To those in this area of Illinois, Galesburg. The Institute for Pan African Unity is having an event on Saturday January 25th, 10am -12:00 pm at their local library. Go eat FREE African and Soul food, celebrate African culture in America and those ancestors such as Dr. MLK jr, Ida B. Bells, Nina Simone, MalcolmX etc….ase, ase, ase.

Kwanzaa in Galesburg 2019


2 thoughts on “My thoughts on Kwanzaa as an African Woman and upcoming event

    • Hello Joe.
      Good question, African countries that are more Pan-African conscious, practice Kwanzaa E.g. Gambia, South Africa, Ghana etc. Unfortunately, even though Nigeria is such a large country, our national tone is mostly Eurocentric. We have/ had few Panafricanists who would have pushed for the embrace of diasporan holiday in the country but many of us are caught up in nonAfrican centered holidays.

      Lastly, Kwanzaa is a diasporan ( African American) construct, the creator combined several African festivals and that is reflected in its seven principles.

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