African Centered Home Decoration

If you want to know the values of a people, look at the way in which they decorate and build their homes. When I visit the homes of self-professing Africans, only to discover almost nothing in their homes indicates that they are indeed proud of their heritage. All too often our architecture ( those on the continent ) screams, “I don’t know who I am!” Below are some ideas for and images of African-centered home decorations and architecture that tell African stories. This imagery is especially important for our children in their formative years. Afro-Affirming images and objects around the house remind us of our Pan-African past, present and future. Be intentional folks.


164981_464757923592626_1590850187_n553188_441068309311361_1678892273_n59643_464753910259694_345676501_n935374_464753896926362_2095525586_n935353_588083151210726_693630154_n486892_441137675971091_1273884010_n417911_464752333593185_1976725876_n420759_464757916925960_1223039020_n553059_596209803723286_1284367990_n549764_441066049311587_1814400021_n559073_10151042885234642_1838313683_n554867_441066109311581_1772318084_n9881_588087141212732_735322942_n484315_458409667529658_1885045455_n396730_339681142783412_1554825861_n321528_464753903593028_1072127981_nAfrican Centered book shelf...



african kitchen ware 1487299_339682409449952_283097434_n

Photo by Yoknyam Dabale

Photo by Yoknyam Dabale



House structure / architecture

Ndebele Woman Painting a Wall

Ndebele of Southern Africa, House painting..

75605_280083868775532_1307627598_ncopyright Yoknyam Dabale199544_520066494689985_1858735456_n432013_306456286086786_100001672500680_815724_1379189269_n




©Omar Diaw Chimere

©Omar Diaw Chimere


 ©Augustin Kassi

©Augustin Kassi

_62835697_bigladiesAugustin Kassi

 ©Karen Seneferu

©Karen Seneferu

© karen Seneferu

© karen Seneferu


Please note, I do not hold copyrights to these images.

12 thoughts on “African Centered Home Decoration

  1. Thanks for the marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading it,
    you will end up a great author. I am going to make sure to bookmark your site and
    will often come back in the future. I do want to encourage you to keep
    on your best wishes, have a good week-end!

  2. G wiz. Appreciate the effort you put into this post
    often, when I go to family functions, or have them attend, I tend to wonder how I might “imprint” these ideas, and discussions on them…maybe this is the way forward

    • Yem yo (greetings) fam Omalone1, yes, many times family members are the toughest crown but the good news is that, you could simply decorate your home without saying anything to them. When they are confronted by the arts, images, high possibility they will ask questions and that could spark a conversation.

      Njika ( thank you) for the shout out and bless up.

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