Words Of Wisdom From The Bush For Those That Are Interested In Growing…

 African Proverbs (Yap wale) are part of my early formative years and as an adult they still play a role in my life. Like most indigenous people on the continent of Africa, the people of my ethnic group the Yotti of Middle Belt, Nigeria have unique glasses through which they read the world.Below I provide you/us with four amongst many words of wisdom that provide commentary on life and living. I hope they help you/us all in our day to day activities.

1. Advice on how to handle insults and back biting from others.
(In English) One rainfall cannot destroy the granary.
(In Yotti ) Li Ya nak bini wam binim.


2. Advice/ warning to make plans before jumping to any project.

(In English ) Before a dog barks, it knows the way to escape .

(In Yotti) A zaa sep to dabo kiye nya nu ka.


3. Advice on the importance of team work/ collectivism.
( In English) One stick of broom cannot sweep alone).

(In Yotti) Sele bini yagap sela ting.


4. Advice on judging character/ true colors of others.
( In English) A rolling stone gathers no moss.
(In Yotti) A tale kemle zuwo ma tare si, yakap dori kaba dikudyang.


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