White Controlled Media Portrays Black/ African Women in a Negative Light in Order to Uplift White Women: White Women’s Heaven is Black Women’s Hell…


A black man (African) told me that he finds black women unattractive because they are ghetto and have a lot of problems.He went further to explain his dislike by noting that he loves white women because they are beautiful and opposite of black women. I was disgusted as I listened to this man who was reared, loved, clothed, protected, supported financially by black people especially the black African womb that gave him life.

I cautioned myself however, sympathetic towards him as I reflect on the source of this black man’s confession of defeat and self hate. This pattern of thinking is common amongst many Africans and people of African descent in the diaspora. They lack self pride and have internalized the general half cooked stories, negative images they see of themselves, read in “history” books, news papers, magazines etc. “Mainstream” media paints black people negatively and gives one sided stories. In movies Africans, people of African descent are often cast as maids, loud mouths, exotic, clowns, beggars, ignorant,satan, hypersexual, drug addicts, grossly overweight, absent parents, victims, helpless in need of the white savior and almost always play supporting roles even when the storyline is about a black hero/shero.

And when the media sees they can’t continue getting away with an all white cast because of protest from conscious blacks they make sure that the person that they cast is “biracial” “mixed with white” or has stereotypical white European features. The renowned movie director Haile Gerima calls it “the formular”, white racists believe that they cannot have a great movie without having a white person as the leading cast. The fear of celebrating blacks/Africans in a diverse light pushes mainstream media to white wash blackness in every way possible.

Alongside uplifting white women as the epitome of beauty even when they mutilate their bodies in an effort to acquire African/black features…below I provide you with few examples, as you/we go through these images, lets ask, what is the way forward? I think we need a holistic representation of black people particularly women! In the words of great wise Malcolm X, ” “If you’re not careful..

Movies that insist on focusing on stereotypes and the “formular” about black/ African women

1. The Help, is a movie that glorifies white supremacy and the worship of white women as saviors.

2. Precious, a movie that was praised by white controlled media for demonizing black women, and glorifies grossly fat and overweight black woman as “Percious”

3. The high priestess of soul, Nina Simone’s upcoming Biopic will feature Dominican-Puerto Rican Zoe Saldana a “light skinned”, skinny Zoe Saldana who looks nothing like the priestess. Simone was dark skinned, wore her hair natural. Politically she spoke against racism, honored her African roots, in appearance and in her music. Hollywood ignored all of those important facts. Simone’s daughter disapproved of the movie, thus far they refused to listen to her.

In the picture below Simone is on the left and Saldana on the right…

If you care about how black people are presented and represented in the media.I encourage folks to boycott this so called biopic, don’t watch it!

Listen to Nina Simone below performing one of her classic, politically charged song tiled, “Mississippi Goddamn”


4. Harriet Tubman is featured in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Jacqueline Fleming a “mixed” race woman of Danish- German and African descent. Even though This movie is fictional, hollywood could not help but to cast a woman that has stereotypical European features.

Tubman was a dark skinned African woman, with wide nose, thick lips, round face, and natural kinky hair. And most importantly she was an abolitionist and humanitarian.

5. Racist Dove advertisement. Darker skin shade ( black woman) is placed as unattractive while the lighter skin tone as beautiful ( white woman )

6. Beyonce was named People’s Magazine 2012 Most Beautiful but the magazine could not help see Beyonce’s black/ Negro features: thick lips, and light brown skin for that reason they white washed, photoshopped her by lighting her skin and erasing her lips so that they could look more white European.

This is what Beyonce looks like without the blond wig and weave, see the picture below..

7. Miss Universe 2012 is Angolan Leila Lopes, a dark skinned, with black/ negro features. But when white controlled media feature her in their magazines they almost always ease her blackness…

This is Leila Lopes’ real, natural skin tone, the photo below was shot during the Miss Universe contest

watch her video here…

But this is what she is captured as ( see the picture below) this is the cover of Maxim Portugal…

White women with “black features” are celebrated for their beauty but black women with those features naturally are labelled by white media as ugly or simply ignored.

8. Vanity Fair features Kenyan actress Lupita Nyongo in their magazine, but they could not stand her dark skin, so they decided to air brush her to lighter complexion.

Vanity Fair whitening Lupita Nyongo's dark skin

1. Angelina Jolie’s “black lips” have been the talk of mainstream media for years…

2. kim kardashian, Armenia American is celebrated for her curvaceous body “black features”

3. Coco is now a reality t.v “star” for flaunting her “black features” every chance she gets.

For additional information

1. ” 5 Features That Black Women Have, That White Women Pay For” 5-features-that-black-women-have-that-white-women-pay-for.html

2 ” Celebrating the Black Beauty On White Women” celebrating-the-black-beauty-on-white-women

3. ” Are White Women Mutilating Themselves Trying to Look Black? An Analysis” are-white-women-mutilating-themselves.html

4.”Gatekeeper to the legend of Nina Simone, the songstress’ only child speaks on the controversial upcoming bio pic and who she’d like to see portray her mother” 2

5. Video instruction on how to “Get Angelina Jolie Lips Without Getting Surgery”

6. Nina Simone’s Daughter says the biopic set to start shooting October 16 about her mother featuring Zoe Saldana is unauthorized. Read her letter here … nina-simones-daughter-writes-an-open-letter-to-her-fans-about-her-mothers-biopic-movie-casting

7. Racist and Sexist psychologist of Asian descent uses his research to disrespect black women as being ugly, while white women with those features are celebrated as beautiful why-black-women-are-less-physically-attractive-tha

8.”Colorism in the Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter Film and Why it Does Matter” #

9. ” Bi Racial Actress Plays Harriet Tubman in Movie! Is this Ok or Offensive ?” ?p=9288

10. “Worst Casting Choice for Biopic Ever? Zoe Saldana to Play Nina Simone” zoe-saldana-as-nina-simone

11. “Stir Builds Over Actress to Portray Nina Simone” should-zoe-saldana-play-nina-simone-some-say-no.html

12. Listen to Nina Simone’s daughter interview on casting Zoe Saldana and how she is not a good fit for her mother’s biopic…portraying-nina-simone-in-a-new-biopic

13. Bad Black Mothers read Dr. Kwame Zulu Shabazz on his blog Thoughts of a Ghetto Intellectual…bad-black-mothers.html

14. Read Kola Boof’s outstanding piece, “Harriet Tubman is Biracial in Vampire Film Abe Lincoln! Shame On You Timur Bekmambetov & Tim Burton!” DOC-813383

15. Read “Celebrity Author & Egyptian-Sudanese Womanist Kola Boof Writes an Open Letter to Nina Simone Director Cynthia Mort About the Erasure of Nina’s Image” …celebrity-author-38-egyptian-sudanese-womanist-kola-boof-045300398.html

16.”India.Arie Speaks Out About Unauthorized Nina Simone Movie”….india-arie-speaks-out-about-unauthorized-nina-simone-movie

17. Dr. Kwame Zulu Shabazz speaks about how important it is for Africans/ blacks on the continent of African and in the diaspora to read, pay attention to their collective and world History.

18. Suggestions by Clutch, “Five Better Picks for the Role of Nina Simone Than Zoe Saldana”

Please note: Images and videos are not my personal properties. I however, have the copyright to the write up!

84 thoughts on “White Controlled Media Portrays Black/ African Women in a Negative Light in Order to Uplift White Women: White Women’s Heaven is Black Women’s Hell…

  1. This is an excellent and well documented post Peanut!
    My one criticism would be that the internalised self hatred of Black women can find expression in many types of Black or African men. Its certainly not just peculiar to African men.

  2. Sorry Yok!!!

    My apologies I got that wrong I was referring to someone else. If fact you can edit out that “… My only criticism…” as I don’t think it applies here.

    I must be missing our interactions on Facebook!

    • Fam Kwamla,

      I understand…LOL, I miss you too, I had to leave facebook because I am currently outlining a huge project! I have your email address, perhaps we could chat one of these days. Thanks for your feedback and I agree with you regarding internalized self hatred, granted in much regard it is not necessarily connected here as you wonderfully corrected yourself, it is still an issue in our global community. I hope to write a piece on black women’s response to white supremacy…e.g skin bleaching, hair perming etc.



      • Yes! Yok!. Its nice to hear from you again. I hope the project is going well for you. Some interesting posts and pictures on your blog which are both informative and inspiring. Lets definitely keep in touch! I’ll be sharing this post on my facebook for you to see when you get back!.

        Love and respect Yok!

      • Bro. Kwamla,

        giving thanks for folks like you, when I grow up I will not forget you, real talk. Things are falling in place slowly, patience is the key as you know. Thanks for sharing the information with out facebook fam.

        respect and bless up,

  3. Thank you for posting this, it is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed and I applaud you for doing so! There are more than enough highly qualified black actresses to take on a role like that of Nina Simone; and the fact that her daughter is being ignored is a disgrace. Things of this nature continues to happen, we must stand up with regards to matters such as this. The media has been getting away with it for far to long. We as Black women will not be ignored or replaced!

    I would love to share this with my readers over at BlackWomenStandUp Blog. I love reading your posts, and the pictures are always on point:)

    Peace and Love to you. We must continue to engage our people in this discussion.

  4. Reblogged this on Black Women Stand Up and commented:
    #BlackWomenStandUp – When I read this blog post, I knew I needed to share with my BWSU Family. This is such an important issue that we should be having conversations about, please read and share your thoughts. And most importantly – SHARE:)
    Peace and Always Love.

    • Yem Yo ( Greetings in Yotti/ Bali language of middle belt Nigeria) queen,

      you are absolutely right, we need to discuss these things. And also take actions by boycotting movies, books etc that persist on depicting blacks in Negative light… we are a whole people!

      May Mwari bless us all as we fight sexim and racism!


  5. I understand how you could read it against your race/gender. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about gradual racial blending. White people and black people are both being skillfully conditioned to accept one another.

    Mainstream media cannot make one huge jump, because no one would believe it. So they do it by generation. Each upcoming generation gets a little bit more indoctrinated about racial equality, but reality doesn’t change.

    It isn’t that darker women are intentionally marginalized in mass-media. It’s that the populous must be made to accept the illusion of racial equality, gradually. Every decade or so a little bit more race reality is glazed over and replaced by myths.

    Media advertising presents middle-class blacks as roughly 1/3 of the population, and it portrays whites and blacks socially involved with each other. Progressively, blacks are portrayed as occupying higher economic positions, having more intelligence, and acting more like whites.

    That’s the evil side. People believe they are acting rightly to portray the “black woman’s plight.” There’s a really old movie, The Color Purple, that portrayed blacks in a oppressed light.

    Mississippi Burning is another old film that sought to bleed sympathy, but really was 10 steps backwards for African Americans. We must not forget the past, or we will make the same errors again.

    If anyone visits my blog, I’ve been slowly changing it. I’m older now, and before I went away to school, I really didn’t know what was going on. I was given incorrect information that I believed, although I wasn’t sure, but it might sound racist to some people.

    I hope to have everything corrected in about 3 months. So, don’t hold my youthful ignorance against me, please.

    And, I think what that black guy said to you is really cruel! Even if he actually feels that way, he shouldn’t say it out loud! I’m sorry you’ve been so let down. But you’re a good writer. There will always be opposition and adversity, everywhere. Don’t get dragged into Hell with those who dives headlong into eternal flames.

    • Dear Fragile Swan,

      thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Pardon the delay in replying. I certainly believe blacks especially dark skinned women are marginalized intentionally as I expressed in the piece. I disagree with you that ignoring dark skinned black/ African women is an effort to blend races. However, I agree with you that there is an illusion of racial equality in the U.S.

      Thank you for stopping by and please do feel free to share your thoughts, there is never a stupid comment. And being young should not stop you either.

      bless up and keep thinking

    • that is how white supremacy works, dehumanized others/ blacks inorder to empower white people in this case white women. The goodnews is that, Africans today don’t have to accept this position, just like our ancestors who came before us, we have to continue to resist. I encourage you and others to boycott the so called biopic of high priestess Nina Simone….this is one way to show white racists that we are not going to allow blatant disrespect!

      bless up

      • I’m a white woman. I see the beauty in all people, no matter their color, worldwide. I do know and accept that many people have a negative view of African Americans or “blacks”. I once did. I’m tired of hearing that blacks commit more crimes, or that black women have too many babies and always have them young, or that all black women have attitudes, or that black men like white women. I’m tired of the stereotypes. Just as many white and all other colors in between do the same things…. I wish we could celebrate our physical characteristics instead of comparing them….I always branched out even as a younger woman, to have black friends. I never looked at them as different. We are all people. At the root of it all, I don’t understand how someone can feel that the tone of one’s skin makes them less or more. I don’t like how some people in my family say that my large butt must be proof of the “black” in our family. I’ve also been told I have ‘black’ lips but my lips are not big (the stereotypical belief that blacks all have big lips). I love everyone and wish there wasn’t stuch a stigma to being black in the US.

  6. I enjoyed reading this presentation as I have your others. The thing that stopped me cold is when I heard they were gonna make a bio-pic of my spiritual mother Ms. Nina Simone. I thought back to when I saw her in the park while on my father’s shoulders and I couldn’t wait to relive that day. That was truly a beautiful, brilliant, bright, Black day. So I went digging for some more info, like who would play Ms. Nina. and when I saw who they choice I thought….WTF. These people are rewriting history to be more palatable to a generation of Black people that trip up all over themselves for anything white. This has got to be a mistake and as to not name call I’ll leave it there. Thank you sista for a lovely post.

    • Dear fam hunglikejesush,

      thank you for stopping by and for sharing your adventure in search of our beloved goddess Ms.Nina Simone. She was truly a gift and we will continue to celebrate her life and use the words of wisdom she left with us.

      bless up and thank you for the shout out.

  7. Here’s the thing……This alone isn’t good enough reason to start revolution. Not to mention, a lot of the other isolated ‘issues of oppression’ facing Black america are all (by themselves) not a good enough reason for revolution. But if you were to tally “things like this” into a overall general sentiment of how we are treated in this country……our media depictions…..the disparity in the prison industrial complex…….the war on drugs……the marginalization of our collective political power……. etc etc. All those are reasons for us to stand up…..but……but……..BUT……..

    No one is going to stand up…. We have all been made to be complicit to our oppression. Why? Cuz we all “just need to earn a check” these days….

    A Black community is not simply a neighborhood of predominantly individuals of African descent. Where is the UNITY in our community? Its very easy to bitch about Hollywood. What can be done about it……a simple boycott of one movie?? Seriously?

    Recently, I pondered on how inconvenient revolution can be….and in particular how inconvenient the bus boycott was. As inconvenient as it may have been for all, there was a shared understanding of the importance of it. Because Black people were FED UP.

    Today, if all the so-called Black leaders got up and said we need to boycott the Motion picture industry….NO MOVIES…..NO BUYING DVDS……NO PAY PER VIEW……
    We NEED to be treated better by the industry and have them stop Whitewashing everything about American culture.

    How many would participate?? I’d love to be optimistic, but sadly I think not that many……they wouldn’t even give up the luxuries of a system of entertainment that serves to marginalize and down-play your existence in this society. THATS how individualistic we have become.

    I’d love to be proved wrong, of course…

    • i agree with you, leaders in the black community e.g. pastors are more interested in making money for themselves and will not concern themselves with all that hassle of boycotts and such. I get annoyed when african american actors in hollywood complain of few good roles for them and yet many have acquired power and status and money and influence. why don’t they start producing their own films that show the diversity of black culture and black women, they are too concerned with the bottom dollar. Individualism is the reason that no revolution of this kind will take place. People are looking out for themselves nowadays even among other cultures that valued collectivism e.g asians, indians etc

  8. This was a great post. All this whitewashing is a real sickness. White supremacy in it’s truest form! This is why we have so much self hatred in our community.

    • exactly, black people are painted ugly in order to position whiteness as superior, this is not a recent development as you know, but sadly many of us are still drinking the kool aid, we need to keep speaking truth, backing it up of course to those who question our message with facts as I have attempted above. I encourage us all to boycott the water down up coming Nina Simone biopic. I cannot support such an insult to the priestess nor to other black people.

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  10. I think this is a good blog. It’s good that real black women, (not mixed-race or asian whatever other’s are trying to refer to as blackwomen) are finely taking a stand. I realise that this is the reason why my black man can’t stand the sight of me and will even leave me for a less attractive mix-race or whitewoman, because that is all that is presented as beautiful. Real Blackwomen are the one’s that don’t need as much makeup and they certainly don’t need lip, bottom boosters and to be honest we need to get back to the afro-hairstyles regardless of what the whiteman says or thinks. We need to take a stand all we have to do is fast and pray. We have a God who does not want us to cut our hair as it is the crowning of a woman’s glory. If we decide that we are going to stay black no matter what then the world will have to accept us. Why are we still dating black men with negro hair that don’t bleach, when we get the opportunity. If they still look like that then why should we change. Don’t adapt to societies racism, stamp it out by just looking like you did when you was a little girl with the (so called nappy hair). My hair is nappy so to speak and it gives me problems but I don’t half find some beautiful styles like the chiny bump, afro and some times I twist it with wax, let the white society accept you not the other way around. Especially in America, once it starts there everyone that is truely black as in negro will follow and if the black man wants to leave let him be gone, that shows that he was never good in the begining and if that is his attitude no matter what he says in the eyes of God he has sinned. Racism, discrimination, prejudism are evil demonic spirits that annoint people as much as anyother sin. We need to just be ourselves again and we’ll be much happier and we won’t have to make much effort and we’ll be happy in ourselves. Take the Rastafarian’s for example their hair is nappy and no comb goes through it but they look good. They will eventually have to use us in the media. If I had a choice of what race I’d choose then I would rather be black. We have the best features and figures and we have more to offer. Everybody wants the black feature and body all that we seem to want is the hair and colour but we need to stop watching the colour and hair because it’s not just the media doing that it’s our blackmen making us feel unworthy. Get rid of them coz they still have dark skins for those who have and nappy hair and they’re getting all of the ladies of whatever race. Love yourself and maybe the media will start to love you.

  11. I really hurt and cry when I think of how dark skinned black women are especially ill-treated by the world and society that we live in, and by black men who, makes her feel less of a woman although she is much more attractive than he is naturally. Thou he looks like her, he denies her beauty because of the colour of her dark skin. The black man is the real reason why black women bleach their skin. If black men had accepted them, regardless of who hated them, they would not feel alone and left out in this world and feel that they have to bleach to be someone. When I had my hair straight, I could not believe all the black men that found me attractive and when I went back to nappy all eyes turned away in disgust. I had to ask myself do black men self hate when they feel their own nappy head so to speak? because they don’t like the black woman to have the nappy head but, they don’t change the texture of their hair so, what is it all about and why should they expect the woman to change the texture of her hair? She is his mother, sister and daughter but he allows the world to hate her and he joins in with them. If the dark skinned black man with negro hair does not stand by his woman of the same race, then she will never be accepted in the world that she lives in. In every race there is beauty but the black woman of the negro race is the most beautiful. She is just presented in a very, very bad way, by the world. I say it’s jealousy. How can people hate the negro black woman but they don’t hate the negro black man and want to ravish him. How can people hate a people because of their colour? It is pure unadulterated evil, stemed from fear and annointed demonic evil spirits. We must be very special because the world hated Jesus Christ and he was very special and still is very special.

    • STFU… Ha Black women are not rejected by black men because of there color! I’ts because you all are fat and wear fake hair! Blacks don’t seem to have high standards for themselves.

      • You mean to tell me that all black folks are fat? And black women are the only ones that wear fake hair? Please stop the foolish talk, if you don’t have anything constructive to say.

    • Wow. I am Mixedrace and my heart bleeds knowing what us Mixedrace families go through. We are the one bullied by society especially by dark skinned black females. My father is African and my mother is Eastern European. There is pure love between them. How much suffering they have been through just so they can marry and have me and my siblings. Inbreeders leave my beautiful mixed family alone. We are of God. You are of devil because you have hate on your mind. God is gonna be your judge.

  12. My boyfriend and I have always argued about this. First of all, thank you for the write up, I will be posting it to him!

    He dated about 7 white girls before me. None of them made him feel comfortable as me. I enjoy cooking a lot so I cook his meals as well. I respect him and show him love. The first day he raised the issue he said “he honestly thinks that white women are better than black women” I held myself from taking it personal so I asked why? He said because they dont nag as much, they break up quickly and never bother the guy again and they are very good in bed.

    Then, I said, since you started dating me, how many times did you have to eat at Mcdonalds and he was like none. Okay how many of your white girls ever cooked a meal for you and he said None. Then I said to him, in your next 10 visits, I will not be cooking, you will buy out. I got a little pissed and said to him every time we argue look, go meet your white girls sure they are better than me.

    Some months later, we talked about the same discussion. This time his views had completely changed and he was like he believes every woman is beautiful and he is really happy he dated a black woman.

    What am I trying to say: He is African, he believes that White people are the reserved, cool headed and always right people. I did a lot of things to make him realise that as an African woman, I have been brought up decently (not saying white people are not) and to focus. The fact that I dont suck his anus or lick his cum or club and have numerous one night stands doesn’t make me less of a woman or make white women better than myself. HE WILL NOT DARE SAY ANOTHER WOMAN IS PRETTIER OR SLIMMER THAN ME!

  13. As a 32 year old white male I think it is a shame that the majority of black women aren’t celebrated for how beautiful they are. Women like Serena Williams, India Arie, and Regina King are absolutely gorgeous. The list could go on. When I hear terms like “white media” or “white folk” it is a tough generalization to take because I want no part of it. I think the real shame is that there really is a whole generation of white people out there that do appreciate black women, that appreciate the differences in all of us and don’t want this white washing fed to us either. I think it is also important to look at some victories in the media as well. In my opinion I think it is great what the Walking Dead has done with the Michonne character. For them to cast Danai Gurira was huge. They portray her as sexy, strong and badass. She is a favorite on the show and in the comic book. Hopefully over time the perception will change and more people will wake up.

    • Matt,
      certainly, we ought to celebrate the little “victories” and yes there are white folks that appreciate black/african beauty, but the premise of my piece points to a structure that positions blackness/Africaness as the other, hence limiting what the black body can and cannot do. I am critiquing a system rather than individuals.

      thanks for stopping by and one!

  14. I started to see this when I was getting older. I was wondering why Hollywood and mainstream media always portrays black people with such stereotypical images. They can’t make movies with normal black people in them. They are always either A. Criminals, gang banger stereotypes, or drug dealers. Or B. They are in some ridiculous crazy comedy to make fun of like the Tyler Perry movies, which are also loaded with stereotypes.

    Minorities are heavily oppressed in America and it’s down right disgusting. A country that loves to brag about how they have so much “diversity” and are “the great melting pot of the world” forget to tell you, the melting pot is only for white people. They used white actors for years in Hollywood to give these racist dramatic stereotypical images to make everyone think it was OK how they came over to America and slaughtered the American Native Indians to steal their land. They can’t get even get it right to this day when they constantly cast white actors to play Middle Eastern people.

    Look at the Michael Vick dog fighting case. They ran that in the ground so much and came up with the stereotypes that only blacks do dog fighting. The media forgot to mention it was white hate groups that did this for years before he was even born, and it originated back in white countries.

    It makes me down right sick to see how all this embraced in society. I don’t judge people by color, when I see a black man walking down the street, I don’t lock my doors in fear or cross the other road scared he might do something, but more and more I see how we are brought up to believe this. The TV raises people with the stereotypical images, and America is the most TV fed country in the world. When you turn it on, 95% of the time they show black people, it’s in a negative light.

    • The hole in your logic is that Hollywood only creates the scripts and provides the filmcrews – There is always and I mean always some who are willing to play the Aunt Jemima or the Skip and Fetch roles. You see no shortage of not funny black comedies on television and today these are on the Ocra Winfrey Network!
      YOu do this to yourselves because you refuse to embrace your rights as Americans and continue to play the victims needing to be saved by the government. The gripes dont work anymore — How am I or you responsible for the theft of and slaughtering of Amerinds? I owe no one any apologies and neither do you – But Americans are owed the apology for the population electing a known communist to our highest office. That is negative light that you are ignoring.

      • true, I would argue that is because some people do not have much of an option so they settle for what they get! That said, African American communities for centuries have always done it for self, outside the white gaze, entertaining themselves they way they see fit.

  15. It is clear that a women like Harriet Tubman cared mostly about humanity, dignity and especially freedom for all mankind including the southern black slaves. I certainly doubt that Miss Tubman cared one red rats -$$ about appearances and the patterns worn on your clothing. Blood testing will quickly quiet the rants and raving when all are discovered not to have an nth of a per cent of African Blood in them — You are all born American and Hollywood has it wrong about a lot of things but certainly, a persons features are their features and thus unalterable. This type of style issue come mainly from persons not being able to live with themselves. Hollywood cannot make you do or be anyone you choose not to be. I wish you would all grow up and join the American Tradition and help us to recover our stolen administration and government. The worries over fashion are ludicrous.

  16. You know most shows today are written by ww, that’s why there is such a bad representation of bw…I don’t even watch TV anymore, I just go online to watch Girlfriends lol which happens to be produced by a wm, and shows a good representation of bw.

  17. We African Americans must continue the long march of our parents. A march for a more just, and equal society. However we cannot solve the challenges of our time while always responding to deplorably negative statistics and information about ourselves that are being totally compiled by whites– which we can in fact neither confirm, nor refute. This unfair arraignment has always given white America the ability to define Black America before the entire world and the power to profoundly manipulate Black self-perception.
    The white elites have always been cognizant of this powerful position and ability and have always secretly used it to their advantage. Through their corporate owned and government controlled media outlets, it is the white ruling elites that gives the world the image of Black America. Their perpetuated depictions have expressed a profoundly distorted view of African Americans. A view that sees their white racism as no longer a significant problem in America; that revises the past to conveniently make themselves appear less inhumane throughout our history; and that elevates what is wrong with Black America above all that we know is right with Black America. Their portrayal of Black America is one that ignores all facts that conflict with their own racist conceptions and sees the endemic problems of Black America as rooted primarily with Blacks themselves, instead of emanating from their white racism.
    These distorted views of Black America that amplifies the negative to the point that it distorts reality are more than just biased media reports they function as a psychosocial programs. It is a modern racist system that covertly uses the mass media as a tool for ensuring that its white dominance and control be maintained. And while less overt than in the past, their affects are very real and very powerful.
    Their deplorable distorted depictions of Black America not only conforms African Americans to the caricatures being peddled by many white conservative commentators, it also negatively defines Black America before the entire world and collectively negatively influences the self-perceptions of Black America.
    This media driven psychosocial campaign –that depicts whites as the standard of ethics and morale value despite a brutal history to the contrary and Blacks fraudulently as being all that’s wrong with America–is very powerfully convincing. Sadly it convinces many African Americans themselves to accept this frame of thought. It causes many to function as amnesiacs forgetting the history of white barbarity while simultaneously developing profound admiration for whiteness and contempt for their Blackness. It is attributed to the decrease of overt racial pride, unity and cohesion, and ambitious perseverance that were once the hall mark of Black American identity. The white media told us that Black unity and cohesion no longer existed and we accepted their fraudulent assessment of us thus making it our reality. [Our own negative experience with fellow Blacks merely acts as confirmations to what is being implied to us through their media].

    When we African American argue over the disparities within our communities we are in fact doing so over information which we can in fact neither confirm nor refute given to us by whites. And this fact gives them power over us. We African Americans in fact cannot even be certain of how many of us are there in America, because were relying upon whites to tell us that amount. They that have been telling us for decades that we’re still only 12% of the American population while in the same breath telling us that our rate of having babies is immorally much higher than theirs.–if the later is true than why has our numbers remained 12% for so long? Could we actually be 15 or even 25%? We would actually never know because the ruling white elites would always give to us a lower number of ourselves to suppress our mental image of our own strength.

    This psychosocial treatment also causes behavior among Blacks that can appear psychologically retarding. Because some of what it shows to us is made to look cool many of our youths are imitating ridiculous habits. Many African Americans, they that have become mentally fatigued by the media’s unrelenting deplorable depiction of Blacks– now consumed by frustration, internalized racism and contempt towards their race often vents their frustration against their own race. These groups then become engaged within a constant argument with the collective group. This media psychosocial treatment of African Americans causes Black disunity at a time when we need unity; it distracts us from solving real problems; increases self-loathing at a time when we need to come together to face the complicity in our condition–especially now in the face of a falling economy. It prevents the African-American community from forging the alliances within it needs to bring about real change.
    I am aware that because most African Americans are unfamiliar with this media deployed psychosocial method of exercising white racism, therefore many will find it too difficult to contemplate. Nevertheless, it is directly intertwined with the extensive challenges negatively impacting Black America today.
    I am also aware that there will be some that will see this article as a wrongful attempt to absolve the black race of all of our own responsibilities- a declaration suggesting that Blacks should ignore all statistics and live our lives vicariously. I can assure you it is not.

    But clearly most of us will agree that if we are to solve our problems that there must be gained unity among us. A much needed unity that is being deliberately prevented by this massive media’s psychosocial treatment of us that subjects us to seeing only the fraudulent worst within ourselves thus divides us as a mean of holding on to its white powers.

    We will never be able to come together and solve our many challenges as long as our existence is being covertly manipulated and defined to us by whites. For as long as the power to assess the strengths and weaknesses of Black people remains in the hands of whites they will always deem it necessary to transmit those information that perpetuates their whites superiority over we Blacks.
    They will always give to us the fraudulent data that suggest that Blacks cannot govern themselves as a means of keeping its Black population accepting white dominance and white institutions over their lives. [This is even being done in the way that Africa is portrayed to African Americans.]
    As long as it is whites that are controlling the societal score board, it will remain we Blacks that are on the losing team.
    Although we African Americans now have different incomes, educational levels and affiliations, we must stay cognizant of the fact that America does still harbors deep-seated racial biases. And that if we are ever to obtain our common hopes for a better tomorrow we must recognize that the prospect for this better tomorrow remains grim as long as it is whites that are defining and manipulated us Blacks.
    This modern system of covert white racism that uses the mass media as a tool for ensuring that its white dominance and control be maintained will continue to be used by the white ruling elites regardless of whom is sitting in the white house. We should not allow ourselves to be made delusional by the historically and wonderful cadency of Senator Barrack Obama. For it is greatly likely that if he is allowed to win it will be more about restoring Americas eroding global image and standing in the world, rather than bringing equality to us African Americans. Senator Obama himself has stated that; I have never been so naive as to believe that we can get beyond our racial divisions in a single election cycle, or with a single candidacy.

    History affirms that white America has never easily retired its system used to maintain its white dominance and control over its Black population. I believe this is an issue that we can no longer ignore. To merely ignore this disclosure and label it as misguided or even reverse racism, without recognizing that it is grounded in legitimate concerns would be a monumental mistake.

    Although this literature references African Americans, much of what is discussed is applicable to African people throughout the world.

    Franklin Jones aka ThaNubian
    To learn more and see just how deep that the rabbit hole really goes visit http://www.DivineBlacktruth.org merely conduct an Internet Search under The Black Matrix By Franklin Jones or you can instead take red pill and forget ever thing that you’ve read.

  18. I came across this blog while researching American Media and the Black Woman. It’s awesome and factual without hostility and anger. However, the ignorance of some Americans is so disgusting and embarrassing. Especially White Americans, many of them expect us to be good little happy negroes, “after all, one of you is in The White House!” When Negroes discuss their real live experiences of covert and overt racism in this country many Whites respond as though we truly live in a society that overlooks color, and angrily lash out, “Those people always complaining, why don’t they help themselves.” However, when Jewish people cry out because of anti-Semitism, their respected for defending their heritage etc. etc. Well maybe if Black people are truly left to their own devices, just maybe we’ll see a better, stronger and a more self-sufficient people rise up. Moreover, it seems that this blog is written by a Black woman (educated) for Black women (educated), so if you don’t fit in this category keep your ignorant replies to yourself or at least reply with an ounce just an ounce of intelligence! That way someone else could possibly learn something.

  19. This is simply incredible. I am not black myself, I’m actually South Asian, however, I found this simply fascinating.

  20. This is a hanousley opinionated article, underpinned by an overly defensive attitude most likely derived from some deep seated insecurities. It contains no empirical references or factual basis and actually serves to perpetuate racism.
    There is no particular race victimized by the unrealistic portrayals of popular media. We as a peoples not a race, should take responsibility of cultivating our own self worth, confidence and happiness, not pass that buck to Hollywood. It isn’t the TVs job to raise our children.

    • Television and media in general shape the way folks see the world, hence it is vital that we have diverse representation of humanity! Please read the piece again if you did not get it the first time.


  21. Zoe Saldana is Afro Latina, she is still black. She may not know what it is to be a dark skinned woman, she does however know what it is to be two minorities. She is incredibly intelligent and will understand the role in the film and how it relates to her as a black women and other women as well. We as African Americans have to stop defining what is black and what isn’t.

  22. At first I thought this article was good but then as I reached further down, there were some ignorant things. First of all, having a curvy body isn’t a black feature. Like seriously? Having full lips isn’t a black feature either. Other white women have them and Asian women and men have full lips, you should see my filipino friend. Brown skin is not just a “black” feature. People all over the world have brown skin. Just look at India and some parts of east Asia.

    One of the most notable features that are actually unique to black people is the tightly coiled hair and honestly, black people white wash themselves by straightening their hair to meet European standards so you don’t blame the media for that. Beyonce makes a choice to wear a bleach blonde weave/wig. Tyra makes a choice to wear her weaves and wigs. Yes broad noses s with a non-protrusive bridge is common amongst black people too although Asian people have that feature as well. Honestly Lupita still has dark skin in the ad where she is surrounded my white. People of color look lighter or darker depending on how much light there is. Are you gonna call fluorescent lighting racist if it makes you look lighter or the sun? The Beyonce Loreal ad is racist and the fact that they use nonblack actors for black rolls is racist too. So you were at least right about those things.

      • OP, i am young but wise and I do not appreciate the way we are being potrayed in the media especially as a junior in high school whom will soon enter a world that neglects me for the “me” that is seen in the media how could we boycott it when some people simply have lost hope or do not want to fight against the ones that belittle us. Is it even possible at this point. One thing I have noticed about our generation of young african American females is that we’d rather sit and complain about our treatment and our ancestors treatments instead of being like our ancestors and attempting to change it.

  23. There are so many folks here that do not see the trend of black women – whtie man – it is incresing by leaps and bounds evey day. You folks must not go to the Malls, Movies, Sporting Events or walk down the street of any major business area of American Ciites – black professional women have not issues being with whtie men as long as they are well off – well groomed, polite and respectful. It used to be a well off husband would want to have a affair with a white co-worker or and white women half decent – today do you know that when a black wife cheats – one who is college educated and a good bread winner – will have no issues going to bed with a white man if she so desires. Plenty of my married friends are having affairs with white men who treat them good and spend all types of $ on them. This myth of dick size is just that – it does not make the man and is way over-rated – besides do know that white men in good shape have all the tools needed for being a good lover. Educated black female professionsl – Doctors, Lawyers, Politicans, Accountants, etc all are trying out white men, this is not going to stop and only increase.

  24. Black features in America do not necessarily represent African features. Africans are very diverse and fronting West African/Sudanic features as true African features is wrong. In Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Sahel (Sahara Desert Regions), North Africa, Parts of Central and Southern Africa the same may not be true. The slaves that were taken to the America’s were from West Africa and this explains the American misconception of African/Black features.

  25. I saw how you pit Kim Kardashian and Coco in this article to “showcase” part of how “white media” shows blk women in a bad light when it was BLACK MEN that made Mom & CoCo famous. Coco was even on the cover of Black Man Magazine, as are a lot of white and non black women.

    Folks, look on the covers of Black Man Magazine and tell me if you see a Lupita on the cover. But you will find many Cocos.

  26. Hollywood is dominated by the SJW left. These are the same fascist hypocrites who demand all black voters must vote Democrat and stay poor and ignorant on the welfare party plantation while any black free thinker is attacked as an “uncle tom race traitor” who should be “hanged” and “put in his place.” It is still the party of the KKK where food stamps have replaced chains as the primary means of self-imposed slavery; where gun control has always meant disarming black families from violent criminals and abortion has always meant population control of “inferior races.” It’s SJW Hollywood that glorifies murderous self-destructive gangbanger behavior, making martyrs out of strong-arm thugs. The Democrat plantation owns every ghetto in America and that’s an absolute fact.

    • “Black lives Matter” excludes those of young black men who murder each other along with thousands of innocent bystanders in the “gun-free” sanctuary cities every year.

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