Traditional African Spirituality: Sobonfu Some Talks About the Importance of Being in a Community

Sobonfu Some is world renowned author and custodian of African Spirituality from the Dagara ethnic group (tribe) of Burkina Faso. Sobonfu, as her name implies “keeper of rituals” was chosen at birth by the gods and ancestors to lead her community on ancient wisdom and rituals.Along side leading her community back in Africa, she travels around the world instructing others on African’s ancient mysticism. As an African woman who has been mastering, reflecting and embracing my culture and ancient spirituality. I find Sobonfu’s wisdom helpful, coping with life on diverse topics such as embracing one’s gifts ( talents),grieving, relationships ( sexual and non-sexual), connecting with ancestral spirits, community development.

Below she talks about “fanning the fire” of community and the roles individuals play in the process. She defines community as a guiding Light behind any being, it helps a person to achieve a life purpose, without a community, a place to contribute a person is lost…the community answers the questions: Who can see me? Who can accept me not tolerate me?

Be inspired, find yourself friends, family members ( immediate and extend) who encourage you to shun dangerous lifestyles such as: excessive alcohol drinking, sexaul promiscuity ( e.g triple dipping), doing drugs, stealing from work, the mall, family members, flashy material things even though you can’t afford them, disregarding African traditional culture and languages as backwards etc. Be in a heathy community that nurtures and empower you not limit and disrespect your person.And in return be a good member of the larger community by accepting people for who they are not simply tolerating them.

For additional information on Sobonfu’s work:


1. The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient Teachings in the Ways of Relationships

Welcoming Spirit Home: Ancient African Teachings To Celebrate Children And Community

3. Falling Out of Grace: Meditations on Loss, Healing and Wisdom

If interested in buying her books here is a link:0972520023


4. Building a shrine ” Preparing your Sacred Space- The Wisdom of Sobonfu Some”

5.Mythic Journeys®: Sobonfu Some on Artists, Happiness and The Fake Rabbit

6. 5 major elements of the Dagara Cosmology ( Fire, Water,Earth, Memory, Nature)

7.Sobonfu Some on Grieving and Recovery

8. Song and words of Wisdom on learning to honor the living and the dead.

9. The roles rituals play in a life of a child- name, death…

6 thoughts on “Traditional African Spirituality: Sobonfu Some Talks About the Importance of Being in a Community

    • yem yo ( greetings ) fam Oma,

      yes, Sobonfu is doing a good job sharing to the world our ancient spirituality. Even though other indigenous people around the world practice a form of spirituality, Africa’ s is the oldest because she is the mother of all.

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