Is it African for Men to Abuse and Disrespect Women?

I have heard many times that it is African for men to beat, slap and in general abuse women.This perception of gender relations in Africa pushed me to ask whether there are historical records (pre-colonial), stories, proverbs that address the issue. Below are images of modern African men helping their women and proverbs that take us back to the continent’s ancient wisdoms. I hope they help us expand our thinking to learn from additional angle of Africa’s stories by so doing African men and women could work together in uplifting the continent. Don’t limit yourself to a narrow thinking…

1. “A woman is a flower in a garden; her husband, the fence around it.” (Ghana).

2. “If a man sees a [dangerous animal] and a woman kills it, what matters is the death of the [ animal].” ( Nigeria)

( In Yoruba, Bokùnrin réjo bobìnrin pa á, kéjo má sa ti lo ) dap@ comrade Egbesu lady-na-master-my-question-to-black.html

3.”We are born from the womb of our mother; we are buried in the womb of the earth.” (Ethiopia)

4. “Give birth to children and you will be pregnant with worries.” ( Namibia)

5.”No matter how wicked the mother hen is, it cannot carry a kite’s chick.” ( Yotti/Bali people of Nigeria)

6. “A mother cannot give birth to something bigger than herself.” ( African Proverb)

7. “Two bosom friends that vie one and the same lady have chosen a common road to be each other’s enemy.” ( Ghana)

love you forever!

B.Hard working African man cooking solid grits (sun in Yotti language of Nigeria)

C. Black father spending time with his son at the beach.

D. African father with his daughter

E. A baby on its’ father’s back while he washes clothes.

F. Real African men work beside their women, they are partners. Both the tail and head cannot function without each other. Wise up black people!

G. An African father with a baby on his back while he washes dishes!

For additional information check the links below:

1. ” Men do women’s work and women do men’s work”
This video tells us that gender relations in Africa are not fixed.
Ethiopian farmer transforms lives. No book learning required. dap@Thoughts of a ghetto intellectual ™

2. ” Male Daughters, Female Husbands: Gender and Sex in African Society” by Ifi Amadiume

3. “African Traditional Religions in Contemporary Society” Edited by Jacob k. Olupona

5 thoughts on “Is it African for Men to Abuse and Disrespect Women?

  1. Oh this is lovely. May I use some of these images to make paintings? Or at leats can you connect me with the photographer(s). Thanks and may God bless you!

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