Research Shows “beerbelly,” “Potbelly” is Dangerous to your Health

Alcohol recipe to taking you 6 feet under.

“Beerbelly”/ “Potbelly”

I came from a community in the global south where fat is seen as a sign of “good living” and beauty. When a person says to another ( male or female), “you are growing fat” it is considered highest form of compliment, so I understand cultural sensibility. However, when a person gains weight in an unhealthy manner it is paramount that we encourage evaluation.

Recent research shows that people that drink alcohol in large amount are placing themselves in serious health situation. The symptom of this health risk can be seen amongst men with big stomach known amongst continental africans as “beer belly” and or “pot belly”. These men often look like they are 9 months pregnant while others praise them for looking “good” it is proven that they are at risk of “heart disease, stroke,type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea,high blood pressure” see Dangers Faced By Men with a Potbelly This is because they are taking in a lot of empty calories and fat that don’t add nutritious value to their body.

What is the way forward?

Below are two suggestions for a start:

a. Reduce your alcohol intake, less is not always a bad thing.

b. Also if you eat food that contains a lot of oil try and cut it to smaller serving.

a. You are not too strong to jog simply walk long distance, like this 70 year old elder. ©2012 Ellen Isaacs

b. If you are young jog use your energy to positive and healthy things.


3 thoughts on “Research Shows “beerbelly,” “Potbelly” is Dangerous to your Health

    • hello,

      thanks for the suggestion but next time read the piece before making a comment. The piece focuses on alcohol, this does not mean I do not believe sugar and starch are less harmful!

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