Short Reflection on Bishop Long’s “King Long” coronation ceremony at New Birth Church.

“King Long”

“King Long lifted Up”

When we don’t know who we are black people, we will fall for anything….

a. African-American history did not start with slavery and America, that is like saying Jews history started with the Holocaust..

b. Bishop Long seeking validation from anywhere-everywhere to redeem himself after what might have happened ( sexual relations with boys who trusted and believed in him…)

c. The origin of Christianity goes beyond Judaism

d. many black people seemly follow blindly because they don’t know any better this is a result of oppression via white-supremacy, blacks in America would listen to anyone from the “community” who seems to have a remedy for their plight. This point of view from the margins is similar to the situation on the African continent regarding women’s oppression amongst Christians and Muslims leaders. African women have been/ going through subjugation under their male leaders who use their “holy books” to justify their actions but most of those women don’t question their spiritual leader’s authority, they follow orders because they are tired of being abused and many times they lack proper formal and informal education to enable them to revolt against such oppression…

what is the way forward?

Answer: start with knowledge of self!

Bishop Long and his wife

Two boys (men) that accused Bishop of having sexual rationals with them, for years.

Sexually Charged pictures bishop Long’s sent to his accusers.

Below is a link on the ceremony

Additional link for further reading

1. Bishop Eddie Long is crowned ‘king in God’s government’

2.Two of Eddie Long’s Accusers Detail Relationships with Bishop

3.One of Bishop Long’s Accusers Speaks Out

4. Eddie Long accusers break silence on relationships with embattled bishop


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